Twisted Metal: Who Plays Sweet Tooth? Is He Dead or Alive?

Peacock’s ‘Twisted Metal’ is an action-comedy series based on the popular eponymous video game franchise. It follows John Doe, a motor-mouthed milkman with amnesia tasked with delivering a cryptic package across the wasteland of the post-apocalyptic world. In the process, John meets strange characters and killers, including Sweet Tooth, one of the most recognizable characters from the games. Hence, viewers might be wondering who plays Sweet Tooth and whether he survives the devastating final battle in ‘Twisted Metal.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Wrestler Samoa Joe Plays Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth is among the most popular characters in the ‘Twisted Metal’ video game series, first debuting in the original 1995 game of the same name. He is depicted as a killer clown with a flaming head and appears in almost every game in the series and also features on the game covers. As a result, it is safe to say that Sweet Tooth is the mascot of the video game series. Hence, it makes sense that the character also features in the live-action adaptation of the games in the form of 2023’s ‘Twisted Metal.’ In the series, John Doe (Anthony Mackie) meets Sweet Tooth in the second episode, and the latter is depicted as a clown hungry for fan appreciation.

In ‘Twisted Metal,’ Nuufolau Joel Seanoa, better known as Samoa Joe, physically portrays the character of Sweet Tooth. Joe is a wrestler who rose to prominence by wrestling in independent circuits and promotions such as Ring of Honor and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. However, Joe gained wider recognition for his time with WWE, wrestling for the company between 2015 and 2022. He currently wrestles in All Elite Wrestling under the ring name Samoa Joe. ‘Twisted Metal’ marks Joe’s first major acting credit. However, actor Will Arnett provides the voice of Sweet Tooth. Arnett is known for his work in shows such as ‘Arrested Development‘ and ’30 Rock‘ and for voice acting in the critically acclaimed adult animated series ‘BoJack Horseman.’

Sweet Tooth Is Alive

In ‘Twisted Metal,’ Sweet Tooth resembles his video game counterpart. However, his backstory and fate are changed significantly because of how the series approaches the game’s lore and the source material. Sweet Tooth is introduced as a serial killer who controls the streets of Las Vegas. However, Sweet Tooth only wants to be appreciated for his performances. As the narrative progresses, viewers learn that Sweet Tooth was a child actor on a popular sitcom who saw his fame stolen by his dog co-star. Hence, Sweet Tooth murdered the dog and was sent to a mental asylum where his psychological issues worsened. In the present day, Sweet Tooth gathers a legion of fans, but Agent Stone kills them. As a result, Sweet Tooth seeks a vendetta against Agent Stone.

In the process, Sweet Tooth captures Stu and Mitch, two newly recruited lawmen who worked under Agent Stone. The finale sees Sweet Tooth participating in the demolition derby set up by Agent Stone to drop John Doe and Quiet. During the climactic battle with Agent Stone’s forces, Sweet Tooth kills the other drivers allied with John. As a result, Stu shoots Sweet Tooth, and he and Mitch run him over with their car as they flee the scene. However, Sweet Tooth does not die by succumbing to his injuries and survives. In the post-credits scene, Sweet Tooth returns to exact revenge on Stu and Mitch, killing the latter and taking Stu captive. The finale also sets up Calypso’s “Twisted Metal” demolition derby, a staple of the video games where players mostly interact with Sweet Tooth. Hence, the ending suggests that not only is Sweet Tooth alive, but he might also factor into Calypso’s tournament should the series return for a second season.

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