My Child Has My Doctor’s Face: Filming Locations, Cast and True Story Explored

‘My Child Has My Doctor’s Face’ is a Lifetime thriller movie that narrates the shocking story of a couple’s IVF treatment, revealing a dark secret behind them. Jessica and Dylan manage to conceive a child through IVF at Dr. Preston Bellamy’s fertility clinic. Their young child, Henry, becomes the apple of their eye, but something bothers Jessica. Teaming up with another one of Dr. Bellamy’s clients, she discovers that the doctor is Henry’s biological father and has been fathering all his clients’ children. They take it upon themselves to gather evidence and punish him for his reprehensible actions. Revolving around a familiar backdrop and narrating a horrifying tale, questions arise regarding the movie’s filming locations and the real-world authenticity of its story.

Where Was My Child Has My Doctor’s Face Filmed?

Shooting for ‘My Child Has My Doctor’s Face’ was done entirely in and around Los Angeles, California. Principal photography for the project began on February 3, 2024, and was wrapped up by mid-February of the same year. The cast and crew seem to be very proud of the work they have done and the cautionary tale they have brought to life. “I was spoiled to work with such an incredible team on this project,” wrote actress Kelsey Fordham in an Instagram post. “Captained by the insanely talented (Joshua Butler) as our fearless director.”

Los Angeles, California

Shooting for the movie mainly occurred across locations in the City of Angels, with the production team traveling to various standing sets to tape its scenes. The gated white mansion that the doctor enters in the film is actually an estate located in Brentwood at 514 North Bundy Drive. The luxurious property features an outdoor dining area, a pool, spas, fireplaces, and a hedged perimeter with manicured gardens. The interiors of the estate radiate refinement with a spiral marble staircase, a chandelier, a fireplace, and a sleek black piano. The production team leased the private property to capture scenes of the doctor’s home.

The doctor’s clinic seen in the film is also part of a standing set on a filming property. Los Angeles is home to a sprawl of such ready-to-use shooting locations that Lifetime filmmakers often employ. For this particular project, the team worked with a tight shooting schedule and budget, efficiently crafting the movie with support from Los Angeles’ expansive filming infrastructure and generous incentives. Throughout the movie, we can catch glimpses of the arid landscape of southern California in the background. Other Lifetime films shot in Los Angeles include ‘Million Dollar Lethal Listing,’ ‘Crowdsource Murder,’ ‘Searching,’ and ‘To Kill a Stepfather,’ ‘A Model Murder.’

My Child Has My Doctor’s Face is Based on Multiple True Stories

The Lifetime film very likely draws inspiration from several true cases of fertility specialists artificially inseminating their female clients with their own sperm. There have been several such high-profile cases, with one of the most infamous of them — Donald Cline — having a Netflix documentary made on him. However, the problem is much more widespread than anyone can imagine, and in 2023 alone, there were reportedly more than 50 cases of fertility fraud against doctors in the US. Netflix’s ‘Our Father’ chronicles the real story of Donald Cline, an Indiana-based fertility clinic doctor who sired over 90 children between 1974 and 1987.

His deceit was discovered when a former patient’s daughter conducted an at-home DNA test and found connections with eight half-siblings, ultimately leading to the uncovering of Cline as her biological father. The story gained media attention in 2015, and an independent news investigator realized the gravity of his depravity as over 80 other children matched his DNA. Through litigations of battery, breach of contract, breach of express warranty, negligence, constructive fraud, and others, Cline has paid more than $1.35 million to settle three civil lawsuits, with three others pending as of 2022.

Despite the seeming horror of fertility clinics, according to a spokesperson for the Berger-founded Boston IVF Fertility Clinic, modern laws and safeguards make such events virtually impossible. The cases turning up currently are mainly from the 1990s and earlier years, when such technologies and safeguards weren’t in place. The story of ‘My Child Has My Doctor’s Face’ is an unfortunate reality for thousands of families worldwide and presents an alarming cautionary tale that bears merit for families looking to opt for fertility treatments.

My Child Has My Doctor’s Face Cast

The movie is led by Natalie Polisson, who steps into the role of Jessica Graff. An experienced actress, Natalie is known for her performances in ‘Solve,’ ‘Dr. Death: The Undoctored Story,’ ‘Chicken Girls,’ and ‘Piercing Wounds.’ Starring opposite her as Dr. Preston Bellamy is Daniel O’Reilly. You may have seen Daniel essay Isaac in ‘Christmas Angel,’ Daniel Boone in ‘Into the Wild Frontier,’ and Jack Ward in ‘The Girl on the Mountain.’

Jason Tobias adds to the film as Dylan Graff. Tobias is a seasoned actor known for his work in ‘Can’t Have You,’ ‘Downrange,’ and ‘My Doctor’s Secret Life.’ He has also taken on guest roles in shows like ‘Better Things,’ ‘Justified,’ ‘Dead To Me,’ ‘The Fosters,’ and ‘Nashville.’ Other actors seen in the production include Kelsey Fordham as Sarah and Viron Weaver as Henry.

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