The Too Hot To Handle Season 3: Who Are Still Together? Where Are They Now?

Too Hot To Handle‘ hopes to achieve the impossible by bringing together a group of single men and women before having them abstain from sex or any other physical show of affection. Presented as a retreat, the Netflix production aims to show its contestants how to form deep intimate relationships even without physicality. However, a massive cash prize considerably raises the stakes leading to steamy romances and high-octane drama. With cameras now turned away from the season 3 cast members, let’s take a look at their present whereabouts, shall we?

Holly Scarfone and Nathan Soan Mngomezulu: Unclear

Holly and Nathan felt an immediate spark upon meeting for the first time and were quick to take to each other. They remained together throughout the season and never faltered or gave in to infidelity. Sure their relationship was significantly physical as they broke multiple rules and cost the whole group thousands of dollars. Nathan was even booted from the show in episode 8 as he was believed to have instigated Holly into being physical.

However, a one-on-one workshop later, Nathan returned a changed man and began building a relationship that depended on more than just physical intimacy. Holly and Nathan’s commitment was indeed one to praise, and their chemistry remained undeniable. Thus, it was no surprise that the pair ended the show as a romantic couple. Post filming, it seems like Holly and Nathan have both gone back to their respective lives.

Both Nathan and Holly are pretty private about their lives and have refrained from revealing their present status. Nevertheless, with Nathan residing in Cape Town and Holly in Canada, the couple would have had to deal with a long-distance relationship after exiting the villa. Although their current relationship status remains unclear, the dedication they portrayed on the show makes it seem like they might remain together.

Harry Johnson and Beaux Raymond: Unclear

Although Harry was initially interested in Georgia, the latter was quickly swept up by Stevan, leaving Harry all alone. Thus, out of compulsion, Harry decided to share a bed with Beaux, and eventually, the two became fast friends. Although they didn’t share any romantic feelings initially, Harry and Beaux gradually thought about seeking a connection and were surprised to find a mutual understanding. Unlike most other relationships, these two formed theirs on a bed of friendship and strengthened it with trust and commitment.

Harry and Beaux’s dedication towards each other impressed everyone, and the pair had genuine fun while exploring their connection. Thus, it was pretty natural for them to enter the finale as a couple and even go on to emerge as the winners. Unfortunately, both Harry and Beaux prefer privacy and haven’t talked about the status of their relationship post-filming. However, the two still leave warm comments on each other’s social media posts, hinting that they might still be together.

Jackson Mawhinney and Izzy Fairthorne: Unclear

Izzy faced heartbreak quite early into the show as she could not get together with Truth, who was confused between Izzy and Jaz. Besides, Izzy turned out to be quite unlucky when it came to romance, as the men she fancied seemed to take a liking to others. However, when all hope seemed lost, the show introduced a few additions, with Jackson Mawhinney being one of them. Olga seemed quite taken with Jackson, but the latter had his eyes set on Izzy and chose her as his date.

The two then went on to build an excellent relationship and ended the show as a couple. Unfortunately, both Izzy and Jackson prefer a life of privacy and refrain from revealing much on social media. Although both seem to have eased back into their own lives post-filming, the present status of their connection following the show’s conclusion remains shrouded in mystery.

Obi Nnadi and Brianna Giscombe: Unclear

When Obi Nnadi first entered the villa, he seemed pretty smitten with Jaz and wanted to explore their connection. However, the two could never get comfortable in each other’s company and decided to split up. Yet, Obi refused to give up his search for a partner, and fortune favored him once Brianna Giscombe made her entry into the villa.

The Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor immediately took a fancy to Brianna, and towards the end, the two could even be seen sharing a bed. Although both Brianna and Obi seemingly went back to their respective lives after filming ended, they are yet to reveal their current relationship status in public.

Georgia Hassarati and Gerrie Labuschagne: Broke Up

Arguably the most popular cast member on ‘Too Hot To Handle’ season 3, Georgia found several guys interested in seeking a relationship with her. Although she chose Stevan from the group, their connection quickly fizzled as Georgia felt suffocated and boxed in. Unable to find any other meaningful connections, Georgia decided to just have fun until she came across Gerrie Labuschagne. Although Gerrie entered the villa later than most, he reciprocated Georgia’s advances, and the two soon hit it off.

Georgia and Gerrie’s relationship flourished initially, but the former soon realized that her feelings for the Personal Coach were missing. Thus, unwilling to lead him on, Georgia came clear and broke up. At present, both seem to be going about their day-to-day routines and are enjoying life with friends and loved ones. Unfortunately, their chapter appears to be permanently closed, although the pair remained friends until the show’s end.

Olga Bednarska and Stevan Ditter: Broke Up

Initially, Stevan Ditter was utterly smitten with Georgia and even called her his dream girl. However, it did not work out; they split up and chose to explore other connections. However, once Olga entered the villa, Stevan’s eyes seemed pretty fixated on her, and soon, the LA-based model decided to get to know Olga better.

The two seemed committed to each other and even tried to explore a more profound connection. However, it wasn’t meant to be, and ultimately, Olga and Stevan split up while on the show. Both Olga and Stevan have since returned to their daily lives and post regular updates on social media. One such update informed us of Stevan’s recent injury, and we hope he gets better soon.

Where Are Truth, Patrick, and Jaz Now?

Truth tried to pursue relationships with Jaz and Izzy but failed and was sent home in episode 5. Unfortunately, he prefers privacy when it comes to his personal life and has a limited presence on social media. Still, he appears to be living in Texas as of this moment and is enjoying life his own way.

Patrick Mullen appeared to be the wisest of the lot and always had some advice or the other for his castmates. After Georgia snubbed his initial advances, he did not pursue any other connections and ultimately left the show on episode 8. Post-filming, the Hawaiian native focused his attention on furthering his career as a model while living the best days of his life.

Jaz Holloway was initially interested in Truth but lost all hope after the latter found himself in a dilemma over two women. Subsequently, she even built up a connection with Obi but could not find the comfort she needed. After leaving the show in episode 5, Jaz went back to her home state of Virginia and is now enjoying life with family and friends while posting regular updates on social media.

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