The Manny: 8 Comedies to Watch if You Liked the Netflix Show

The Mexican rom-com series ‘The Manny’ by Carolina Rivera, revolves around Jimena, a top executive contending for her father’s company presidency amid a divorce and managing three boisterous children. Plagued by nannies quitting due to her kids’ mischief, an accidental hiring brings Gaby, a charismatic cowboy turned man-nanny (manny), into her life. Gaby’s arrival brings a whirlwind of change, as he endears himself to the children and becomes an integral part of the household. Amidst Gaby’s lively contributions to family moments, a deeper connection forms between him and Jimena. However, unbeknownst to her, Gaby conceals ulterior motives that begin to falter as genuine feelings develop.

The series plays with humor, romance, and family dynamics, portraying the unforeseen complexities of love and personal growth as both Jimena and Gaby navigate their evolving emotions amidst the backdrop of comedic chaos and heartfelt connections. The lively series explores a switch in gender roles to great comedic and romantic effect, making one wonder if more such shows are out there.

8. See Dad Run (2012-2019)

‘See Dad Run’ revolves around David Hobbs, a former TV star who becomes a stay-at-home dad when his wife returns to her acting career. David is thrust into the challenges of domestic life, attempting to manage the household and take care of their three kids while adjusting to a role he’s not entirely familiar with. As he grapples with the complexities of parenting and household chores, uproarious comedy ensues.

Created by Tina Albanese and Patrick Labyorteaux, each episode of the show unfolds with humorous misadventures and heartfelt moments as David navigates the trials and triumphs of fatherhood, attempting to balance family life while occasionally drawing on his past TV experiences. For those who enjoyed switched gender roles and wholesome comedic fun in ‘The Manny,’ ‘See Dad Run’ will be an amusing show to watch.

7. Reba (2001-2007)

Created by Allison M. Gibson, ‘Reba,’ follows the life of Reba Hart, a spirited single mother navigating the complexities of family dynamics amid divorce. Reba confronts life’s hurdles with resilience and humor as she copes with her ex-husband’s new marriage to a younger woman, minimizing its negative impact on her children, and finding solace in her unconventional circumstances.

Reba’s strong-willed nature and unwavering determination to keep her family united stand out as she embraces the comical chaos that comes with parenting, dating, and juggling various roles. ‘The Manny’ sees its female lead undergoing a divorce, embracing her role as a single mother while maintaining ties with her ex-husband for the sake of her kids. ‘Reba’ has it all, and further explores the ever-evolving dynamics of their modern family, resonating with audiences through its relatable and endearing characters.

6. Ginny & Georgia (2021-)

‘Ginny & Georgia,’ is a Netflix series centered around a young mother-daughter duo navigating life’s complexities. Georgia, the mother, is charming and enigmatic, prone to moving her family to different places for a fresh start. Her daughter Ginny, more reserved, aims to establish roots and friendships in their latest town. As Georgia’s secrets and tumultuous past resurface, Ginny grapples with her own challenges, including school life, relationships, and identity.

The show by Sarah Lampert, unfolds with a mix of family drama, comedy, and coming-of-age themes, addressing topics like love, friendship, and the pursuit of normalcy amidst Georgia’s unconventional lifestyle. With the theme of single motherhood with an uncommon lifestyle, the show brushes against the subject matter of ‘The Manny’ while exploring more mature topics such as complex family dynamics and the search for belonging in an ever-changing world.

5. House Husbands (2012-2017)

‘House Husbands,’ a series created by Ellie Beaumont, Tim Pye, and Drew Proffitt, presents a refreshing take on the traditional family dynamic. The show follows the lives of four stay-at-home dads, Lewis, Mark, Kane, and Justin, as they navigate the challenges of raising children, managing the household, and confronting their struggles while their partners pursue their careers.

Each character brings a unique perspective to fatherhood, showcasing the complexities of modern masculinity and the evolving roles within families. ‘House Husbands’ will appeal to those who liked the showcasing of a caring male figure taking on an untraditional gender role in ‘The Manny,’ and embracing a warmer iteration of masculinity.

4. Fuller House (2016-2020)

‘Fuller House,’ created by Jeff Franklin, is a continuation of the popular sitcom ‘Full House.’ The series revisits the Tanner family, primarily focusing on D.J. Tanner-Fuller, her sister Stephanie, and best friend Kimmy Gibbler, who come together to help D.J. raise her three sons after a tragic loss. D.J., now a widowed mother, navigates parenthood with the support of her family and friends, just like her father did years ago. Alongside Stephanie and Kimmy, the trio embarks on hilarious and heartwarming adventures while residing in the familiar San Francisco home.

Created by David Kendall and Bob Young, the show pays homage to its predecessor by featuring guest appearances from original cast members. ‘The Manny’ shares the show’s premise with a single mother struggling to raise three children. And for those who enjoyed Gaby’s wholesome contributions to the family unit, ‘Fuller House’ will bring a smile with its essence of family, friendship, and togetherness.

3. One Day At A Time (2017 – 2020)

One Day at a Time Season 4 Episode 5

The Gloria Calderón Kellett and Mike Royce created sitcom, ‘One Day at a Time,’ centered on the Alvarez family, exploring their lives in a reimagined version of the 1975 series. The show revolves around Penelope Alvarez, a Cuban-American army veteran and single mother raising her two children with the help of her vivacious mother, Lydia. The Alvarez family’s dynamic interactions, cultural heritage, and the challenges they face, make it a relatable and impactful show that celebrates diversity and resilience. ‘One Day at a Time’ shares multiple thematic similarities with ‘The Manny,’ having a resilient single mother from a traditionally male line of work and family antics, alongside a heartfelt exploration of pressing societal issues.

2. Younger (2015-2021)

‘Younger,’ crafted by Darren Star, revolves around Liza Miller, a 40-year-old single mother who, after her divorce, embarks on an unexpected journey of reinvention. Eager to re-enter the competitive world of publishing after a hiatus, Liza faces ageism in the job market due to her prolonged absence. In a daring move, she pretends to be a 26-year-old woman to secure a position in a thriving publishing firm. With the help of her best friend Maggie and new coworker Kelsey, Liza immerses herself in the vibrant and youth-centric New York City scene. The show’s protagonist is in ways evocative of Jimena from ‘The Manny,’ being a single mother with a recent divorce, and looking to make progress in the corporate world. The women even share an appetite for new romance, leading to hilarious mishaps and poignant moments,

1. Melissa & Joey (2010–2015)

Melissa, a capable councilwoman, is thrown into a chaotic situation when her sister faces legal issues, leaving her to care for her niece and nephew. In a twist of fate, Joe, who loses his job due to a corporate scandal, becomes the live-in nanny for Melissa’s family. Despite initial clashes, their contrasting personalities come together to create a unique bond. As they traverse the challenges of managing a household, personal growth and mutual support lead to an unexpected camaraderie and budding romance. Through its witty banter and heartwarming moments, the show will captivate those who have enjoyed similar charming chemistry, comedic scenarios, and an evolving relationship between Jimena and Gaby.

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