The Amazing Race Season 17: Where Are The Contestants Now?

Making a mark across countries and continents, eleven teams come together to compete in a battle of strength and wit in ‘The Amazing Race.’ In its seventeenth iteration, the reality television show hosted by Phil Keoghan brings a number of twists and turns as well. From couples bickering to friends fighting, the show tests more than just mental and physical strength. Years since it first came to air, viewers continue to wonder how the contestants’ lives have panned out. So, if you’re also curious to know more about the cast of season 17, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Where are Nat Strand and Kat Chang Now?

The first all-female team to win the race, Nat Strand and Kat Chang had put their best foot forward from the get-go. After walking away from the challenge with the first prize, Nat and Kat continued to pave their way to success. Nat is currently a Pain Management Physician at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale.

Since her days on the show, Nat has used her Type-1 diabetes to advocate and spread awareness for people living with the same disorder. Nat is also married and the mother of two children. Similarly, Kat has also created a place for herself in medicine. She is currently practicing as an anesthesiologist in Southern California. In addition to working, Kat also spends time with her husband and two children exploring and traveling.

Where are Brook Roberts and Claire Champlin Now?

Brook and Claire’s camaraderie became one of the deciding factors for their exceptional performance throughout the season. The home shopping television hosts and friends forged a number of strategies throughout the season to plush out the roadblocks. Even after the show, the two women have continued to achieve acclaim. Brook went on to appear on shows like, ‘The Amazing Race Vietnam,’ and ‘The Good Buy Girls.’ In addition to her stint on reality television, she has also spent time as a host for TLC, JTV and FOX Sports San Diego.

She continues to hold her position as a spokesperson for Gem TV and has also dabbled into production. On the personal front, Brook got married in 2011 and has since given birth to two children. Claire has since recused herself from public television and has instead found bliss in her family. She is now the mother of four children and enjoys life with her children, husband, and farm animals. The reality star is still an adventurous spirit and loves to travel with her family.

Where are Chad Waltrip and Stephanie Smith Now?

With high expectations of each other, Chad and Stephanie did have their share of disagreements on the show. However, the duo still competed with a stout resolve and placed fifth in the season. After Chad proposed to Stephanie during the eighth leg, Stephanie quickly accepted, and the duo tied the knot after the camera closed in on them.

Since then, the pair has continued to create more memories as a couple and individuals. The former Miss South Carolina has used her skills in makeup and hairstyling to further her career. Stephanie’s entrepreneurial mindset has allowed her to run ventures like Bee Hair Co. and Honey Loft Salon at Neptune Beach, Florida. Along with booming business, she is also a content creator and regularly posts on social media. Chad is also an entrepreneur and has his own business. Along with Stephanie, Chad raises their three children.

Where are Kevin and Michael Wu Now?

Despite their early elimination, the father-son duo has grown in all aspects of life. Kevin’s presence on YouTube had already sparked a flame when he appeared on CW’s ‘Online Nation.’ After his appearance on ‘The Amazing Race,’ he also starred in ‘Man Up,’ ‘Twinsters,’ and ‘Revenge of the Green Dragons,’ produced by Martin Scorsese.

After going off YouTube in 2013 to experience transcendental meditation and complete his college education, Kevin returned to online media in 2016 once again. Since then, he has been an on-and-off creator. Currently, Kevin has moved away from social media and likes to keep all aspects of his life under wraps. Similarly, Kevin’s father, Michael, is now well into retirement and prefers to spend time with his friends and family.

Where are Ron Kellum and Tony Stovall Now?

While the duo became the first team to be eliminated from the season, their journey to success continued to take shape even after they left the show. Since his appearance on the show as a director and choreographer, Ron has expanded his horizon and dabbled into producing different forms of art. Having gained acclaim for becoming the first African-American artistic director for Cirque du Soleil, the Broadway veteran has worked on productions like ‘Kooza,’ ‘Iron Man 2,’ ‘Volta,’ ‘Chicago,’ and ‘Jesus Christ Superstar.’

