What Will Happen to Teonna? Will Aminah Nieves Leave 1923?

Image Credit: Emerson Miller/Paramount+

The second half of Paramount+’s Western series ‘1923’ season 1 follows Teonna Rainwater’s efforts to escape from the Catholic boarding school run by Father Renaud. Teonna kills Sister Mary and Sister Alice while escaping from the boarding school and ends up under the protection of Hank. The Native American man kills the priests sent by Renaud sacrificing his own life so that Teonna will not be captured by the Christian forces. The season finale ends with Teonna reuniting with her father Runs His Horse to make a significant decision concerning their future. If you are curious about the role she may play in the narrative of the already-announced second season of the series, let us share our thoughts regarding the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Will Happen to Teonna?

In the eighth and final episode of the first season, Runs His Horse and Hank’s son Pete Plenty Clouds find Teonna, who hides inside Hank’s hut. Her father tells her that it is not safe to go to their reservation since authorities are guaranteed to search the nooks and corners of the place to find her. Since the trio is now murderers, Runs His Horse knows that they will be sent to gallows if they get arrested. To avoid the same, they start their journey to a reservation in Wyoming. The season ends with Teonna, Runs His Horse, and Pete continuing the journey to the place while a group of officials decides to travel to the nearby reservation expecting them to show up at the place.

Teonna will have a challenging journey ahead of her as she seeks asylum at a reservation in Wyoming. She may find comfort in Pete, with whom she shares a romantic affection. Although Runs His Horse doesn’t want them to get distracted with love, Teonna knows that it is pointless to keep anything for the future when she cannot promise that she would even be alive. Thus, Teonna may cherish an endearing relationship with Pete, who promises her that he doesn’t want to turn back from her and their journey. Their togetherness is expected to get threatened by the marshals’ search for her.

Teonna is not expected to fall into the traps of the marshals right away since she is guided by Runs His Horse, who is experienced enough to foresee the actions of the government authorities. He may succeed in staying away from the marshals with Teonna and Pete for the time being, possibly by hiding in a Native American community. Since the officials do not even have her photographs, it will not be easy for them to find her, Runs His Horse, and Pete. Meanwhile, Teonna and Pete may get married and she may even bear the child of the young man.

If Teonna and Pete end up having a baby, the child can be the grandparent of Chief Thomas Rainwater. Still, Teonna is expected to eventually get caught by the authorities. At the end of the day, she is the reason behind the murders of three Catholic priests, and the government rooted in Christianity is not expected to forget the same even if the marshals take a considerable time to arrest her. If she gets arrested, Teonna may get executed. The atrocities she has to endure and her possible tragic death must have inspired Thomas to protect his community.

Aminah Nieves is Most Likely to Continue Her Role in 1923

Neither Paramount+ nor Aminah Nieves released a statement concerning the actress’ future in ‘1923,’ indicating that Nieves may not leave the series. As far as the actress is concerned, she is hopeful about being a part of the sophomore round. “I have faith that Teonna will make it to season two. We don’t know anything happening in season two at all. He [creator Taylor Sheridan] hasn’t written anything yet,” Nieves told Deadline. The actress’ hope is justified in the first season finale since Teonna doesn’t die in the season.

Since Teonna is on the run, Taylor may be able to kill the character off easily, potentially opening a gateway for Nieves’ departure. However, the screen time and significance given to Teonna and her storyline in the first season do not justify such an abrupt conclusion to the arc of Nieves’ character. Therefore, we can expect the actress to continue featuring in ‘1923.’ The second season may follow Teonna and her family’s Wyoming journey and the consequences of the same.

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