The Golden Hour: 8 Similar Crime Thriller Shows You’ll Like

‘The Golden Hour’ or Het gouden uur, written by Simon de Waal is a 2022 Dutch crime-fighting detective show following an Afghan-origin detective battling crime, terrorism, and demons of his past. Detective Mardik’s long-lost childhood friend contacts him with a text message, saying he is in the Netherlands. Shortly afterward a terrorist attack takes place in a public area, making him suspect his old friend’s involvement. With bomb blasts and shootings rocking the nation, the police force goes into crisis mode. While the attackers prepare for the next step in their plan, a storm brews with Mardik at the center of it. A mysterious character-driven narrative complements the thrilling show’s high-octane action and violence, likely leaving one wanting more series like it.

8. Collateral (2018)

DI Kip Glaspie investigates the murder of a pizza delivery man, puzzled as to how a crime like it could be pre-planned. Her investigation takes her to unexpected places when intelligence agencies get involved, citing a national security angle. Glaspie must carefully navigate the high-stakes criminal conspiracy she has just entered, as it threatens to drag down anyone involved with it. The detective drama created by David Hare relies on its confounding mysteries to drive its narrative into a complex web of characters and events. If the idea of a detective blindsided by a large conspiracy appealed to you in ‘The Golden Hour,’ ‘Collateral’ is the show to watch.

7. Treason (2022)

Created by Matt Charman, ‘Treason’ brings us a maze of lies and deception in the world of MI6 agent Adam Lawrence (Charlie Cox). When the director of MI6 is poisoned and left bedridden, Adam is promoted temporarily to the office. Before he can make much sense of what’s going on, he is contacted by Kara, a Russian spy, with whom he shares a complex past. She seeks the favors she is owed now that he is at the top, with Adam refusing but remaining entangled with her. When he is accused of treason and his own organization begins to turn on him, Adam can rely on no one but himself to protect his life and his family. The complexities of past relationships interfering with work and threatening one’s life in ‘The Golden Hour,’ are shared in ‘Treason’ with a high-stakes world of espionage and intelligence.

6. Unforgotten (2015)

DCI Cassie Stuart and DI Sunny Khan investigate long-forgotten historical murder cases. Each season uncovers a new cold case, unearthing secrets buried for years, as the detectives meticulously piece together evidence and interview witnesses. The series delves deep into the lives of both victims and suspects, exploring the profound impact of long-buried secrets and the repercussions felt by those involved. ‘Unforgotten,’ created by Chris Lang, is a British crime drama series that intricately weaves together past and present mysteries with a focus on character-driven storytelling and intricate plotlines. Much like ‘The Golden Hour,’ ‘Unforgotten’ offers compelling mysteries, showcasing how the past can reverberate into the present.

5. Fauda (2015-)

Led by Doron Kavillio, a determined operative in an undercover unit of the Israeli Defense Forces, ‘Fauda,’ delves into the complexities of modern warfare, humanizing both sides of the conflict. Through a blend of high-stakes operations, moral dilemmas, and personal struggles, it navigates the blurred lines between right and wrong, terrorism and defense, shedding light on the emotional toll experienced by soldiers and civilians on both sides. With its realistic portrayal and compelling character development, ‘Fauda’ by Avi Issacharoff and Lior Raz, will captivate fans of ‘The Golden Hour’, who appreciate its raw and riveting depiction of the national security interests and personal sacrifices within conflict.

4. Happy Valley (2014-2023)

‘Happy Valley,’ crafted by Sally Wainwright, is a British crime drama that navigates the turbulent life of police sergeant Catherine Cawood in a small Yorkshire town. The series exposes the aftermath of a tragic incident involving Catherine’s daughter and her fight for justice while tending to her fractured family. When a kidnapping plot unfolds, Catherine becomes embroiled in a perilous pursuit of the perpetrator, facing personal demons along the way. The show intricately weaves the challenges of law enforcement with Catherine’s personal struggles, portraying her resilience amid adversity. If you took a liking to the gritty police work shown in ‘The Golden Hour,’ you will appreciate Wainwright’s compelling narrative unearthing the dark underbelly of society,

3. Line of Duty (2012–2021)

In the acclaimed British crime drama ‘Line of Duty,’ conceived by Jed Mercurio, we are drawn into the murky depths of police corruption with the anti-corruption unit, AC-12. The series follows a team of investigators led by Superintendent Ted Hastings, DI Kate Fleming, and DI Steve Arnott, as they strive to uncover corruption within the police force and its link to organized crime. Fans of Simon de Waal’s work will be gripped by the show’s driven characters, its compelling exploration of ethical dilemmas, and unexpected plot twists.

2. Slow Horses (2022-)

Jackson Lamb (Gary Oldman) leads a team of screw-ups of the intelligence services dumped in his Slough House. While he deals with his position by harboring a constant foul mood and sharp-tongued insults for his underlings, River Cartwright is eager for another chance to prove himself. An opportunity is presented when kidnappers threaten to behead an abducted man live online. However, as they pursue the case, they find out there is more to it than meets the eye, and they have to watch their backs for friendly fire. Like ‘The Golden Hour,’ the show is packed with action and conspiracy unpacking policework, and it delivers much more than expected with stellar performances by its cast, and a dark comedic undertone.

1. The Night Manager (2016-)

In the gripping espionage thriller ‘The Night Manager,’ developed by David Farr, we are immersed in the world of covert operations and international intrigue. Adapted from John le Carré’s novel, the series follows Jonathan Pine ((Tom Hiddleston)), a former British soldier turned hotel night manager. Pine becomes embroiled in a perilous mission against a sophisticated arms dealer, Richard Roper (Hugh Laurie). Recruited by British Intelligence, Pine infiltrates Roper’s inner circle to gather incriminating evidence. As he navigates the dangerous world of clandestine deals and high-stakes espionage, Pine faces moral dilemmas and life-threatening situations.

Farr’s adaptation masterfully blends intense suspense, intricate plotlines, and captivating characters, portraying a thrilling cat-and-mouse game amidst the backdrop of lavish settings and global intrigue. For those thrilled by the critical national security operations and pulse-pounding action of ‘The Golden Hour,’ ‘The Night Manager’ captivates with its high-octane drama, intricate storytelling, and compelling performances, offering a mesmerizing journey through the shadowy realm of international espionage.

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