Acapulco: 8 Similar Shows That Deserve Your Attention

‘Acapulco’ (2021-) stands as a vibrant American-Spanish comedy series born from the creative minds of Austin Winsberg, Eduardo Cisneros, and Jason Shuman, drawing inspiration from the acclaimed 2017 film ‘How to Be a Latin Lover.’ Led by the talented Eugenio Derbez alongside Enrique Arrizon, Camila Perez, and Damián Alcázar, the show provides a whirlwind of laughter and drama.

The plot revolves around a young Mexican man’s journey as he lands the opportunity of a lifetime at Acapulco’s premier resort, only to discover that paradise comes with its fair share of challenges. As we’re taken on a rollercoaster ride through both past and present, we witness Maximo’s ascent in the 1980s juxtaposed with his return to a changed Las Colinas, where he must confront the consequences of his actions. If you crave more tales of sun-soaked escapades, here are 8 shows like ‘Acapulco’ that deserve your eye and attention.

8. The Baker and the Beauty (2020)

The Baker and the Beauty‘ is a heartwarming romantic comedy-drama series created by Dean Georgaris, based on the Israeli series of the same name. The plot revolves around Daniel Garcia, a humble baker from Miami, who unexpectedly falls in love with Noa Hamilton, an international superstar and supermodel. As their worlds collide, Daniel and Noa navigate the challenges of their relationship amidst the pressures of fame, family expectations, and societal norms. The cast includes Victor Rasuk as Daniel and Nathalie Kelley as Noa, alongside a talented ensemble. Similar to ‘Acapulco,’ ‘The Baker and the Beauty’ offers a blend of romance, humor, and cultural dynamics against the backdrop of a vibrant city, exploring themes of love, ambition, and identity.

7. The Resort (2022-)

In ‘The Resort,’ a captivating dark comedy mystery series crafted by Andy Siara, William Jackson Harper and Cristin Milioti portray a married couple, Noah and Emma, celebrating their milestone anniversary at a holiday resort in the Mayan Riviera. As their getaway unfolds, Emma’s dissatisfaction with their relationship contrasts with Noah’s contentment, leading to tension.

Their vacation takes an unexpected turn when they become entangled in the unsolved mystery of two missing persons from fifteen years prior, challenging the foundation of their marriage. This series, akin to ‘Acapulco,’ intertwines intrigue with the backdrop of a picturesque resort, exploring the complexities of relationships and the allure of mystery against a stunning coastal setting.

6. Red Oaks (2014-2017)

In ‘Red Oaks,’ a nostalgic coming-of-age comedy series created by Joe Gangemi and Gregory Jacobs, viewers are transported to a suburban New Jersey country club in the 1980s. David Myers (Craig Roberts) navigates his summer job as a tennis instructor while exploring love, friendship, and personal growth. As David encounters a colorful cast of characters, including his quirky co-workers and eccentric club members, he discovers unexpected lessons about life and himself. Overflowing with 80s nostalgia, ‘Red Oaks’ shares thematic similarities with ‘Acapulco,’ offering a nostalgic journey filled with laughter, romance, and self-discovery against the backdrop of a unique setting.

5. On the Verge (2021)

On the Verge‘ and ‘Acapulco’ share a common thread of personal transformation against the backdrop of vibrant locales. While ‘Acapulco’ unfolds in the picturesque Mexican resort town, ‘On the Verge’ brings its narrative to the bustling streets of Los Angeles. Both series look into the intricacies of human relationships and self-discovery, albeit in different settings. Julie Delpy spearheads ‘On the Verge,’ a comedic exploration of four women’s lives in L.A. The series stars Delpy herself alongside Elisabeth Shue, Sarah Jones, and Alexia Landeau, offering a refreshing take on friendship, ambition, and the pursuit of happiness in the City of Angels.

4. The White Lotus (2021-)

In both ‘The White Lotus‘ and ‘Acapulco,’ viewers are transported to swoon-worthy destinations that serve as more than just backdrops; they become integral to the storytelling. Just as ‘Acapulco’ basks in the sun-soaked charm of a Mexican resort town, ‘The White Lotus’ immerses audiences in the luxury and intrigue of a Hawaiian resort in its first season. Both series thoroughly weave together themes of privilege, ambition, and societal dynamics against these lush settings. Created by Mike White, ‘The White Lotus’ is an anthology series that boasts a stellar ensemble cast including Connie Britton, Jennifer Coolidge, and Murray Bartlett, delivering a raw and candid exploration of human nature amidst paradise’s façade in its first season.

3. Schitt’s Creek (2015-2020)

In the realm of unconventional charm and heartfelt storytelling, ‘Schitt’s Creek‘ shares a spirited bond with ‘Acapulco.’ Unlike the backdrop of a Mexican paradise, ‘Schitt’s Creek’ finds its rhythm in the quaint and quirky titular town. Both series engage audiences with their endearing characters and witty humor, exploring themes of family, love, and personal growth. Created by the father-son duo Eugene Levy and Dan Levy (who also star in the leading roles), ‘Schitt’s Creek‘ follows the wealthy Rose family as they adjust to small-town life after losing their fortune, offering a delightful blend of comedy and heartfelt moments that leave an endearing impression on the viewers.

2. Paquita Salas (2016-)

‘Paquita Salas’ shares a kinship with ‘Acapulco’ through its distinct portrayal of characters treading through the ups and downs of life amidst unique settings. ‘Paquita Salas’ immerses viewers in the colorful world of talent management in Madrid that is just as tainted from within. Both series oscillate around the pillars of humor, drama, and heartfelt moments, showcasing the universal themes of ambition, friendship, and self-discovery. Created by Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi, ‘Paquita Salas’ follows the titular character (Brays Efe) as she navigates the cutthroat entertainment industry, offering a hilarious and poignant exploration of the human spirit.

1. Palm Royale (2024-)

Palm Royale‘ takes audiences back to the luxurious backdrop of 1969 Palm Beach, Florida, echoing the lush settings found in ‘Acapulco.’ Created by Abe Sylvia and inspired by Juliet McDaniel’s novel, the ten-part period comedy-drama miniseries follows the journey of outsider Maxine Dellacorte-Simmons (Kristen Wiig) as she floats the troubled and complicated waters of the social hierarchy of Palm Beach’s elite through the town’s exclusive country club. In her quest for acceptance, Maxine grapples with the boundaries of morality and ambition, showcasing the parallels between the pursuit of status in Palm Beach and the aspirations found in the sun-drenched paradise of ‘Acapulco.’

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