7 Shows Like Boo, Bitch You Must See

Netflix’s ‘Boo, Bitch’ follows the story of Erika and Gia. Both of them have spent their entire lives living in the shadows. They have never indulged in anything that would fall in the category of “fun”, and have barely made any friends other than each other. With only months left before they have to leave school and go to college, they decide to break free of their inhibitions and do things that will make everyone remember them. However, things go terribly awry when one of them dies. If you enjoyed watching the story that mixes teenage anxiety with a hint of supernatural, then we have a list of shows that should be your next watch. Here are the TV shows similar to ‘Boo, Bitch’, most of which you can watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other streaming services.

7. Never Have I Ever (2020- )

The story of ‘Boo, Bitch’ begins with two girls not wanting to disappear in the crowd of high-schoolers that surround them. In their remaining time at school, they decide to make the most of things by doing the craziest stuff that they never thought about trying before. ‘Never Have I Ever’ also has a similar character as its lead. Devi has had enough of sitting on the sidelines and watching the guy she has a crush on from afar. She decides to change things for herself while dealing with a deeply personal tragedy and does some really crazy things.

6. I Am Not Okay With This (2020)

The show that was cut short too early, ‘I Am Not Okay With This’ follows the story of Sydney Novak, a girl who discovers she has superpowers. Sydney shares similarities with Gia, who feels invisible at her school, while she comes to terms with some really challenging aspects of her new reality. Apart from sharing the supernatural aspect of ‘Boo, Bitch’, this show also focuses on the coming of age and the awkward, shy teenage phase. The only disclaimer you perhaps need going into it is that it is a bit more serious and gritty than ‘Boo, Bitch’, and also that it ends on a cliffhanger that you’ll probably never get an answer to.

5. Alexa and Katie (2018-2020)

While there might be a supernatural twist to ‘Boo, Bitch’, it is, at its core, a story about friendship. If you are looking for something that leans more toward the exploration of a deep connection between two friends, then ‘Alexa and Katie’ is the one to watch. It begins with Alexa discovering that she has cancer, and Katie finding ways to support her. All this while, they also come to terms with the fact that their wish of fitting in with the others is probably not going to come true. So, they carve a place of their own, one that leads to a heartwarming as well as a heartbreaking story.

4. Julie and the Phantoms (2020)


Talking about being friends with a ghost, ‘Julie and the Phantoms’ follows the story of a girl who becomes the lead singer of a band of ghosts. Having suffered a personal tragedy, Julie loses her interest in music. But her faith is revived when she accidentally brings back three boys who’d died in 1995. The show explores their friendship, while they try to make things work with the band where three of its members are invisible. Much like Gia wants to figure out the thing that will get her to the other side, the phantoms also hope to solve the mystery of their deaths and move on to getting peace.

3. Upload (2020- )

While death is scary as is, it is the uncertainty of what lies on the other side that makes things scarier. Gia is afraid of leaving behind the world that she didn’t even get to make a mark on. But what if she could choose what her afterlife would look like? Would she be scared then? ‘Upload’ builds on such a premise, where a man gets to choose the nature of his life after death. This can be attained by uploading him into a virtual afterlife. While this looks like an exciting prospect, it comes with its own set of challenges.

2. The Good Place (2016-2020)

The Good Place

In ‘Boo, Bitch’, Gia and Erika want to make their mark in high school, because they know that once this part of their life is over, they won’t get a do-over. A lot of that plot hinges on the device of time running out. But what if you got an eternity to change some key things about yourself? What if you got the time and the resources to be a better person? ‘The Good Place’ follows the story of a woman who doesn’t think she was a good person while she was alive. When she dies and wakes up in heaven, she decides to become a better person before anyone figures out that she belongs in hell.

1. Bring It On, Ghost (2016)

Park Bong-pal can see ghosts, but he doesn’t consider it a gift. In fact, he wants his ability to go away. He needs a lot of money for the procedure that will rid him of his power, so he finds a way to get that sum. He works as an exorcist and gets paid to rid people of ghosts. However, when he comes across the ghost of Kim Hyun-ji, he is forced to reconsider his perception of ghosts. As he tries to help her break free of the shackles of being a spirit and ascend to the other side, a bond develops between them, which complicates matters.

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