Shantaram Episode 6 Recap: Dead Man Walking

The sixth episode of Apple TV+’s drama series ‘Shantaram,’ titled ‘Dead Man Walking,’ follows the aftermath of Lindsay “Lin” Ford’s encounter with Kavita, the journalist who wants to publish a story about him. Lin makes amends with her with the help of Prabhu. Still, Lin anticipates his arrest and tries to make the necessary arrangements to leave Bombay. Lin and Vikram get into trouble when one of their own gets arrested and beaten up by the authorities. Sebastian makes a significant decision concerning his drug-trafficking affairs with Maurizio, which can affect his personal life severely. The episode ends with a startling development and here’s everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Shantaram Episode 6 Recap

‘Dead Man Walking’ begins with Lin recollecting his prison days of getting beaten up by the officers. Although he was severely hurt, he didn’t disclose who killed Officer Floris. Lin and Prabhu meet Kavita with an apology. Prabhu asks the journalist to not move forward with her plan to write a feature about Lin and Sagar Wada since unnecessary exposure will pave the way for troubles that may even leave the slum-dwellers homeless. Although Kavita promises them that she will not write the feature, she moves forward with her story. Lin anticipates the same and asks Didier to help him get a new passport.

Seeing that Parvati has been spending most of her time at Lin’s clinic, looking after the patients, her mother asks Prabhu to get her home if he wants to marry her. Prabhu lets her know that he cannot come in between what Parvati wants to do, which impresses her. She lets him know that she is keen to marry him if he is interested, only for Prabhu to pour his heart out to her. Didier asks for a thousand dollars for Lin’s new passport and the latter sells the motorcycle Abdullah Taheri gifted him to pay for it. Abdullah follows Minister Pandey and finds out that he is having an extramarital affair with a woman named Sunita.

From Didier, Karla Saaranen comes to know that Maurizio is selling heroin for Madame Zhou. Fearing that Lisa Carter will be in danger for being a part of Maurizio’s circle, Karla asks Abdullah to take care of the same. Abdullah and Karla talk about the days they were together and how the latter didn’t want the relationship because of the former’s connection with the Bombay underworld. Didier gets arrested for being a gay man. The police officers beat him up and asks for money if he wants to get out. He calls Lin from the station and asks him to get the money required from his home and come to the station to get him released.

Lin and Vikram negotiate with a superior officer and the duo manages to rescue Didier from the barbarous behavior of the police officers. A policeman recognizes Lin as the foreigner who ran away from him, forcing the latter to pay the money he kept for getting the passport to get out of the police station.

Shantaram Episode 6 Ending: What Happens to Parvati? Will She Die?

After Parvati has expressed her willingness to marry Prabhu, the latter takes her to watch a movie at a theater. Midway through the movie, she faints, only for Prabhu to carry her home. He is completely blank about what happened to his lover and he fears that something will happen to her since Lin is not at Sagar Wada to treat her. There can be an epidemic happening at Sagar Wada and Parvati must have gotten ill with an infectious disease. When Prabhu carries her to her home, several people come forward and ask for Lin, indicating that Parvati isn’t the only one sick in the slum. Since several residents of Sagar Wada are sick, an outbreak of an infectious disease like cholera is the likely cause of Parvati’s illness.

Parvati must have gotten ill due to her exposure to Lin’s patients. If a cholera outbreak is happening in Sagar Wada, her life will indeed be in danger. Still, Lin is expected to save her life with whatever supplies he has gotten with the help of Abdel Khader Khan AKA Khaderbhai. Considering that Parvati has been selfless enough to take care of other patients, Lin may prioritize her safety. If Lin cannot save her, Prabhu may use his influence to take her to a hospital even if he has to bribe doctors to take care of her. Prabhu has survived in Bombay with all the tricks up his sleeve and he cannot leave his potential wife to death.

Will Lin Leave Bombay?

Ever since knowing about Kavita’s intention to write a feature about him, Lin has been planning to escape from Bombay. His fear of getting caught increases when a policeman recognizes him. He must have realized that his fake identity will get exposed the moment an officer runs his passport number in the system. It is no wonder that he even sells the motorcycle Abdullah gifted him to find a way out of the city. After rescuing Didier from the police station, Lin talks about the predicament to him, who assures Lin that he will get a new passport for the Australian.

However, leaving Bombay may not be an easy thing for Lin to do. First of all, Lin is a significant part of Sagar Wada for the time being. Since several residents of the slum get sick, he may not have the heart to abandon them to a system that doesn’t care about them at all. Lin has witnessed how the slum-dwellers are treated by doctors who only care about stealing money from them. After knowing that Sagar Wada will become a crematorium without him there to take care of the patients, Lin may not leave the Indian city all of a sudden.

Lin has always prioritized others’ welfare over his. That’s the reason why he didn’t turn his friend in when he was getting beaten up for a crime he hadn’t committed and helps Didier by risking his own freedom. Such a person may not leave Sagar Wada when several of the residents’ lives are hanging by a thread, at least not right away.

Will Lisa Break Up with Sebastian?

While Maurizio and Sebastian’s drug dealings with Raheen progress, the Nigerian demands a night with Lisa to strike a new and improved deal. Since Lisa has gotten out of Madame Zhou’s palace, she has bid goodbye to her life as a prostitute and committed herself to Sebastian. Still, Maurizio and Sebastian ask her whether she can sleep with Raheem for their deal. Lisa agrees to do the same but in return for ten percent of the deal. But money may not be the only thing Sebastian will be paying to lead her to Raheem. After their conversation, Lisa may not want to remain in a relationship with Sebastian.

Lisa gets together with Sebastian because she thinks that he is capable of seeing her as an individual rather than another “whore.” She is sick of people treating her as a piece of meat, which motivates her to run away from the world of Madame Zhou. In Sebastian, she sees someone who values her as a person and not as a prostitute, which even makes her commit herself to him. But when he doesn’t stop Maurizio from asking about her willingness to sleep with Raheem, Lisa may realize that he is not any better than the rest she had to endure in her life. Sebastian’s willingness to let Lisa go to her old life of prostitution most likely will motivate Lisa to break up with him.

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