Shantaram Finale Recap: Does Lin Leave Bombay?

The twelfth episode of Apple TV+’s drama series ‘Shantaram,’ titled ‘All the Way From There Just to Get to Here,’ follows the aftermath of Madame Zhou’s “abduction” of Karla Saaranen and Lisa Carter. Walid Shah wages a war against Abdel Khader Khan AKA Khaderbhai, making the latter find a solution to end the gang war once and for all. The Australian officer Wally Nightingale continues his efforts to capture Lindsay “Linbaba” Ford, who is engaged in Karla and Lisa’s predicament. Episode 12 of the show ends with astounding and alarming developments concerning the fates of Lin and Karla. If you are intrigued about the same, let us share our detailed take on the first season finale of the show! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Shantaram Finale Recap

‘All the Way From There Just to Get to Here’ begins with Lin and Abdullah Taheri discovering a nearly dead Sebastian Modena at Karla’s house. They realize that Madame Zhou and Maurizio have abducted Karla and Lisa to use against Khaderbhai, who is fighting against Walid Shah. Lin takes Modena’s money and leaves for Zhou’s palace. He rescues Karla and Lisa and shoots down Maurizio. Nishant publishes Kavita’s story about Sagar Wada, Zhou’s palace and prostitution, and Walid Shah’s illegal associations with government officials without her name for her protection. Nishant’s fears turn out to be true when Walid’s man kills him for publishing the feature.

Zhou’s palace gets surrounded by people who turn against her after the publication of the article. Lin and Karla leave Zhou’s fate to the crowd. Walid plots to kill Khaderbhai, only for the latter to use the former’s plan against himself. Upon trapping Walid using the help of police officials, Khaderbhai ensures the former’s death as Abdullah kills him. Due to Walid’s death, Khaderbhai wins the gang war. Lin and Karla share intimacy and they decide to leave Bombay together to set up a life together elsewhere. Karla meets Khaderbhai to get Lin’s passport and bid farewell to him. The crime lord blesses her and gives his silent permission to leave him and Bombay for Lin.

Karla also apologizes to Khaderbhai for the trouble she has caused him. Khaderbhai assures her that he will gain Sagar Wada in the future if not in the present. Lisa gives half of Modena’s money to Lin and Karla so that they can set up a life wherever they end up. Lin gives some money to Prabhu for his future with Parvati. Meanwhile, Kavita, who is mourning the death of Nishant, blames Lin for her partner’s death. She meets Nightingale and tells him that he will be able to catch Lin if he goes to Karla’s house.

Shantaram Ending: Does Lin Leave Bombay? How Do the Police Capture Him?

Lin has been trying to leave Bombay for a while. Due to several obstacles that range from cholera in Sagar Wada to Didier’s inability to procure a passport, he fails to fulfill his wish. When Karla joins him to leave the city, he realizes that this will be the only opportunity he will get to escape from Nightingale and remain with Karla at the same time. But his plans get threatened when Nightingale arrives at Karla’s house following Kavita’s tip. After a confrontation with Nightingale, Lin still manages to escape from the detective and ends up in the railway station to board the train and leave Bombay.

However, Lin gets captured by a group of officers. Since he is in the custody of the officers, he will not be able to leave Bombay. Not many are aware of Lin’s plans to leave the city. When he escapes Nightingale, the detective tries to find him by forcing Prabhu to reveal the fugitive’s plans. The chances of Prabhu jeopardizing Lin’s escape are extremely low. Even if he has received an insufferable beating from the cops, he most likely wouldn’t have led them to the railway station. Prabhu knows how much Lin has cared for him and Parvati. Such a person may haven’t been useful for Nightingale. If that’s the case, Khaderbhai may have led the police to capture Lin.

After Lin’s arrest, a high-ranking police officer lets Lin know that a certain “someone” wants Lin to not leave Bombay. Since the person is influential enough to persuade the police department to take a special interest in Lin’s case, Khaderbhai can be behind his arrest. Considering that Nightingale has little to no power in India, it is unlikely that Lin gets captured for him. Khaderbhai may have tried to stop Karla from leaving Bombay by leading the police to capture Lin. The crime lord may have thought that Karla will not leave him without Lin.

In addition, Khaderbhai has suffered enough due to Lin’s presence in Bombay since Karla paves the way for the gang war only for Lin to stay in Bombay. When Lin unintentionally succeeds in separating Khaderbhai and his “daughter” Karla, the crime lord’s paternal feelings must have made him try to stop Karla’s departure by sacrificing Lin.

Does Karla Leave Bombay? Does She End Up Together or Break Up with Lin?

In one of the final shots of the season, Karla is on a train, which indicates that she does leave Bombay without Lin, making Khaderbhai’s efforts futile if the crime lord is really behind Lin’s arrest. Karla has suffered enough abandonments in her life. When her father chooses to kill himself, abandoning her without anyone to care for her, Karla realizes the severity of abandonment. Such a person may haven’t been able to tolerate Lin’s inability to board the train with her. When Lin fails to join her, Karla must have realized that he is an unreliable partner and that can be the reason why she leaves Bombay rather than trying to find out what really happened to the Australian.

Karla decides to unite with Lin after deciding against the same several times. She knows that loving someone makes her vulnerable and prone to pain. Lin’s failure to be with her must have caused her immense pain once again. Considering Karla’s nature, it is highly unlikely that she will give Lin a second chance even if their pathways of life cross again. Thus, her departure from Bombay can be an indication of her decision to break up with Lin. Karla can even be thinking she has caused enough trouble that threatened Lin’s life. By seemingly separating from Lin, Karla can be expecting him to live a less troubled life.

Furthermore, Karla’s departure from Bombay may not be for good. She may realize that Khaderbhai is the only one who has never abandoned her. If that’s the case, after calming her nerves, we can expect Karla back in Bombay, completely as Khaderbhai’s daughter.

Does Nightingale Take Lin’s Money?

When Nightingale confronts Lin, the latter offers the detective the money Lisa has given him to set up a life with Karla. Nightingale rejects the same and tries to capture Lin, only for the fugitive to escape without the money. Since Lin runs away without the bag, Nightingale is expected to take the same. Although Nightingale is not the most pleasant detective, he always tries to stick to the laws and books. That’s the reason why he endures much trouble to capture Lin, even when the latter offers him a large amount of cash.

But if Nightingale has learned anything upon arriving in India, it is to not trust the local police officers. He knows that if he decides to not take the money and submit it to the police station, it is only going to fill the pockets of the local officers rather than getting recorded in the books. Nightingale may not want the same police officers who have tried to sabotage his efforts to catch Lin becoming richer with the money he wants to get entered into the books. Thus, the detective may take the money for himself.

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