The (Almost) Legends Ending, Explained: Do Romeo and Preciado Win the Race?

Directed by Ricardo Castro Velazquez, Netflix’s ‘The (Almost) Legends’ is a comedy-drama movie about Romeo and Preciado, the conflict between two half-brothers who are forced to work together to win a car rally and preserve their father’s legacy. Given the differences between the half-brothers, viewers must be curious to find out how their tale ends. The ending of ‘The (Almost) Legends’ provides answers about the fates of Romeo and Preciado and whether they live up to their father’s legacy or destroy it. SPOILERS AHEAD!

The (Almost) Legends Plot Synopsis

‘The (Almost) Legends’ takes place in the small town of Bahía Colorada, in Sinaloa, Mexico. The opening moments introduce viewers to Valentín, a charismatic musician who specializes in the banda music style. Valentín lives with his “A” family and has a son named Romeo with his wife, Raquel. Meanwhile, Valentín also has a second “B” family on a cruise ship where he regularly performs with his band. He also has a second son, Preciado. Valentín’s mother, Connie, and brother work at an auto repair workshop. Valentín loves car racing and is passionate about the local race rally.

Valentín dreamt of winning the Rally de La Bestia, a 30-hour-long race across Sinaloa, and becoming even more famous in his small town. However, he lost to American businessman Don Tasio. A few years later, Valentín died during an accident on the cruise ship. Soon after his death, Romeo became fed up with the small town and left to pursue a career as a villain in telenovelas. Meanwhile, Preciado was left behind, and Connie trained him to become a mechanic. Romeo and Preciado did not get along while growing up and often argued, but they also gained an affinity for music and automobiles from their father.

Five years after he left the town, Romeo returns when the Rally de La Bestia is reinstated with prize money of $30,0000. Romeo announces that he will participate in the rally to avenge his father’s death and pay tribute to Valentín’s legacy by fulfilling his dream of winning the race. He immediately dismisses Preciado and insults his half-brother. On the other hand, Preciado has given up his dream of becoming a car designer and wants to carry on his father’s legacy through music. Preciado has formed his own banda music band but lacks the singing and songwriting skills to lead it.

Elsewhere, Don Tasio wants his son to race in the competition but quickly realizes that his daughter, Maren, is actually a skilled driver. Don Tasio is facing some financial troubles and hopes to use the money from the race to pay his debts. On the other hand, Romeo also owed money to some loan sharks in Mexico City and returned to try and win the race, hoping to use the prize money to repay his loan. However, he first attempts to sell the auto shop to Don Tasio against Connie’s wishes to come up with the money to repay the money he owes. Nonetheless, Romeo soon realizes he cannot win the race alone and is forced to work with his half-brother, Preciado.

The (Almost) Legends Ending: Do Romeo and Preciado Win the Race?

Romeo and Preciado do not see eye-to-eye for much of the film, and their strained relationship stems from Romeo not accepting Preciado as his father’s son. However, Romeo finds himself in a bind, especially since he can’t sell the auto shop and needs to repay the loan he took. As a result, his only option is to win the Rally de La Bestia and claim the prize money. However, Romeo does not have a car fast enough to win the race, nor a wingman who can guide him through the difficult race track.

Eventually, Romeo tracks down his uncle, hoping to find the car his father used in the race. However, Romeo’s uncle only hands over the car on the condition that Romeo and Preciado work together. Romeo reluctantly agrees and makes Preciado his wingman. Soon, the half-brothers start bonding, primarily through their love for their father’s music and passion for cars. Ultimately, Romeo and Preciado compete in the Rally de La Bestia, hoping to win the competition and fulfill their father’s dream. However, after an action-packed race that sees the half-brothers bond and outshine their competitors for the most part, their efforts result in a loss.

The brothers drive into a sandstorm during the climax, blurring their vision. When Preciado peers out of the window to get a better view, he falls out and is knocked unconscious. With Maren’s help, Romeo finds Preciado, and they resume the race. However, in the race’s final stretch, Romeo sacrifices the victory to ensure his brother is well, and they drive to a nearby beach. In the end, Romeo and Preciado finish the race last and lose the prize money. On the other hand, Maren and her brother are crowned victorious, helping Maren prove that her father was wrong in neglecting and underestimating her because she is a girl.

Do Romeo and Preciado Reconcile? How Does Romeo Repay His Loan?

In the movie’s final act, Romeo and Preciado finally set aside their differences and come to accept each other as true brothers. The car rally proves to be the contract that brings the brothers together, as Romeo finally gives up his selfish wants to recognize Preciado’s need. Ultimately, the brothers have a heart-to-heart conversation by the beach and hash out their differences. Romeo and Preciado both love their father equally and only want to live up to his legacy. In the process, they forgot to acknowledge that they are both a part of Valentín’s legacy. The final moments see Romeo and Preciado completing their journey to becoming actual brothers, with Romeo joining Preciado’s band.

A small record label signs the group, and the money from their contract is used to repay Romeo’s loan. Thus, by making a small sacrifice charged with his newfound affection for Preciado, Romeo succeeds in achieving his want of repaying the debt. By recognizing Romeo’s singing talent and making him the lead singer, Preciado swallows his pride and ensures the band will continue to grow. Moreover, the brothers recognize that their love for music is their father’s true legacy and continue to spread the jolly and charming music their father spread through their band. Thus, the film ends with Romeo and Preciado becoming brothers and proving themselves worthy successors to Valentín’s legacy. The ending reinforces the family theme, as Romeo and Preciado learn to put their family’s needs over their personal wants.

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