P-Valley Season 2 Episode 8 Recap and Ending, Explained

The eighth episode of Starz’s drama series ‘P-Valley’ season 2, titled ‘The Death Drop,’ follows Lil Murda, who tries his best to deal with the death of Big Teak with the support of Uncle Clifford. Wyatt Kyle reveals astounding information concerning Andre Watkins to gain an advantage over the latter in the upcoming Chucalissa mayor election. Hailey Colton AKA Autumn Night makes it clear to Georgia Anne “Georgie” Batson that she will not sell The Pynk for $5 million.

Hailey also helps Keyshawn AKA Miss Mississippi to escape from the latter’s abusive boyfriend Derrick. The episode ends with a significant meeting between Corbin Kyle and Patrice Woodbine concerning the upcoming election. If you wish to dig deeper into the same, let us be your ally! SPOILERS AHEAD.

P-Valley Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

‘The Death Drop’ begins with Mercedes Woodbine getting prepared for the reopening of The Pynk. Hailey realizes that Mercedes is not ready for the reopening night and asks Keyshawn to headline the night. Hailey also helps her prepare to run away from Chucalissa. Wyatt Kyle anonymously reveals the information that Andre’s father is not dead as the son has established in the city but a murderer and death row inmate. The news threatens Andre’s credibility before the elections and shakes Corbin Kyle, who bankrolls Andre’s campaign. Uncle Clifford meets Corbin to explain how Patrice Woodbine is owning her past and getting more credible.

Derrick asks Keyshawn for a second chance as he realizes that he is losing his girlfriend due to his intolerable behavior. When he asks Keyshawn what he should do to please her, the latter asks his permission to headline the reopening night of The Pynk. Keyshawn returns to The Pynk, much to the dismay of Mercedes and Clifford. She witnesses Clifford and Hailey’s fight over matters concerning the present and future of the strip club. Mercedes meets Mane after a while and the two of them end up flirting. Shelle comes to know that Terricka had an abortion and she arrives at Mercedes’ house to take her “daughter” back to their house.

Hailey meets Georgie and asks the latter to increase her offer if she wants the former’s club. Lil Murda, Woddy, and other members of the Hurt Village Hustlas unite for the funeral of Big Teak. They pay their respect to their former companion and “brother for life.” Meanwhile, Pico claims that he had killed Big Teak. Lil Murda gets enraged upon witnessing Pico disrespecting his ex-lover and confronts him. Even though Pico begs for his life, Lil Murda ends up killing him. He also gets back to singing for the first time after Big Teak’s suicide. Clifford reminisces about his mother by visiting her grave.

P-Valley Season 2 Episode 8 Ending: Will Patrice Withdraw from Mayor Election?

After revealing that Andre’s father is a murderer, Wyatt targets Patrice by revealing details concerning her scandalous past. Even though Wyatt aims to defame her, Patrice owns her past and lets her voters know that she has succeeded in finding a godly way to overcome her sins, which increases her credibility. She also adds that she will be able to guide the people around her to a better way from their mistakes as someone who had done the same. Wyatt’s efforts to tarnish Patrice’s reputation not only fail but becomes advantageous to the pastor. Corbin realizes that Patrice is in a better position to win the election rather than Wyatt or Andre.

Corbin funds Andre’s election campaign believing that Andre’s win will turn out to be advantageous for him as a businessman. When Patrice stands a good chance to win, Corbin offers her money to withdraw herself from the election and promises more money if she does the same. Corbin doesn’t want the money he had already spent on Andre’s campaign to go to waste and to miss an opportunity to experience certain privileges that comes with having your best friend in the mayor’s office. Patrice arrives at crossroads as she finds it hard to decide whether she should withdraw from the election.

Patrice contests in the election only to teach Wyatt a lesson. She wants to make Wyatt realize that he is not going to acquire the mayor’s chair without even a competition. As a pastor with an unbelievable following, Patrice is already an influential figure in Chucalissa. Since she seemingly loves money more than authority, it will not be a surprise if she strikes a deal with Corbin and withdraws her from the election in return for more money. However, we cannot rule out Patrice prioritizing the election over what Corbin can offer her.

Patrice may see the bigger picture and remain a candidate in the election so that she can try to earn more money, more than Corbin can give her, by becoming the mayor. Since Chucalissa is attracting several business projects, she may realize that becoming the mayor may help her earn more money from these newly arriving entrepreneurs than Corbin’s offer.

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