Where Was Lifetime’s A Christmas Intern Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

The David DeCoteau directorial, Lifetime’s ‘A Christmas Intern,’ is a fantasy romantic film that follows Cecilia, a retired woman who gets another opportunity to get back into the game this holiday season. To make her daughter, Alexis, pleasantly surprised, Cecilia decides to fly to her and make this Christmas extra special for both of them. Since Alexis is the creator and manager of an online gift-giving business called Cyber Santa, her mother sees this as an opportunity to not only spend more time with her daughter but also to live her old days yet again.

After Cecilia begins working as an intern at the start-up company, it teaches both the daughter and the mother the importance of being with one’s family during the most beautiful time of the year. The Christmas-based movie unfolds mostly in Alexis’ office, where the love of the mother-daughter bond is portrayed through the lead characters, making the viewers curious about the shooting locations of the Lifetime movie.

A Christmas Intern Filming Locations

‘A Christmas Intern’ was filmed in its entirety in California, especially in and around Los Angeles. Reports suggest that the principal photography for the holiday film got underway in May 2023 and wrapped up in a few weeks’ time, seemingly in June of the same year. Now, let’s take a look at all the specific sites that served as production locations for the Lifetime production!

Los Angeles, California

The shooting of ‘A Christmas Intern’ transpired in the glamorous city of Los Angeles in Southern California. The production team scoured through various areas in the City of Angels to lens the holiday season-themed romantic film. During the course of filming, the cast and crew members had a lot of fun as they breathed life into the film and made lasting memories with each other. There are multiple reasons that the Lifetime production settled on the entertainment capital of the country as the primary location for filming. LA houses several well-equipped production studios, and boasts a climate that’s favorable for shooting a wide variety of projects.

Not just that, the city is packed with many natural landscapes as well as sites that can elevate the overall visual aesthetic of the film such as ‘A Christmas Intern.’ Taking into consideration the versatility of the city, it is not surprising that it is home to the glitzy neighborhood of Hollywood, which is synonymous with the cinematic industry of the country and also inhabits plenty of actors and skilled technicians. Apart from the Lifetime movie, Los Angeles has hosted the production of many film and TV projects over the years. For instance, its locales have been featured in ‘The Holiday,’ ‘Four Christmases,’ ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love.,’ ‘Forrest Gump,’ and ‘Daisy Jones & The Six.’

A Christmas Intern Cast

Jackée Harry headlines the Lifetime production by stepping into the character of Cecilia. She is renowned for her performance as Sandra Clark as well as Conchita in ‘227,’ for which she also won a Primetime Emmy Award. Over the years, the multifaceted personality has showcased her acting prowess in a wide array of movies and shows, such as ‘Sister, Sister,’ ‘You Got Served,’ ‘Ladybugs,’ ‘Days of Our Lives,’ ‘The Paynes,’ ‘The First Family,’ ‘As Luck Would Have It,’ and ‘Pose.’ Ciarra Carter joins Jackée in the film by portraying Alexis, Cecilia’s daughter. She can also be seen in titles like ‘Black Jesus,’ ‘Sister of the Bride,’ ‘Secret Obsession,’ and ‘Keeping Up with the Joneses.’

A regular fixture in Lifetime productions, Vivica A. Fox essays the character of Charlotte in ‘A Christmas Intern.’ Other credits of the graceful actress include ‘Days of Our Lives,’ ‘Generations,’ ‘Independence Day,’ ‘Set It Off,’ ‘Kill Bill,’ ‘The Young and the Restless,’ ‘Getting Personal,’ and ‘Missing.’ Michael Paré appears in the movie as William, while Jasmine Aivaliotis stars as Sari. The supporting cast comprises Doug Rogers as Donte, Jamie Bernadette as Gemma, Daniel Joo as Brock, Brian Nolan as Marty, and Harold Bell as Matty.

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