Virupaksha Ending, Explained: Who is Bhairava?

Telugu mystery action film, ‘Virupaksha,’ directed by Karthik Varma Dandu, revolves around the deadly supernatural curse that overtakes a small village called Rudravanam. After a mysterious death in the inner sanctum of the holy temple, a string of suicides occurs under the influence of mystical occult practices. Surya, an outsider, tries to resolve the mystery in pursuit of his love for Nandini, the village chief’s daughter. In doing so, he uncovers Rudravanam’s secrets and past mistakes. If you’re curious to see where this quest leaves Surya and how the curse uproots the lives of the villagers, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Virupaksha .’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Virupaksha Plot Synopsis

After the death of several kids in the village of Rudravanam, the villagers discover Venkata Chalapathy performing dark magic on the corpse of a young girl. Following this discovery, the villagers burn Venkata and his wife alive and leave their son, Bhairava, in a nearby orphanage outside Rudravanam. A few years later, Anasuyamma visits her native village Rudravanam with her son, Surya, and his friend. Meanwhile, the villagers search for a missing farmer, Sidda, in the middle of preparations for an upcoming village fair.

The night of Surya’s arrival at his cousin Parvati’s house, he runs into Nandini while she is stealing a chicken. Though their meeting is short, Surya quickly becomes infatuated with the woman. The next day when Surya’s family visits village Cheif Harishchandra Prasad’s house, Surya runs into Nandini again. The next time Surya seeks out Nandini, he finds her helping a young couple, Sudha and Kumar, meet in secret.

On the day of the fair, a heavily injured Sidda roams into the village and dies in front of the Goddess statue. Sidda’s death desecrates the auspicious space and lands the village in a spiritual crisis. After consulting the book of edicts, the priest announces that Rudravanam must be put on lockdown. Since Surya’s mother hasn’t lived in the village for years, she leaves alongside Surya and his friend.

However, on the drive home, Surya discovers Nandini’s life is in danger due to her medical condition and returns to Rudravanam to deliver her life-saving medicines. As such, Surya gets trapped inside the village as it goes into lockdown. On the first night of the eight-way seal, Sudha runs away from her home and crosses the village’s sesame seed border. She travels to a train station and meets Kumar, planning on running away together. However, Kumar accidentally walks onto the train tracks and gets run over by an oncoming train.

After witnessing Kumar’s death, Sudha returns to her village in a daze and commits suicide by walking into a beehive. Sudha’s death sets a domino effect of suicides into motion where whoever witnesses a death kills themself soon afterward. As such, Nandini falls victim to the effect and tries to jump into a well. Nevertheless, Surya saves her and brings her back home.

As the village tries to look for a solution to the curse, Surya learns about the Venkata Chalapathy incident from Nandini’s doctor. While Surya and the doctor investigate the Chalapathy house, the priest consults the edicts. According to the edicts, the villagers have to put Nandini in a wooden box and then cremate her in order to lift the curse. Meanwhile, Surya discovers that Venkata Chalapathy was experimenting with occult practices to bring back the dead to life.

When Surya returns to the villagers, he realizes they are trying to kill Nandini and threatens to kill anyone who harms her. Surya injects Nandini with sedatives to ensure she doesn’t wake up and pass the dying curse to anyone else. After leaving Nandini’s safety in her father’s and the doctor’s hands, Surya leaves the village in search of Bhairava, Chalapathy’s son.

Virupaksha Ending: Who Is Bhairava?

After Surya leaves, he’s met with some resistance from people from nearby villages who believe Rudravanam’s curse will branch out to their villages if it isn’t contained. Nevertheless, Surya manages to evade them and arrives at the Bhairava’s orphanage. However, Surya finds the establishment abandoned, and the guard takes him to the owner. Since the owner has paralysis, his wife tells Surya about Bhairava’s childhood.

As a kid, Bhairava never talked to anyone and played with crows in his free time. He would also harm other kids with his dark magic, unbeknownst to the owners. Eventually, on a full moon night, a worker saw Bhairava run away from the orphanage. Upon his return, Bhairava attacked the owner and rendered him paralyzed. Surya learns about Bhairava’s habits and retraces his steps to a dwelling of Swamis.

At the dwelling, an Aghora who knows about Rudravanam’s situation helps Surya look for Bhairava’s hideout. The two find Bhairava’s lair inside a dark cave, where Surya finds a book identical to the villages’ book of edicts. Surya also finds an ID card belonging to V. Bhairava Kumar and realizes Kumar is Bhairava.

