What Word Jimmy Doesn’t Want to Break in Yellowstone?

Yellowstone‘ season 4 marks the beginning of a new chapter in the life of ranch hand Jimmy Hurdstrom. The clumsy and mild-mannered amateur bronc rider is shipped off to the Four Sixes Ranch in Texas in hopes of accomplishing his dreams. However, the opportunity for Jimmy comes at the cost of losing his home.

As Jimmy learns the trade in Texas, a different path in life opens up for him. Thus, Jimmy must make a difficult choice, and he chooses to keep his word to John. If you are wondering what informed Jimmy’s choice and what promise he doesn’t want to break, here’s some clarification on the matter! SPOILERS AHEAD!

What Word Doesn’t Jimmy Want to Break?

In ‘Yellowstone,’ Jimmy harbors a dream of becoming a professional bronc rider but doesn’t have the required skills. His attempts result in a couple of nasty injuries for him. Following the injuries, John makes Jimmy promise not to try his hand at rodeo and bronc riding again. Nonetheless, in the season three finale, Jimmy breaks his word to John and ends up in the hospital due to another injury sustained during an attempt at riding a horse.

After Jimmy recovers, John decides to send Jimmy to the Four Sixes Ranch in Texas. Although Jimmy is heartbroken by the decision, John encourages him to see it as an opportunity. There’s an unspoken understanding between the two that Jimmy can return to the Yellowstone Ranch once he has become a full-fledged cowboy. However, John’s words also have the underlying insinuation that Jimmy will return when he proves that he has become a responsible person and left behind his recklessness.

At the Four Sixes Ranch, Jimmy works extremely hard and, after some time, adjusts to his new surroundings. He meets Emily, who works at the ranch as a vet. The two eventually start a relationship, and Jimmy is happy with his life in Texas. However, in the penultimate episode of season 4, Jimmy is presented with the opportunity to return to the Yellowstone Ranch, a place he considers his home. Travis informs Jimmy that they are set to return after an event in town. Jimmy tells Emily that his contract at the Four Sixes Ranch is ending. Although Emily suggests he consider working at a different ranch in Texas, Jimmy insists that he must return to Montana.

Jimmy’s decision is understandable as he is a branded man of the Yellowstone Ranch whose loyalty lies with John Dutton. Therefore, if John feels Jimmy is ready to return, he must do so. The branding itself is a word of lifelong allegiance to the Yellowstone Ranch. Given Jimmy’s previous mistake of breaking a promise to John, he does not want to be in a similar situation again. Thus, Jimmy wants to keep his word of returning to the Yellowstone Ranch and repaying the debt he owes John. After all, John called in a favor to get Jimmy a spot at the Four Sixes Ranch. Hence, if the knowledge Jimmy has obtained in his time in Texas could prove useful for the Yellowstone Ranch, Jimmy must return to do the need full.

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