Tooth Pari Ending, Explained: Does Rumi Kill Luna?

Netflix’s ‘Tooth Pari: When Love Bites,’ created by Pritam Dasgupta, is a fantasy romance series starring Tanya Maniktala, Shantanu Maheshwari, and Revathi. Underneath the city of Kolkata is a community of blood-sucking vampires living their lives hidden in the shadows. Rumi, one of the youngest of the group, needs help with a broken fang and finds aid from a shy dentist, Doc Roy. As the pair falls in love, supernatural and human forces work against them. With the emergence of a vampire hunter Luna Luka, Rumi has to face her past if she wants a chance at a new future. ‘Tooth Pari: When Love Bites’ brings a refreshing approach to a classic vampire love story. If you’re curious to see how Rumi’s life turns out after her whirlwind forbidden romance, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Tooth Pari: When Love Bites.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Tooth Pari: When Love Bites Plot Synopsis

Ora and his pack of night-dwellers have been living underground in Kolkata with A.D.’s help ever since the 1970s. Rumi is part of a rebellious Vampire gang within Ora’s family, known as “The Baghinis.” With the guidance of Meera, an older vampire, Rumi and her friend Sreela sneak out to the nighttime Tangra Festival in Kolkata’s Chinatown. Rumi finds her next blood bag target at the Festival: a young man named Badshah. Easily seducing Badshah, Rumi lures him into an empty restaurant and tries to suck his blood. However, when she goes in for the bite, the implants in Badshah’s neck knock out one of her fangs. Rumi goes to Meera and David for help, and they tell her to keep the situation on the down low due to Ora’s harsh rules against vampires interacting with the human world.

Badshah files a report against the mysterious girl who attacked him, and his case is assigned to Sub-Inspector Kartik Pal. Meanwhile, Rumi finds herself at the clinic of a Dentist named Roy. Despite the late hour, Roy agrees to check out her dental problem, but after accidentally nicking his finger on her fangs, Roy passes out at the sight of blood. As a result, Rumi tastes Roy’s virgin blood, which is exceptionally delicious to vampires. Eventually, David and Meera send Sreela to extract some blood from Roy. However, the night Sreela visits Roy’s clinic, Rumi impulsively takes Roy to the Maniktala Theater to save his skin.

Sreela encounters Luna at Roy’s clinic, and Luna decapitates Sreela. She sends Sreela’s head to the vampire lair as a sign of her return. Kartik investigates Sreela’s murder and finds confounding events surrounding her death. At the same time, Rumi uses the break-in at Roy’s clinic as an excuse to have the police look into the identity of Sreela’s murderer. However, things start to get more complicated for Rumi after Badshah turns into a new vampire because of her bite. When he tries to attack Kartik in a hospital, Ora intervenes and brings Badshah to the underground vampire lair. After his run-in with the supernatural, Kartik seeks out Luna, who tells him about the history behind humans and vampires. Kartik, who has started to develop feelings for Rumi, suspects Roy of being a vampire and shares information about his investigation with Luna.

Desperately needing a new tooth replacement, Rumi steals Sreela’s fang and convinces Roy to fix it in place of her old tooth. Afterward, the budding romance between Rumi and Roy grows, and the pair become romantically involved. However, after Kartik confronts Roy about being a vampire, Roy realizes Rumi is hiding something from him. When Rumi comes to his house to meet his parents, Roy puts her through some subtle vampire tests. After Rumi leaves, he follows her into the vampire lair and watches David feed Rumi his blood. Rumi and Roy get into a tense argument and seemingly part ways. Rumi, who had fallen in love with Roy, takes her mind off of him by going to Kartik’s house. After hooking up with Kartik, Rumi finds out the identity of the murderers that killed Sreela. In a fit of anger, Rumi takes her revenge on Haru and viciously kills him. Later, she confesses her desire to kill Luna to David and Meera. Likewise, Luna tries to find the unknown killer responsible for Haru’s death.

Back in the vampire lair, Badshah recognizes Rumi and tells Ora that she is the one who turned him. Rumi is punished and put in an underground cell surrounded by deadly candlelight. Roy starts to worry about Rumi and sneaks into the underground lair. With David’s help, he finds Rumi and comforts her in her injured state. He asks her to run away with him, and Rumi agrees. However, before they can escape, the other vampires catch them. When A.D. arrives, he offers Rumi a deal: her freedom in exchange for Luna’s death. Now, in order to save the man she loves, Rumi faces off against Luna, the most powerful witch in town.

Tooth Pari Ending: Does Rumi Kill Luna Luka?

