Shantaram Episode 5 Recap: The Sin in the Crime

The fifth episode of Apple TV+’s drama series ‘Shantaram,’ titled ‘The Sin in the Crime,’ follows Lindsay “Lin” Ford‘s attempts to deal with the debt he owes to Abdel Khader Khan AKA Khaderbhai. Karla Saaranen confronts Khaderbhai regarding using Lin as part of his plan against Walid Khan AKA Walidbhai. Prabhu continues to yearn for his union with Parvati, who lets Lin know that she would like to think about nursing as a career. Lin’s stay in Bombay starts to get threatened when Kavita, an Indian journalist, shows her interest in his life story. The enthralling episode ends with astounding revelations, and we have decoded them for you! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Shantaram Episode 5 Recap

‘The Sin in the Crime’ begins with Lin returning to Reynaldo’s Café to see his peers, who appreciate him for what he has been doing in Sagar Wada. Maurizio, Lisa Carter, and Sebastian Modena make progress in their drug deals. Lisa expresses her gratitude towards Lin for saving her from Madame Zhou. Maurizio tries to make fun of Lin’s transformation to become the savior of slum-dwellers, only for the latter to retaliate. Abdullah Taheri gifts a Royal Enfield motorcycle to Lin for saving his life. Lin test drives the vehicle with Ravi. Abdullah and Lin encounter Rafiq, who tried to kill Abdullah.

Lin realizes that any troubles with Rafiq will only increase his popularity in the city, which will jeopardize his fake identity. He tries to clear the air between him and Rafiq, only for the latter to spit at him. Qasim Ali gets worried about Lin’s association with Khaderbhai’s men. He gives Lin money as a payment for the medical supplies he had procured for the slum-dwellers, making it clear that Sagar Wada doesn’t want to owe anything to Khaderbhai or anyone for that matter. Lin realizes that he shouldn’t jeopardize Sagar Wada’s freedom by making the slum-dwellers beneficiaries of Khaderbhai. He then takes the money to the don.

Karla confronts Khaderbhai concerning the part Lin is unintentionally playing for the latter in his fight against Walidbhai. She is yet to accept Rujul Aadekar’s death as she feels guilty about paving the way for the same. Khaderbhai instructs her to find a different pathway in life if she cannot find peace in what she is doing currently. He promises her that whatever path she chooses for her future, she will always be a daughter to him. Kavita, to help Lin, decides to do a story on the corrupt healthcare system in Bombay and how a foreigner is fighting the same.

Lin, however, stops Kavita from doing the same since he cannot risk any fame that will affect his fake identity. Suspicious, Kavita tries to find out more about him through his passport number, only to realize that the passport Lin uses belongs to a dead man.

Shantaram Episode 5 Ending: Why’s Karla in Bombay?

Ever since meeting Karla, Lin has tried to find out why she is in Bombay. He knows that others from their peer group have been trying to run away from something, including himself. Lin wants to know what Karla is running away from. When Lin tells her the truth about himself, Karla opens up about her past, at least a bit. She lets Lin know that she is running away from her father’s suicide. Her father was the only person Karla had in her life to call her own and his death shattered her severely.

Karla used to believe that her father had loved her immensely as she had loved him. When he killed himself, Karla realized that he didn’t love her enough for him to stay alive for her. The realization that her father was able to leave her alone, without anyone to love her, motivated her to embark on a journey. She wanted to be far away from her father’s memories and the truth that he never loved her enough. Bombay became her destination. In the great Indian city, she was able to gain power, which she considers the opposite of love, through her association with Khaderbhai, which must have made her stay in the city.

Karla and Khaderbhai do share a daughter-father relationship. She must have been able to replace her real father with the don. Having said that, it is unclear whether Karla tells Lin the truth about her past. She is too careful to open up about her life, even if she trusts Lin. She may have even fabricated the story of her father’s suicide so that Lin will have an answer that satisfies his curiosity regarding her life.

Do Lin and Karla Get Together?

When Abdullah asks Lin what he wants in his life, he doesn’t hesitate to answer Karla. He has been nurturing feelings for her and even manages to share intimacy with her after they have both opened up about their lives. But Karla resists him after a short while and runs away to her room, leaving him alone on the couch. Karla may not want to build a relationship with Lin, although she seemingly has feelings for him. First of all, Karla doesn’t believe in love. After her father’s death, if it really happened, she must have started believing that love is nothing but a fantasy. She may not want to love someone and get hurt again.

Karla knows that both she and Lin are in Bombay temporarily. She must be expecting Lin to disappear from her life sooner than later. By loving someone like him, she may only be repeating what happened with her father. She had to run away to Bombay to deal with her father’s absence. Karla may not want to run again when Lin disappears. In addition, she must be thinking that Lin’s life will be threatened if he becomes her partner. As Khaderbhai and Walidbhai’s battle is progressing, she may not want to involve Lin in any way in her life, possibly fearing Walidbhai will hurt him to hurt her. If that’s the case, we may not see their union as a couple.

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