Lifetime’s Million Dollar Lethal Listing: Shooting Location and Cast Details

With David DeCoteau in the director’s chair, ‘Million Dollar Lethal Listing’ tells the disconcerting tale of a couple moving into their dream home only to discover that someone is already living there, forcing them to explore a dangerous rabbit hole of mystery and deceit. Set against the backdrop of a seemingly peaceful suburban neighborhood, Becca and her husband Tom purchase what they believe to be their dream home. They are surprised at how affordable the house is compared to other similar properties listed on the market.

However, their idyllic new life takes a dark turn when they are unexpectedly confronted by a stranger claiming to be the true owner of the house. The Lifetime mystery thriller stars Morgan Bradley, Jon Briddell, Ciarra Carter, and Jackée Harry, introducing us to a beautiful suburban environment that is revealed to have a dangerous and dark underbelly. With its suspenseful plot twists and gripping storyline, ‘Million Dollar Lethal Listing’ presents a chilling cautionary tale of the American dream, where ambition can sometimes lead to deadly consequences.

Where Was Million Dollar Lethal Listing Filmed?

‘Million Dollar Lethal Listing’ was filmed in Los Angeles, California. Principal photography for the film was carried out in late 2023. The movie was shot on location in the city under a different, tentative title. The film is made by Hybrid production company for the Lifetime Network, with most of its cast and crew also hailing from Los Angeles.

Los Angeles, California

The entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles became the comprehensive filming location for ‘Million Dollar Lethal Listing.’ The iconic city is renowned for its diverse landscapes, vibrant culture, and rich cinematic history. As a shooting location for the Lifetime thriller movie, Los Angeles offers a multitude of advantages that contribute to its suitability for creating the film’s setting. First and foremost, Los Angeles boasts a wide range of architectural styles and neighborhoods, providing the film crew with a diverse array of settings to choose from. Choosing the right neighborhood and house was pivotal to the production, as most of the story revolves around the couple’s contested property.

The eclectic locales of the City of Angels provided the team with a slew of options that would fit right into the narrative as expensive-looking homes that were devalued for a good reason. The house seen in the movie was a filming property hired by the production team. Known for producing a high volume of movies and TV shows, the filming infrastructure in Los Angeles has developed like nowhere else in the world. Not only does the city boast some of the largest and most advanced movie studios and soundstages globally, but there is a healthy crop of smaller studios and filming sites dotting its landscape that cater to smaller-scale productions.

The presence of these facilities alongside the vast talent pool in the city means that good production standards can be maintained on a relatively low budget. In 2023 alone, the city saw over 2,000 days of filming despite the events of the 2023 SAG-AFTRA strikes. From its picturesque neighborhoods to its bustling city streets, Los Angeles has provided the perfect setting for many of Lifetime’s thriller movies, like ‘Million Dollar Lethal Listing.’ These include ‘The Wrong Life Coach,’ ‘A Roommate to Die For,’ ‘You’re Not Supposed to be Here,’ ‘Secrets of a Celebrity Nanny,’ ‘Blackmail, Lies, and Murder,’ and ‘Tall, Dark and Dangerous.’

Million Dollar Lethal Listing Cast

The film is headlined by Morgan Bradley as Becca and Jon Briddell as Tom. Morgan Bradley is a New Zealand-born actress who began her acting career by hosting the TV show ‘Kidzone with Morgan.’ She has gone on to star in projects like ‘The Wrong Life Coach,’ ‘The Food That Built America,’ and ‘Dirty Laundry.’ Starring alongside her, Jon Briddell is a seasoned actor who began perfecting his craft through sketch comedy shows and theatre. He is best known for his work as Darren Jones in ‘Doom Patrol’ and as the Major in ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.’ You may have also seen him in ‘CSI: Vegas,’ ‘Secret Love Triangle,’ ‘The Forbidden Alpha,’ and ‘Hollywood Deal.’

Stepping into the role of Meghan is Jackée Harry. The prolific actress is recognized for her performance as Paulina Price in ‘Days of Our Lives,’ Conchita in ‘227,’ and Lisa Landry in ‘Sister, Sister.’ Jamie Bernadette takes on the supporting role of Samantha. Bernadette appears in ‘Midnight, Texas,’ ‘Chicago Fire,’ and ‘A Christmas Intern.’ Also appearing in the movie is actress Meredith Thomas as Detective Ross. As of 2024, Meredith Thomas has the second-highest number of Lifetime films under her belt compared to anyone in the industry.

Interestingly, many of the cast members of ‘Million Dollar Lethal Listing,’ including Morgan Bradley, Jon Briddell, Jackée Harry, Robert Brian Wilson, and Alana Walker, have previously worked together on the movie series ‘As Luck Would Have It.’ Other cast members for the movie include Ciarra Carter as Annie, Jensen Atwood as Morgan, Jamel King as Detective Selwyn, Robert Brian Wilson as Riley King, Jasmine Aivaliotis as Dawn, Daniel Joo as Kramer, and Alana Walker as Jane. Also appearing in the film are its producers, Barry Barnholtz and Brian Nolan, as Rudy and Mr. Krebbs, respectively, with actors Michael Gaglio and Steve Steinhauer featuring as custodians.

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