Northern Exposure: Where is the Cast Now?

‘Northern Exposure,’ a CBS comedy-drama series, unfolded the lives of eccentric residents in a fictional Alaskan town from 1990 to 1995, spanning six seasons and 110 episodes. Garnering a remarkable 57 award nominations, it secured 27 victories, including the prestigious 1992 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series. Now, let’s embark on a journey to discover where the talented cast members of this beloved show have ventured since those days in the quirky town of Alaska.

Barry Corbin (Maurice J. Minnifield) is Inducted in The Texas Film Hall of Fame

Since the iconic role in the show, Barry Corbin has etched an impressive legacy in the entertainment industry. Notable for his roles in ‘One Tree Hill,’ ‘The Closer,’ ‘The Ranch,’ and ‘Yellowstone,’ he’s taken on over two hundred roles across stage, TV, and film. Beyond acting, He is a recognizable voice in video games and a spokesman for the Texas Veterans Land Board. With a slew of awards, including the Best Actor Award in the Woods Hole Film Festival in 2018, Corbin’s career has spanned diverse mediums.

In 2020, he earned a nomination for Best Supporting Actor at the CIFF Awards for ‘Magic Max’ and a 2024 INOCA Nomination for Best Ensemble Cast in ‘Killers of the Flower Moon.’ Married to Jo Corbin since 2015, he’s a father of four, including Christopher Corbin, Shannon Ross, Jim Barry Corbin, and Bernard Corbin, relishing his roles as an actor, grandparent, and loving husband.

Janine Turner (Maggie O’Connell) is a Podcaster Today

Post-show, Janine Turner’s journey has been a tapestry of versatility. From acting in films like ‘The Night of the White Pants’ and ‘Friday Night Lights‘ to co-writing and producing a Christian Yoga DVD, ‘Christoga,’ she’s a force to reckon with. Her literary prowess shines through in books like ‘Holding Her Head High’ and ‘A Little Bit Vulnerable.’ As the founder and co-president of Constituting America, she’s dedicated to civic engagement. Hosting ‘The Janine Turner Show’ from 2011 to 2013, she was lauded as the Best Radio Show in Dallas.

In 2024, Governor Abbott appointed her to the Governor’s Commission for Women. Turner, a mother to Juliette Turner Jones, has embraced single motherhood and is an author, public speaker, and podcast host of ‘God on the Go Minute,’ reflecting her dynamic journey in the realms of entertainment, literature, and advocacy.

John Cullum (Holling Vincoeur) is Inducted Into The Theater Hall of Fame

After his spell in Cicely, John Cullum’s career continued to shine, with a significant focus on theatre, particularly Broadway. His induction into the Theatre Hall of Fame in 2007 cemented his enduring impact. In addition to sharing the screen with Barry Corbin in ‘Blackwater Elegy’ in 2003, he has showcased his versatility in various films and TV shows like ‘Kill Your Darlings,’ ‘Love Is Strange,’ and ‘The Good Wife.’ His accolades include a 2004 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Clarence Brown Theatre Company and Tony Award nominations for roles in ‘Urinetown,’ ‘Sin (A Cardinal Deposed),’ and ‘110 in the Shade.’ Married to Emily Frankel, Cullum has a talented actor son, JD Cullum, rounding out a fulfilling family life.

Darren E. Burrows (Ed Chigliak) Has Ventured Into Jewellery and Gun Making

Beyond the quirky Alaskan town, Darren E. Burrows ventured into an array of film and TV projects. Remarkable appearances include ‘Natural Selection,’ ‘Forty Shades of Blue,’ and ‘Love Is Strange.’ While he faced health challenges in 2022 due to pneumonia, Burrows persevered. Presently, he crafts fine jewelry and engraves guns and knives as Metal Maniac Art. His artistic flair extends to an Etsy shop where he shares his creations. Happily married to Melinda Burrows, he is the proud father of four: Cochise Steele Burrows, Audie Valentine Burrows, Atticus Colter Burrows, and William Franklin Burrows. From acting to artistry, he has sculpted a dynamic and fulfilling journey, embracing creativity and family life.

John Corbett (Chris Stevens) is a Singer Too

John Corbett’s star continued to rise in the entertainment industry after his time on the show. He made recognizable film appearances including ‘Sex and the City 2,’ ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2,’ and the ‘To All the Boys‘ trilogy. In the television realm, he graced shows like ‘Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll,’ ‘Still the King,’ and ‘Rebel.’ Corbett also embraced music, featuring in various music videos and releasing a single, “Good to Go,” in 2006, along with two albums- “John Corbett” in 2006 and “Leaving Nothin’ Behind” in 2013. His accolades include the Best Supporting Actor award at the 2006 Method Fest Independent Film Festival for ‘Dreamland.’ In 2020, he tied the knot with long-time partner Bo Derek, and the couple resides on a ranch in Santa Ynez, California.