When A.D. asks Rumi to kill Luna and escape decapitation, he also tells her that the vampires will drink Roy’s blood every night that it takes for her to kill the vampire hunter. Rumi already has a reason to want Luna dead, but Roy’s safety adds a ticking clock to her predicament. Therefore, Rumi goes to Kartik despite his aversion to vampires, seeking his help. Initially, Kartik locks Rumi up in a room and refuses to help her save Roy’s life. Nevertheless, he comes around eventually. Kartik calls Luna and tells her he will bring out the truth about the vampires to the world the next day.

The following day, Kartik holds an event wherein he has a cloaked cage in the front of the room. He claims to have a real vampire inside. When Luna uncovers the caged vampire, she finds Amar, Rumi’s nemesis. However, Amar isn’t only Rumi’s nemesis. In the 1960s, Amar used to go by the name Rama Reddiyer and had an affair with Luna. The two were in love, but Rama cared more for fame and success. Therefore he left Luna and got bit by a vampire to attain eternal youth. Rumi found out about Luna’s tragic past from Roy’s best friend, Ian. Ian used to work with Luna and Rama back in the day and had photographs of them in his house.

The blast from Luna’s past doesn’t have the expected effect on her, and Luna kills Amar. Now, Rumi has no choice but to face Luna head-on. In the nighttime, Rumi shows up with Kartik at the banks of the river, where Luna is burning Amar’s body. Kartik stays behind while Rumi fights Luna. However, Luna’s witchcraft is too powerful, and Rumi finds she is hardly a match for it. Gravelly injured, Rumi drinks Kartik’s blood and regains some of her energy. Luna sends a giant river wave to Rumi. Instead of the attack weakening Rumi, it unlocks something in her. Somehow, Rumi manages to access her arcane vampire powers and defeats Luna. As she’s about to die, Luna realizes that the factors of Rumi’s human death turned her into something bigger than an ordinary vampire. Rumi finally makes Luna pay the price for Shreela’s death and kills her.

How Did Rumi Become A Vampire? Is Her Child Alive?

Rumi’s past always haunts her and fuels her monstrous side. When she was a human, she was in love with a man named Nikhil. The two dated for a while, but Nikhil deserts her after finding out about her pregnancy. Left all alone with an unwanted child, Rumi underwent an abortion. After her parents learn about this, her father is furious and tells her he wishes she were dead. They marry her off to an abusive husband, who completely breaks Rumi’s spirit. Worse yet, shortly after giving birth, Rumi loses her child, and it leaves her devastated. She gives up on life and decides to kill herself by drowning in a river as her father had asked.

However, in a chance of fate, David is present nearby when she jumps off the bridge. He jumps into the river after her, and as she’s drowning, he bites her. As such, Rumi is born again as a vampire. Additionally, because she turned into a vampire in a river, she has more advanced powers as a supernatural creature. Toward the end, A.D. also reveals to his new mole for the vampire community, Badshah, that Rumi’s child is actually alive. Rumi hadn’t lost the daughter she had with her abusive husband. The identity of her child is yet unknown, but it optimistically establishes a set-up for a second season.

Do Rumi and Roy End Up Together?

Rumi and Roy share their first kiss after Roy asks her to pretend to be his girlfriend and meet his parents. A few days later, Roy discovers Rumi’s true identity as a vampire. He thinks Rumi only sees him as a source of fresh blood. Therefore, even after Rumi confesses her love for him, Roy turns away from her. Later he realizes he’d made a mistake when he can’t stop thinking about it. When he goes to a laser tag place to vent his frustration, he comes across David, who tells him about Rumi’s past.

The next day, Rumi shows up at Roy’s clinic. The two talk and decide to start dating after Rumi promises Roy she won’t harm anyone else with her vampire bite anymore. They hit a tiny speedbump along the way when Roy finds out Rumi hooked up with Kartik and killed a man. Still, they manage to work things out after Rumi explains she had done both of those things before promising Roy to be on her best behavior. Their relationship progresses, and Rumi eventually asks Meera and David to meet with Roy’s parents as Rumi’s parents. However, things go south for the couple soon when Ora finds out about Rumi’s trespasses and imprisons her in a cell.

After Roy tries to help her escape, Ora imprisons him as well, and A.D. sends Rumi after Luna to win their freedom. Still, even after Rumi does as A.D. asks, he refuses to let Roy leave the underground facility. A.D. argues that the whole vampire community will be at risk if Roy walks free with his knowledge of the supernatural. Instead, A.D. offers the couple the chance to be together by allowing Rumi to turn Roy into a vampire. Though Rumi is ecstatic at the opportunity, Roy turns it down. He tells Rumi that he doesn’t want to give up his humanity for an eternity as a vampire. Ora proposes they erase Roy’s memories by putting him in deep hypnosis.

Roy forgets everything about the supernatural world, including Rumi. Nevertheless, Rumi is not willing to give up on them so easily. Therefore, days later, she shows up at Roy’s clinic as a client. While Roy is examining her teeth, she reveals her fangs to him, starting their journey from the beginning again.

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