Surya and Aghora figure out that Bhairava/Kumar pretended to be in love with Sudha to get her to cross the border during the lockdown. Afterward, Bhairava kills himself in a show of self-immolation and transfers his spirit energy to Sudha to return to the village. Afterward, Bhariav’s spirit transfers from Sudha’s body to its next victim until ending up in Nandini. Bhairava wants revenge on Rudravanam for what they had done to his father. However, Surya realizes that since Bhairava is a spirit, someone from the village must be controlling him.

Who Is Controlling Bhairava?

After the realization that Bhairava has an accomplice, Surya and Aghora return to Rudravanam. As the moon eclipses, the priest leads the villagers into offering their blood for a ritual before burning Nandini. However, since he has the counterfeit book of edicts, the blood offering puts every man under Bhairava’s spell. Once the ritual has been put in motion, Aghora tells Surya he isn’t strong enough to stop it and can only delay it.

As such, Surya leaves the ritual grounds to search for Nandini’s father, Harishchandra Prasad, whom he suspects of being Bhairava’s accomplice. Inside Harishchandra Prasad’s house, Surya finds a hidden basement full of occult symbols and talismans alongside a photo of Venkata Chalapathy’s family. Due to the photograph, Surya finds out that Chalapathy had a young daughter that no one knew about. After seeking out Harishchandra Prasad, Surya learns that Nandini is Chalapathy’s biological daughter.

Meanwhile, Aghora fails at containing Nandini and Bhairava’s spirits. As such, Nandini bursts out of her wooden box and sets a nearby tree on fire with her magic. While she mutters her enchantments, compelling the villagers to walk into the fire, Surya arrives and tries to stop Nandini. He asks her not to punish the villagers since they weren’t wrong to defend themselves and their kids from Venkata Chalapathy.

However, Nandini tells Surya that, Twelve years ago, her father did nothing wrong. Nandini’s mother was bedridden due to paralysis, and her father tried to look for solutions in the Veda. Eventually, through the Atharvana Veda Venkata found that after a body dies, it still holds life force within some organs for up to six hours. Therefore, when Venkata performed magic on the girl’s corpse, he tried to bring her back from the dead. The kids dying in the village had nothing to do with Venkata Chalapathy. Instead, it was caused by cholera.

As such, now twelve years later, Nandini steals the book of edicts from the temple and replaces it with a counterfeit. She is also the one to help Bhairava lure Sudha into his trap, and now she intends to self-immolate to finalize the curse. In doing so, Nandini and Bhairava wish to resign the villagers to the same fate as their parents.

Does Nandini Die?

Surya falls in love with Nandini early on in the film. However, Nandini hesitates to return his affections. When Surya proposes to her before the fair, she turns him down. Later after Surya returns to the village with her medicine, Nandini gives him her mother’s necklace as a token of her affection. She believes she can’t love Surya the way he loves her since she only knows how to live in memories.

As the story nears its end, Surya realizes the reason behind Nandini’s constant refusal is her dark past and even darker future, wherein she plans to kill hundreds of men in the name of vengeance. As such, Surya tries to stop her by trying to reason with her. Since most of these villagers have nothing to do with Venkata Chalapathy’s death, Surya doesn’t believe they deserve to die. Therefore, he stands between Nandini and the villagers, preventing her from harming them without harming Surya first.

Since Nandini loves Surya, she doesn’t wish to harm him. Nevertheless, she sends her brother’s spirit after Surya. However, Surya remains unharmed due to Nandini’s necklace, which contains spells protecting Surya against evil powers. The necklace further proves Nandini’s love for Surya. Still, Nandini tries to self-immolate, but Surya stabs himself with a knife before she can.

As a result, Nandini loses focus and rushes to Surya’s side to help him. She tearfully tells Surya that she can’t see past her thirst for vengeance and can’t stop. Nandini has a lot of love for her family, but since her family is dead, that love has turned into spite and hatred for the people who killed her parents. As such, Surya kills her with a knife when she continues her enchantments and sends more villagers to the fire.

After Nandini dies, so does Bhairava’s spirit inside her. Although Bhairava’s magic is meant to spread like a disease, Surya doesn’t go under the influence of evil powers because of his magical necklace. Now that the village is completely free of evil powers, Surya urges the priest and the chief not to repeat past mistakes. At Nandini’s funeral, he suggests the villagers turn the Chalapathy house into a school so that Nandini’s father’s legacy of knowledge can continue.

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