Where To Stream ‘Uncut Gems’?

Adam Sandler has not done a good film in quite some time now. He has only been busy with his mediocre films for Netflix, out of which ‘Murder Mystery‘ has managed to be a success, thanks to him being paired opposite Jennifer Aniston. However, with the film ‘Uncut Gems‘, directed by Josh and Benny Safdie, things seem to have changed for the veteran actor and comedian. Sandler has always been a good performer if the material is strong, and this time too, he does not disappoint.

The other interesting aspect of ‘Uncut Gems’ is the fact that we get to see NBA player Kevin Garnett and musician The Weekend, playing themselves in the film. You must be eager to know where you can stream ‘Uncut Gems’, and we are here to tell you just that. But before we do so, let us walk you through what the film is actually about.

What is Uncut Gems About?

The central character of ‘Uncut Gems’ is a jeweler called Howard Ratner (Sandler) who comes across an uncut opal which he presumes to be worth around a million dollars. Howard is a gambler who is always busy squandering away his money, and he even owes a large amount to his brother-in-law Arno, who is a loan shark. Basketball player Kevin Garnett shows an interest in the opal but does not buy it immediately. Instead, Howard starts betting on Kevin’s games, thinking it would make him rich. Besides the huge debt that is hanging over his head, Howard is also torn in his personal life where he is having an affair with his employee Julia while his marriage has hit the absolute rock-bottom.

Is Uncut Gems On Netflix?

There is no other streaming platform in the world that can match the popularity of Netflix. With its brilliantly curated collection of films and TV shows and an ever-increasing repertoire of original content, Netflix is making a huge mark not only in the world of streaming services but in the world of entertainment in general. Netflix users in the United States may not be able to stream ‘Uncut Gems’ right now, but users who live anywhere outside the US have a reason to rejoice since the film will be available on the platform from January 31, 2020, onwards.

Those within the USA can enjoy a crime movie like ‘Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels‘, instead. However, there has been some speculation that ‘Uncut Gems’ may be made available to US viewers of Netflix as well.

Is Uncut Gems On Hulu?

Hulu has been able to hold on to its user base at a time when competition in the content streaming market is getting steeper by the day. This is because of Hulu’s brilliant oeuvre of content which keeps getting updated regularly and has everything for everyone’s taste. Owing to the fact that ‘Uncut Gems’ is still running in the theaters, you will not be able to stream the film on Hulu. However, you can check out similar films on the platform like ‘Chinatown‘, ‘High Noon‘, ‘The Guilty‘, and others.

Is Uncut Gems On Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is the only streaming platform that can give Netflix a run for its money. Amazon’s worldwide reach and its own collection of original content from across the world have made the streaming platform one of the biggest players in the market. Though you will not be able to stream ‘Uncut Gems’ on the platform, you can definitely check out brilliant crime thrillers like ‘The Man From Nowhere‘, ‘The Killing‘, ‘Les Diaboliques‘, and others.

Where Can I Stream Uncut Gems Online?

‘Uncut Gems’ is not available for streaming elsewhere, at the moment, owing to the fact that the film is running successfully in theaters. However, Netflix subscribers outside the United States will be able to stream the film from January 31, 2020, onwards.

Is Uncut Gems Out On DVD and BluRay?

The DVD and BluRay for ‘Uncut Gems’ are expected to be out by March 2020, since the movie releases in December 2019, and it typically takes around three months before the DVD and BluRay are released. However, you can preorder your copy here.

Can I Stream Uncut Gems Online For Free?

Sorry freeloaders, ‘Uncut Gems’ is an original crime thriller film which is running in theaters right now, and thus will not be available for free anywhere. If Netflix users outside the United States want to watch the film for free, they can do so by using the 30-days free trial period which Netflix offers. However, this too can be done only after January 31, 2020. However, such original films do need the support of film fans, and thus you must make it a point to check out ‘Uncut Gems’ at a theater near you.

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