Survivor Season 41: Where is the Cast Now?

CBS’ ‘Survivor’ is a reality show that tests the survival skills of its contestants that are stranded in an isolated location. With grueling tasks that require a unique mix of mental and physical grittiness as well as strong interpersonal skills, the long-running show, which first premiered on May 31, 2000, is well-loved across the world and offers a delicious prize of $1 million to the winner.

Not only does the survival show influence its fans, but it also deeply impacts the lives of its contestants, many of whom decide to take part solely because they love that it encourages people to come out of their comfort zones. Thus, we can always expect the castaways to be strong and interesting personalities that shine both on-screen and off-screen. In particular, the top five contestants — a diverse bunch — of ‘Survivor 41’ left a lasting impression on most of us. Let’s find out where they are and what they are up to nowadays.

Where is Ricard Foyé Now?

Ricard Foyé, 32, hails from Lynnwood, Washington but resides in Sedro-Woolley. Born on December 4, 1989, Ricard is of Hispanic origin. He is openly gay and married to Andy Grier Foyé, who is a transgender man. One of the most popular cast members on the show, Ricard proved his capabilities by carrying out laborious tasks despite being deaf in one ear. So, how did he do it? By reading people’s lips and using American Sign Language!

Now that ‘Survivor 41’ has come to an end, Ricard will likely go back to dancing and playing the violin, two of his favorite hobbies. It is also possible that he will resume his job as a flight attendant. Additionally, Ricard is definitely spending much-needed time with his husband and two babies — a daughter and a son — by going on hikes and having cozy family nights.

Where is Heather Aldret Now?

Born on March 1, 1969, Heather Aldret, 52, hails from Charleston, South Carolina. A proud stay-at-home mother, she is known for her street smartness, social skills, and thorough knowledge of Lowcountry’s culture and lifestyle. She is currently healing from a torn anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus. In the past, she had her knee fully surgically reconstructed. But don’t worry, she’s recuperating quite well and has often expressed pride in her mental and physical strength. Soon, she will be able to go back to pickleball, tennis, and painting.

Heather used to flip properties (often doing the renovation work herself) and teach at an elementary school in the past before she decided to stay at home to raise her children. Hailing from what she calls a “very broken family,” it is obvious that Heather wishes to be there for her daughters and give them all her love and support. Given that her family has a Wednesday night tradition of watching ‘Survivor,’ we’re sure that they all will give her season a couple of rewatches! Plus, being fans of Dragon Con, we’re sure Heather and her girls must be looking forward to its 2022 edition.

Where is Xander Hastings Now?

Xander Hastings, 21, is the youngest amongst the top five participants of ‘Survivor 41.’ A native of Jacksonville, Florida, Xander is currently based in Chicago, Illinois, and is a cross country runner. Notably, he took part in the Nike Cross Nationals in 2018. Born on August 11, 2000, the Chicago resident is very close to his father and enjoys interacting with diverse people.

Xander is extremely passionate about everything under the sun and enjoys discovering novel tidbits of knowledge, new skills, and fascinating facts. A jack-of-all-trades with a keen interest in graphic design, he is an app developer currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Computer Science at the University of Chicago.

After finishing season 41 as the 2nd runner-up, it is likely that Xander will return to his hobbies of road tripping, free climbing, and antique shopping whilst also dealing with his studies. He has also been traveling to places, particularly national parks and hill stations, known for their natural beauty. Most importantly, Xander has his own app developing company and is reportedly working on its first release.

Where is Deshawn Radden Now?

26-year-old Deshawn Radden was reportedly born on September 17, 1995. The podiatric medical student is a resident of Miami, Florida. With a Bachelor’s degree in Cell/Cellular and Molecular Biology and a Master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences, Deshawn is extremely studious but also quite street smart. A native of San Bernardino, California, he is very close to his parents and considers them to be his heroes.

Deshawn concluded his run on ‘Survivor 41’ as the runner-up. But interestingly, he decided to go bald so as to get rid of all the sand in his hair. Enormously outgoing in nature, Deshawn is spending time reconnecting with friends and family back in Miami. He is also getting back into the groove of things and will probably re-indulge in his hobbies of making music, playing tennis, and cooking. We wish him all the best for medical school and are sure he’ll ace in academia!

Where is Erika Casupanan Now?

Erika Casupanan was born on July 20, 1989, in the Philippines. An avid traveler and a former communications manager, the Toronto-based Erika earned the title of Sole Survivor on the forty-first season of the series, making her the first Canadian resident to win ‘Survivor.’ Now that her time on the show has ended, it is likely that Erika is pursuing her two main interests — traveling and boxing. She even enjoys watching ‘Survivor’ with her family and friends at local bars in the city.

Erika is known for her frequently changing hair color and brightly patterned clothes. The 32-year-old paid off her student loans by the age of 27 and walked away from a successful career in communications and public relations with financial stability.

Erika is highly educated and possesses three degrees — a B.A. in Media, Information, and Technoculture from Western University received in 2011, a Diploma in Multimedia Design and Production from Fanshawe College, and a Post Graduate Certificate in Public Relations from Humber College received in 2012. Now sporting brilliantly purple hair, Erika reportedly has a special someone in her life, and we’re sure she’s spending quality time with him after being a castaway on a remote island for so long!

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