He currently spends his time travelling and exploring with friends and colleagues. As for Tony, the Indiana University alum has since applied his analytical and creative genius in marketing and IT to different roles. After working as a Professor of Marketing for esteemed universities, Tony is currently the Chair of the Graduate Business Programs in Medicine at the Kelley School of Business at IUPUI.

Where are Andie DeKroon and Jenna Sykes Now?

Having been reunited with each other decades after Andie first put Jenna up for adoption, the birth mother and daughter duo were ultimately ousted after taking the wrong route. After their exit from the season, Andie became a realtor and even served as a Pilates instructor for a while. As for Jenna, the reality star also established her career and family after leaving the show. She tied the knot in 2017 and gave birth to her daughter two years later. Jenna continues to work on the crew for several productions. Some of her works include, ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ ‘Loki,’ and ‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.’

Where are Connor Diemand-Yauman and Jonathan Schwartz Now?

The Princeton alums known for carrying a tune have since climbed the ladder of success. Connor used his knowledge of equity and education to mark several feats. He is an industry leader and has worked with companies like Coursera and McKinsey & Company. Currently, he serves as Merit America’s Co-Founder and is a lecturer at Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

On the personal front, Connor likes to maintain privacy and does not divulge information about his dating life. Having accrued renown for his musical genius, Jonathan has since made a mark on the corporate world. The reality star is currently the Vice President of Products at Nabis and has held positions as a Software Engineer for companies like Gartner and Tenta QL.

Where are Katie Seamon and Rachel Johnston Now?

Having met each other on the field, volleyball partners Katie and Rachel were one of the frontrunners on season 17. After leaving the show, Katie continued to make strides in her career and her life. Katie’s last work profile was working as General Manager for Douglas Elliman Property in New York. She now likes to spend time with her three children and husband.

On the other hand, Rachel has branched into modeling and real estate since her jaunt on reality television. She is currently based in Florida, where she continues to advocate for victims of domestic violence. She is also the Community Affairs Manager for Providence House Domestic Violence Services.

Where are Gary and Mallory Ervin Now?

With a cohesive harmony, the father-daughter duo Gary and Mallory managed to get through the race with efficiency and strategy. After finishing sixth on season 17, the duo made a reappearance on ‘The Amazing Race 24: All Stars.’ While their presence on reality television has enthralled many, the father-daughter pair have made just as much progress personally as well. Gary’s cable company Ervin Cable Construction LLC continues to thrive. In addition to his work, the man’s adventurous spirit has led him to climb Mount Everest.

Having come 200 steps close to the summit, the reality star is always looking for new adventures with his family, children and grandchildren. Mallory has retained her place as a media personality. She has a YouTube channel and retains popularity on Instagram as well. Mallory published her book ‘Living Fully’ in 2022. She also has a podcast titled, ‘The Living Fully,’ and continues to use her space on social media to build her brand. In addition to her business and work, Mallory is also married and a mother to three children.

Where are Nick DeCarlo and Vicki Casciola Now?

The dating duo finished fourth in the race and were known for their strength and grit, and ability to fulfill several tasks easily. After leaving the show, the duo tied the knot but eventually separated due to differences. Vicki went on to become a renowned hairstylist. Over the years, she has showcased her work at events like New York Fashion Week and Latin Grammy Awards.

Vicki regularly works with several models and holds the position of Global Artistic Director at Hair Talk USA. She also owns her hair salon in Las Vegas called Hot Box Salon. On the other hand, Nick is currently based in Nevada and is in a relationship with Robyn White.

Where are Jill Haney and Thomas Wolfard Now?

After placing third on the show, couple Jill and Thomas eventually broke up in 2012. Nevertheless, they have grown personally and professionally. Jill went on to become a celebrity hairstylist and extension specialist. From television to movies to bridal occasions, Jill’s work spans a number of fields. She is also the owner of Salon Blonde in Los Angeles.

Jill is also a wife and a mother and regularly travels and explores new things with her family. As for Thomas, the Notre Dame alum has continued to climb the ladder of success since his days as the National Advertising Director. He is currently the Director of Sales on the West Coast at Evolve Media, LLC. He continues to spend time with his family and friends as well.

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