The Morning Show Season 3 Finale Ending, Explained

The third season finale of Apple TV+’s ‘The Morning Show‘ brings the UBA-Hyperion merger deal to its final stages. However, with Cory getting wind of Paul’s plans to dismantle the UBA, the deal completion goes down to the wire. While Cory scrambles to kill the deal before it is voted upon, Bradley makes an important decision. On the other hand, Alex learns a distributing truth about Paul, and she might be the only one who can stop the tech billionaire from destroying the legacy media company. Naturally, viewers must be curious to learn what the ending of the season 3 finale means for the UBA’s fate and the future of Alex, Bradley, and the rest of the UBA staff. SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Morning Show Season 3 Finale Recap

The tenth and final episode, titled ‘The Overview Effect,’ opens with a flashback to Bradley’s childhood, where she reports her father for a crime. In the present, Bradley has resigned from the UBA and becomes paranoid after Paul Marks threatens to destroy the lives of her loved ones. Bradley cuts off connection with everyone at the UBA and refuses to answer calls or texts. Meanwhile, Paul and Alex prepare to complete the deal for buying the UBA, but Alex is concerned about Bradley’s well-being.

Paul and Alex also discuss the Vault article accusing Cory Ellison of sexually harassing Bradley. Paul reveals that Cory was trying to kill the deal, so he planted the article to dent the CEO’s reputation. Meanwhile, Stella searches for Kate on online forums. Cory speaks with Leonard and Brenda about the impending investigation against the allegations. Cory warns Leonard to stop the deal, but Leonard deems selling to Marks easier. He asks Cory to take a leave of absence from work. When Cory realizes the board won’t help him, he turns to Cybil.

Stella informs Mia about Paul selling UBA assets, which enrages the Newsroom staff. However, Stella insists they cannot run the news about Paul dismantling a legacy media company without evidence. As a result, Christine and Yanko host Chip on The Morning Show, where he explains Paul’s policies and plans for the UBA after he purchases the company. Meanwhile, Cory meets Reed and asks for the $8 million they had previously agreed upon in exchange for the UBA’s stock. However, Reed promises to help only if Cory can sway the UBA board.

Chip’s explosive rant persuades some board members to turn on the acquisition deal, resulting in Reed agreeing to loan the money. Elsewhere, Alex visits Bradley, and the latter agrees to speak with her former colleague while being careful of surveillance. Bradley admits her involvement in covering up Hal’s assault at the Capitol. However, she exclaims that Paul is keeping tabs on her and Laura, which has Bradley fearing for Laura’s safety. Bradley implores Alex to stop Paul from destroying the UBA while she plans to leave New York City.

Alex dismisses Bradley’s allegations against Paul using unethical practices and blackmailing her. However, when Paul quotes an exact text message Alex sent Bradley, she becomes convinced that the tech billionaire is hiding something. Cory meets Paul and asks him to back out of the deal, but Paul turns the tables by revealing he has turned Reed to his side. While Paul offers Cory some money and a chance to leave with his dignity, Cory decides to fight till the end. However, with insufficient board votes and the loan’s withdrawal, Cory runs out of money to stop Paul from buying UBA.

The Morning Show Season 3 Ending: Does Alex Stop the Deal?

The finale puts Cory on the brink of expending his resources while trying to take down Paul. However, Cory eventually fails and cannot stop Paul from completing the deal. In the episode’s final act, Paul meets the UBA board for the vote, which will finalize the deal for Hyperion to acquire the UBA. Meanwhile, Alex realizes that Paul is lying to her and that his intentions behind buying the UBA may not be what he claims. Moreover, Paul also threatens Bradley and breaches her privacy, which serves as a tipping point for Alex.

During the board meeting, Alex announces that she has an alternative offer, confirming her decision to sever ties with Paul. Ultimately, Alex devises a hail mary to save the UBA in the form of a proposed deal to merge the network with NBN to ensure the legacy media companies survive the drastically changing media landscape. While the board members review the proposal, Alex and Paul speak privately. However, Alex leads Paul into an ambush where Stella and Kate confront him. Kate reveals that she was fired because of the security failure during the space launch earlier in the season.

Moreover, Paul tried to cover up the system malfunction with the UBA hacking. Thus, Paul’s true face is revealed, and it is evident that his personal and selfish agendas were behind the deal to acquire UBA. Consequently, Alex forces Paul to back out of the deal, saving the day. Later, Alex also ends her romantic relationship with Paul, and the latter reveals the public fiasco around the UBA deal has cost him his NASA contracts. Alex saves the UBA from falling into the wrong hands and ceasing to exist, but it comes at a great personal cost for her as her relationship with Paul, which was shaping to be a partnership, ends prematurely.

What Happens to UBA? Where Does Bradley Go?

After facing uncertainty over its future for the entire season, the UBA survives to fight another day, thanks to Alex’s timely intervention. However, the UBA employees must also prepare for massive changes in light of the company’s merger with NBN. Stella and Mia discuss the potential deal, which implies that some of the UBA employees will be laid off. Thus, it is likely that Christine Hunter will also move on from the UBA and venture into her dream job in sports broadcasting. In contrast, Stella implies she will take over the reins from Cory, who is supposedly still under an internal investigation for the allegations against him.

Elsewhere, Bradley decides it is in her best interest to leave New York after her involvement in covering up the Capitol attacks is revealed. Initially, Bradley leaves to be with her brother, Hal. However, the episode’s final moments shed further light on her fate as she prepares to face the FBI. Bradley and Alex share a touching moment as Alex guides Bradley to the FBI office and reassures her former colleague that everything will be alright.

For now, it seems like Bradley will be spending time away from the UBA, but she could return once the FBI investigation concludes and she serves the punishment for obstruction of justice. Lastly, Alex prepares to rebuild the UBA and briefly discusses the same with Bradley in the final moments. Despite the circumstances, it seems Alex has received her wish of having more control over the network’s decision-making, but it remains to be seen if she can bring about a positive change by herself and whether she will receive any help, especially when the board is likely waiting to write her off.

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