Cynthia Geary (Shelly Marie Tambo) Stars in a Sony TV Series Today

Cynthia Geary’s post-‘Northern Exposure’ journey saw her in various film and TV roles, including projects like ‘Mulletville,’ ‘Switchmas,’ and ‘Due Justice.’ Notably, she has been an Actress and Producer of ‘Going Home,’ a Sony series since 2023. Alongside her acting career, she has worked as a Sales Executive too. In the personal sphere, she married real estate broker Robert Coron in 1994, with whom she shares two daughters, Olivia and Lyla Coron. After their divorce in 2018, Geary continues to shine both on and off the screen, weaving a tale of artistic endeavors and family life.

Elaine Miles (Marilyn Whirlwind) is Now a Former Actress

Elaine Miles has embarked on diverse ventures, showcasing her talents in dancing and stand-up comedy. Her filmography includes famous works like ‘The Business of Fancydancing,’ ‘Tortilla Heaven,’ and ‘Fishing Naked.’ Miles also engaged in a women’s empowerment live show, the Social Distance Powwow. Currently, in retirement, she previously worked at Emergence Productions. She now resides in Seattle, Washington. Her commitment to empowering others shines through, and she continues to make an impact beyond the screen. As a proud mother to her son Dustin Miles, she remains an influential figure in her community.

Peg Phillips (Ruth-Anne Miller) Passed Away in 2002

Image Credit: University of Washington

Born Margaret Linton, Peg Phillips left an indelible mark as Ruth-Anne Miller. She made guest appearances on shows like ‘Suddenly Susan,’ ‘Boston Common,’ and ‘7th Heaven.’ Remarkably, she balanced acting with a career as a retired accountant, taking classes at the University of Washington and participating in drama workshops at the Echo Glen Children’s Center. Phillips, a divorced single mother twice over, founded the Woodinville Repertory Theatre, demonstrating her passion for the arts. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2002 at the age of 84. Beyond her contributions to the entertainment industry, she embraced grandmotherhood and even became a great-grandmother, leaving behind a legacy that extended far beyond her role in the Alaskan town of Cicely.

Rob Morrow (Dr. Joel Fleischman) Released a Music Video Song Recently

Rob Morrow, beyond his iconic role in ‘Northern Exposure,’ transitioned into the realms of teaching, acting, and directing. As a teacher at the Ruskin Group Theatre in Santa Monica, his influence extends to aspiring performers. His notable acting credits include diverse roles in films such as ‘The Bucket List,’ ‘The Kill Team,’ and ‘The Emperor’s Club.’ Additionally, he delved into directing with credits in TV shows like ‘Numbers,’ ‘Joan of Arcadia,’ and ‘The Fosters.’ His commitment to the arts is evident in his Broadway performances and as a founding member of the nonprofit ensemble ‘Naked Angels.’

Engaged in philanthropy, Morrow serves on the Board of Directors of Project ALS. In 2011, he published ‘The Actor’s Nightmare (Redux),’ showcasing his literary talents. Beyond the entertainment industry, he, alongside Lisa Loeb, released the video song “Shake Things Up” in 2024. Married to actress Debbon Ayer, they share the joy of parenthood with their daughter, Tu Morrow.

William J. White (Dave the Cook) Still Engages With The Show’s Fans

Image Credit: Seattle Refined

After his role as Dave the Cook on ‘Northern Exposure,’ William J. White continued to make significant appearances on various television series. He was featured in ‘Forensic Files’ in 2010 as Carlos Robinson and had recurring roles in ‘All My Children’ as Les Curtis. He also contributed to ‘The Rockford Files: Shoot-Out at the Golden Pagoda’ as Ron. His presence extended to the sitcom ‘Coach’ in the role of Coach Benson. White’s emotional connection to the show was evident, as he shared in an interview with Seattle Refined, expressing sentimental feelings whenever he revisits the filming locations. In 2017, he paid homage to his co-cast member, Peg Phillips. He remains an integral part of the show’s legacy, occasionally going live from KBHR South to discuss the show and engage with fans, preserving the memories of the remarkable time he had on the series.

Moultrie Patten (Walt) Sadly Passed Away Due To Pneumonia

Moultrie Patten, known for his role as Walt in the show, continued his artistic journey after the show’s conclusion. He graced the screen with appearances in ‘Love Is Strange’ in 1999 and ‘Blast’ in 2000. Beyond acting, he showcased his musical talents, singing and playing piano in jazz clubs across the East Coast and Midwest. In 1997, he immortalized his favorite tunes on a widely appreciated CD. Sadly, Patten succumbed to pneumonia in Beaverton, Oregon, on March 18, 2009, at 89. Survived by his daughter, sons, sister, and former wife, his legacy endures in the realms of entertainment and music.

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