The Afterparty Season 2 Finale Recap and Ending, Explained

Season 2 of Apple TV+’s ‘The Afterparty‘ concludes after several twists and turns in the tale of Edgar Minnows’ murder. In season 2, Aniq teams up with Detective Danner to find the killer after Edgar Minnows, a tech billionaire, dies the morning after his wedding. The second season finale of the comedy-drama series delivers one final twist as Aniq and Danner unveil the killer and wrap up the mystery for good. If you are looking for answers about the killer’s identity, motives, and fate, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘The Afterparty’ season 2, episode 10! SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Afterparty Season 2 Finale Recap

The tenth episode, titled ‘Vivian and Zoe,’ opens with Danner and Aniq discussing their findings after the local Sheriff and his team arrive at the crime scene. Danner points out that Zoe was the only person absent from the afterparty, and they must interrogate her. Danner and Aniq question Zoe about where she was at the time of the afterparty. A guilty Zoe confesses to a murder but reveals she is talking about Colonel Isabel’s dog, who attacked her when she went into Edgar’s room to leave a note for Grace. Zoe threw the dog out of the window and accidentally killed Colonel.

Later, Danner and Aniq join the rest of the group but have no answers about the killer. The Sheriff accuses Grace of being the culprit, but Danner and Aniq oppose him. When Isabel explains her perceived involvement in Edgar’s murder, Aniq and Danner realize they have been looking at the case wrong all along, as Edgar wasn’t the killer’s target. Moreover, Isabel reveals that the Colonel is still alive. Danner explains that Edgar saw Colonel moments before he died, and his supposed hallucination was the billionaire actually cursing at the dog.

After everyone confesses to killing Edgar, the Sheriff gives Danner and Aniq five minutes to share their theories. While Danner and Aniq have a suspect, they must check Kyler’s footage for concrete evidence. Aniq lays down the bare facts and motives for all the suspects, arguing that one person had the strongest motive for murder. Aniq accuses Ulysses of killing Edgar, albeit accidentally. Aniq explains that Ulysses killed Edgar while he was trying to poison his half-brother, Feng. As a result of their accusations, Aniq and Danner are forced to share a timeline of events and evidence that will prove Ulysses’ involvement in Edgar’s murder.

The Afterparty Season 2 Finale Ending: Why Did Ulysses Edgar? How Did He Do It?

In the end, Aniq and Danner speak to Vivian about her interaction with Ulysses on the night before the wedding. Vivian reveals that Ulysses asked her to leave Feng as he was still in love with her and wanted them to be together. However, Vivian refused as she loved her husband dearly. After reviewing all the clues and testimonies, Aniq and Danner conclude that Ulysses killed Edgar. Aniq explains that after Vivian rejected Ulysses, he tried to poison Feng during the afterparty. Ulysses used the Devil’s Trumpet flowers from Hannah’s garden to make poison tea, which he stored in his horn-shaped bottle.

Sebastian revealed that he saw Ulysses meddling with a whiskey glass at the bar during the afterparty. Ulysses claimed it was Grace’s glass, which he used to perform a paternity test. However, Vivian’s testimony does not mention any paternity test, revealing Ulysses is lying. Moreover, Grace was drinking wine during the afterparty and hated whiskey. Therefore, the glass Sebastian saw Ulysses meddling with could not have belonged to her. Aniq and Danner then reveal that the glass was meant for Feng, as Feng and Ulysses confirmed they shared a whiskey drink during the afterparty. However, Feng’s poisoned glass was accidentally exchanged with Edgar’s glass.

The footage from Kyler’s phone confirms the same implicating Ulysses in Edgar’s murder. Ultimately, Aniq and Danner prove Ulysses killed Edgar as his horn contains traces of the poison, serving as the final nail in Ulysses’ coffin. With the evidence against him, Ulysses finally confesses to trying to kill Feng. Thus, Ulysses is arrested for his crime and likely sent to prison. Danner and Aniq save the day and prove Grace’s innocence despite the Sheriff being convinced that the latter killed her husband. Grace signs the prenup, returning Edgar’s money to Isabel but retaining $1 million as per the agreement, which she uses to help Feng save his business.

Do Aniq and Zoe Get Married?

After going through a rollercoaster murder mystery over the weekend, the season 2 finale forces Zoe and Aniq to reconsider their relationship. At the start, Aniq planned to propose to Zoe and sought Feng and Vivian’s blessing. In the end, Aniq proves his love for Zoe by helping prove Grace’s innocence. In the process, he also wins over Feng and Vivian. As Zoe and Aniq leave the Minnows’ estate, Zoe surprisingly proposes to Aniq.

On the other hand, Aniq reveals that he was planning to propose. Ultimately, it seems like Aniq and Zoe are on the same page in their relationship, and a flash-forward sequence reveals they are now engaged. The couple’s bond only strengthens after going through the ups and downs of a murder mystery over the weekend. Later, Aniq and Zoe are happily engaged as they reunite with Danner. Hence, while Aniq and Zoe are not married just yet, the season 2 finale hints at a happily ever after for the couple.

What Happens to Danner?

At the start of the season, Danner has quit the police force and is trying to write a novel about her experience as a detective who solved the murder of a famous celebrity. The season 2 finale sees Danner helping Aniq find Edgar’s killer, meaning she must return to her writing. However, Aniq suggests Danner should make movies instead of writing, given her penchant for treating people’s testimonies as mini-mind movies.

The season 2 finale sees Danner pursuing a career in filmmaking, and Aniq and Zoe visit her on the set of her debut film about Xavier’s murder. Although it seems like Danner also gets her Hollywood happy ending as she is in a relationship with actor Jaleel White, the ending could hint at another murder mystery for the group to solve. The set of Danner’s film filled with insecure actors could lead to another murder, setting up a potential third season of the show.

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