20 Biggest Box Office Flops of All Time

Hundreds of Hollywood films get released every year. Among them, how many really makes the cut and make money? A handful. But nobody sets out to make the biggest box office disaster or bomb.

The thing to note here on the below that there’s not a single superhero movie on the list. Now you know why studios keep on producing so many superhero movies every year: it is one of the safest bets. If done right, there are millions of fans out there waiting to splurge money. Most of the movies on the below list are either massive historical dramas or fantasy films. Certainly, there is lesson to be learnt here for the Hollywood. If you are making a history or fantasy based film, keep your budgets in check.

Another things to note here is that there was a very high level of expectations associated with each of the films in the list at the time of their release. And sometimes, high expectations don’t do any favors to a film; especially if the content is not great. Whatever be the cause, let’s check out the list of biggest box office flops in the history of movies.

Note: The figures quoted beside the movie title are the estimated losses.


1. Mars Needs Moms – ($143,691,127)


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2. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword – ($140,000,000)

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3. John Carter – ($127,298,134)


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4. The Lone Ranger – ($125,381,580)


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5. Deepwater Horizon – ($117,783,981)

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6. Jack the Giant Slayer – ($105,286,228)

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7. How Do You Know? – ($104,947,148)

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8. Pan – ($100,097,345)

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9. 47 Ronin – ($97,436,873)


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10. Jupiter Ascending – ($97,200,079)

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11. R.I.P.D. – ($93,098,373)

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12. Hugo – ($91,592,911)

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13. Tomorrowland – ($90,717,902)

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14. Evan Almighty – ($87,572,247)

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15. Speed Racer – ($80,151,635)

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16. Gods of Egypt – ($79,695,674)

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17. The Wolfman – ($76,203,080)

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18. Poseidon – ($76,171,192)

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19. Green Lantern – ($75,302,339)

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20. The Invasion – ($71,207,751)

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Source: The Numbers