When Will Westworld Season 4 Release?

Westworld‘ is a science-fiction television series by HBO that has become one of the most acclaimed shows airing currently. With characteristic HBO treatment, the series created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy proves to be engaging as well as highly “brainy.”

For the first two seasons, ‘Westworld’ revolves around and is entirely set in a futuristic theme park where humanoid robots are specially designed to serve guests. The robots, known as “hosts,” eventually realize that they are robots and stage a revolt against their creators. The third season sees one of the hosts, Dolores, attempt to take down human civilization and domination. The series manages to get better with each passing episode, and hence, it is natural for viewers to wonder whether it is going to return.

Westworld Season 4 Release Date

Westworld season 3 premiered on March 15, 2020, and came to an end on May 3, 2020. As far as the next season goes, there is some great news for ‘Westworld’ fans. HBO has officially renewed the show! Have a look at the following tweet which confirms that fact:

While the announcement would have made any fan jump in joy, it was unsurprising. ‘Westworld’ has been one of the highest-rated television series of all time. All three seasons have been flawlessly executed, appreciated by critics and enjoyed by fans. In fact, as stated earlier, the show manages to shock viewers by raising its quality with each successive episode.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan have been signed by HBO to serve as showrunners for ‘Westworld’ till the sixth season. Given the fact that the show is one of HBO’s most-watched productions, it is unsurprising. The third season premiere was watched by 901,000 viewers.

Despite the renewal, a premiere date for the fourth season has not been announced yet. The show premiered in October 2016 while the second season returned after one and a half years in April 2018. The third season, on the other hand, took almost two years to arrive and was premiered in March 2020. However, the scale of the series increased drastically in the third season. Hence, the fourth season can be expected within the next one and a half years instead of two. By that logic, ‘Westworld’ season 4 should release sometime in 2022.

Westworld Season 4 Plot: What Can it Be About?

The post-credits scene in the final episode of the third season of ‘Westworld’ provides a clear indication of what one can expect from the fourth season of the show. The fourth season will see Hale attempt to make the hosts take over the planet. She is depicted to have created a “clone” host of William. The real William gets killed by the host William. Hence, “William” will also be an antagonist in the fourth season of the show, helping Hale.

Furthermore, one can expect Hale to create several more “clone” hosts of people in important positions. The Delos basement where the post-credits scene is set is depicted to contain multiple host vats. Hence, Hale may start to replace actual humans with hosts in a bid to take over the planet. Lastly, Bernard is depicted to be “waking up.” In all probability, he sees what Hale and “William” are up to, in The Sublime. Hence, he might try to stop them in the fourth season.

Westworld Season 4 Cast: Who Can Be in It?

The lead actors who have been a part of the HBO series since the first season can be expected to return in the fourth season. However, Evan Rachel Wood may or may not reprise her role as Dolores. Dolores is a host, and hence, her “death” hasn’t really been an issue. However, in the third season finale, all her memories are deleted and she is depicted to be in an unconscious state. Yet, there is still a chance that someone may be able to save her. Her “return” (if it happens) might continue the philosophical debate of the nature of self that the HBO series has been tinkering with.

Apart from that, Thandie Newton, who plays the character of Maeve, can also be expected in season 4. She has been a regular since the first season as well. Moreover, in the last episode of the third season, she tells Caleb how she is still searching for her daughter. Hence, she can be expected to continue doing so in the fourth season as well. Jeffrey Wright, who plays Bernard will play a pivotal role in the fourth season as well, as evidenced by the post-credits scene of season 3 episode 8.

Tessa Thompson as Hale has become a much more vital character since her arrival and will be seen as the chief antagonist in the fourth season. Ed Harris, as the Man in Black or William, has been a part of the cast since the first season and would return for the fourth season too. However, this time, he will be seen as a host and not a human.

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