13 Movies Like Taken You Must See

Taken has been a genre defining movie. The Taken trilogy has “taken” us by storm by its fast-paced and action-packed sequences. Bryan Mills is one of the best vigilantes on-screen. Liam Neeson was absolutely terrifying when he makes the phone call to his daughter’s kidnappers and says: I will find you and I will kill you. Here is the list of movies similar to Taken that are our recommendations. You can watch some of these movies like Taken on Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Prime.

13. The Dark Knight (2008)

The finest superhero movie to have been made, Batman is up against an absolute lunatic, the Joker, where the late Heath Ledger is absolutely brilliant. The Dark Knight is a testimony to how a superhero film can appeal to people who do not like superhero films at all( for example, me). Batman is a bold vigilante and just like Bryan Mills, is out to find and kill the Joker.

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12. Gran Torino (2009)

Gran Torino is one gem of a movie that has unfortunately slipped into oblivion. I have always felt it hasn’t got the recognition it deserves. Though Eastwood has come up with better films, this is my favourite of them all because of the sheer brutality and rawness of the movie. It’s unflinching portrayal of racism won it a lot of praise. Eastwood has delivered one of his finest performances and showed that he is still so good after all these years.

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11. Law Abiding Citizen (2009)

Another cleverly made revenge thriller, Law Abiding Citizen is about a man who is out to avenge the death of his family and secure justice after the killer manages to avoid punishment because of a corrupt lawyer. Jamie Foxx is terrifying in this movie and manages to evoke tremendous sympathy for his character. This is one of the better made revenge thriller movies.

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10. Contraband (2012)

This isn’t really a great movie per se. Despite being engaging, the plot is too convoluted for my liking. And despite having a slightly new story, in the end it resorts to conventional storytelling techniques for a thriller. However, it is certainly a very entertaining movie and Kate Beckinsale absolutely slays it in this one.

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9. Die Hard (1988)

A timeless classic, Die Hard is the perfect watch for an action movie lover. Just like Taken, this too redefined action thrillers. Bruce Willis became the quintessential action hero. For me, almost every scene is etched in my memory. Hans Gruber, with his cool yet terrifying nature, remains one of the best villains I have seen on screen ever. The kind of Christmas movie which I like!

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8. Prisoners (2013)

Watching this movie is difficult. It is an unsettling movie that will shake you to the core and leave you in complete shock as you see the events unfold in front of your eyes. Hugh Jackman steals the show as the parent who takes law into his own hands. The movie makes you question what exactly the difference is between moral and immoral? It is one of the best movies of this decade.

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7. Non-Stop (2014)

Liam Neeson is back at what he does best: facing crises in the most badass way possible. Racing against time in this one, he tries to save passengers on a plane from being killed by some terrorists who demand money to be transferred to an offshore account. This taut thriller shone out in a year where some mediocre thrillers were made.

6. Run All Night (2015)

Another Liam Neeson action movie, just proving why he is a star when it comes to action. Though this doesn’t hold a candle to some of the movies on this list, this tale of double-crossing where a mob boss goes against a hitman who is his friend will leave you hooked on to it through its duration. Fairly mediocre in its execution, though, Run All Night leaves a lot to be desired.

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5. Edge of Darkness (2010)

Edge of Darkness is a movie which tried to copy the Taken template. I won’t say it succeeded, but it is a fairly decent attempt. Mel Gibson plays the bereaved father who uncovers a conspiracy after his daughter is killed. Martin Campbell’s latest film, The Foreigner, too followed a similar template and that was far superior than this one in my opinion. But this movie had a brilliant performance from Mel Gibson who manages to hold the film together.

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4. The Equalizer (2014)

Denzel Washington would rank amongst the finest actors of our generation. The versatility of roles that he has managed to portray so skillfully is worthy of mention. And in The Equalizer too, he shows his talent in action movies as well. He is brutal and cold-blooded and this vigilante will make you shiver. With the sequel coming out next year, all I can say is that we are in for one hell of a ride!

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3. The Grey (2011)

the grey

This is one grossly underrated movie. This survivalist movie is about how some plane crash survivors face some wolves and other adversities. Liam Neeson is brilliant in this movie. The movie will stay in your head and linger in your memory for long because of how well it is made. Though the ending left a little more to be desired, it was actually a very well made movie.

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2. Leon The Professional (1994)

The highest rated movie on this list, Leon The Professional is a masterfully told tale. Gary Oldman delivers one of his finest performances ever as the hitman who takes a young girl under his wings after her entire family is killed. Natalie Portman as a child artiste simply stole the show, overshadowing even Gary Oldman in some scenes.

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1. John Wick (2014)

John Wick is one of the most slick thrillers to have come out in a while. After the dog gifted by his late wife is killed, John Wick sets out to eliminate his enemies and take revenge for the death of his dog. Some of the action scenes will make your jaw drop because of how stylishly they are done. Keanu Reeves is cold, silent and effective as the vigilante. With an equally good sequel, we are all set for Chapter 3 in 2019. Next time do not, I repeat, do not mess with Keanu Reeves or you will be in for a ride to hell.

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