Top 10 Breakup Movies Ever Made

Breaking up with your partner may not always be a messy affair, there are times when you realize certain limitations and mutually agree on something beneficial for both. But there are times when you find yourself in a situation where your partner has given you every reason to not trust them, and this usually sabotages everything. You have fights, you do not want to carry on but you do want to shove a piece of your mind down the other person’s ear. Break up is an emotional disaster, and like every disaster its effects are present for a prolonged period after it takes place. This is usually the time when you go through different phases.

Though, I may not have faced what you did, anger is something you should always refrain from, anger towards others or yourself. those particular others are not worth the time you could spend on rediscovering and healing a part of yourself. Usually a person adopts different measures, but they are ones that allow you your own company. Films are one of them, and let you interact with a world that doesn’t really have to be physically present. Here is the list of top movies ever made that you can watch after a bad breakup. You can watch some of these breakup movies on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

10. High Fidelity (2000)

You are a miserable, eternally confused person who not only messes up your own personal life but your partner’s as well. You are the dominating cause of the break-up and you are neither the manipulating female or the abusive male, you are a person who can’t make things straight and hurt the one person involved in it. ‘High Fidelity’ is what rom-coms today are deficient in. There’s no realism left in them, and are ripped right off Disney classics with modern day prince-princesses. This rom-com is lovably honest with a lead who’s a great representation of a large section of youth.

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9. The Big Lebowski (1998)

“It’s all over, it’s all over, my heart echoed (it’s all over)
Every minute that you cry for her is wasted don’t you know.” – Johnny Cash

It’s done and dusted. Move over people who are not meant to be and appreciate the bros who’ve been with you since the beginning. ‘The Big Lebowski’ is the perfect movie for the guys to hang out, have a few laughs and grab a few beers. The movie has no romantic implications, and believe me nobody remains the same after watching The Dude preach his coolness, with his flip flops and White Russian. The Dude goes through a complete travesty in life, and even though he fails, he knows his life has to go on. And if someone does judge you for your relaxed attitude towards the mess, you know, well, that’s just like their opinion, man.

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8. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

I’ve seen many people misinterpret ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’; the movie is not about salvaging relationships, it’s about salvaging love that will be lost. One of the brain’s primary instincts is to find someone, when you are locked in a box. The sadness isn’t because you are trapped, it’s because you are alone and this later develops into fear and what not. The movie shows how two people completely give up on each other, but also find themselves in each other’s company. They try everything to save their relationship but to disastrous results, and though they reconcile, deep down they are aware it’s a vicious loop.

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7. Heathers (1988)

You’re a hormonally triggered high school student trying to enjoy everything that life throws at you, while discovering the mindsets of people through very personal experiences. This is usually the time when you end up mixing up with the wrong partners. ‘Heathers’ uses a many high school tropes to create a familiar setting, which makes the incidents all the more disturbing. It’s a very dark comedy, but it does focus on one essential point, not every friendship in high school is supposed to endure. You always have the option to decide to be a part of it, depending on its impact on your conditioning.

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6. Kill Bill (2003-04)

Bad breakups are usually accompanied by fits of rage, and in many cases they deviate to you blaming yourself, leading to unfortunate incidents that could’ve been avoided. Now, the anger is probably justified when your ex has clearly taken advantage of your unselfish qualities. ‘Kill Bill’ is a great choice in this case, I do not suggest you to go slaughter your ex and his friends but at least let Uma Thurman do the same for you through her on screen exploits.

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5. 500 Days Of Summer (2009)

‘500 Days Of Summer’ is the finest depiction of modern relationships. What I find remarkable about the movie is its approach to not distort reality by creating a fantasized world, like most rom-coms. Despite its depressing subject matter that would emotionally torture already tortured souls, what the movie does present as a conclusion is: hope. There are gonna be different phases in life, and after summers, they are gonna be autumns, and maybe winters, but it is up to you to decide their durations in life.

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4. Gone Girl (2014)

I do not like ‘Gone Girl’ and one of the reasons is its exaggerated depiction of a psychotic wife, and where some people swooned over her madness during the bloodbath, I was shocked by how ridiculous it was. But thinking about it, this is something that works perfectly after a failed relationship. The exaggeration is positive in asserting the deranged mannerisms of Amy Dunne. Some of us end up in relationships with a highly manipulative partner, and you can never really be certain of their exploitative intentions. The movie can be viewed as something that can assure you, it was a wise decision to end it instead of facing further worse situations.

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3.  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

I’ve always thought horror is the best way to distract someone from either the good or bad in their life. Especially, something as effective as ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ is a stab to the senses, and though it may not heal your heart, it will give your mind the rinsing it needs. The movie revolves around a mentally imbalanced reclusive killer who strikes down anyone who comes near him. This to an extent mirrors the condition of many people who prefer their own space and are forced to not express their hostility towards others.

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2. Her (2013)

If getting served divorce by your wife wasn’t bad enough, imagine an operating system who makes you feel like no one else does, leaving you. Forget #2, you must be wondering why ‘Her’ even finds a place on the list. Her is more about the gaps between those relationships than the relationships itself. ‘Her’ is about those moments where Theodore finds himself, discovers parts of him he had never known earlier. ‘Her’ is about Theodore disposing all the bad moments in life to appreciate the good ones, and accepting the fact that every one of those in a way made him the person he is. ‘Her’ is about ending those experiences with a smile on your face, not sweating over the future, just trying to live in the present.

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1. Annie Hall (1977)

Break-up or no break-up, ‘Annie Hall’ is the finest film to watch if you’ve ever been in a relationship. I believe closure, no matter how toxic a relationship might have been is the best method to overcome it. ‘Annie Hall’ is a great satire on love, life, sex, the human condition and every other thing Woody Allen‘s wits could have a rendezvous with. The movie proves one thing : no matter how close two people might be, no matter how perfect they maybe for each other, sometimes “life” happens and there’s nothing you can do about it. We are in constant need of the “eggs” and in this pursuit we may have to crack open some people and get cracked. Life is not an ideal situation, that can be solved by a formula with prescribed conditions. Maybe realizing that, despite being in an already messed up phase is better than not realizing that and continuing to face such adversities. There’s a line by Allen’s character in the movie, “Hey, don’t knock masturbation. It’s sex with someone I love” and though this is a weird way of putting it, but the message is clear, learn to embrace yourself.

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