What Would You Do? Season 17 Confirmed, Has Begun Shooting in Iowa

ABC has renewed ‘What Would You Do?’ for a seventeenth season. The filming of the upcoming installment has begun in the Midwestern state of Iowa as well. The hidden camera series, presented by John Quiñones, revolves around the reactions of strangers as they encounter conflict or illegal activity in public without knowing that the same is staged and being recorded with hidden cameras.

The filming crew of the seventeenth round was spotted in Waveland Cafe, located on University Avenue, Des Moines, the capital city of Iowa. Des Moines is known for its alluring cityscape, which attracts film and television productions to the city for filming. Woody Harrelson-starrer ‘Champions,’ Cillian Murphy-starrer ‘Peacock,’ ‘Cops,’ Adrien Brody-starrer ‘The Experiment,’ etc. are some of the popular projects filmed in the city. Over the years, the state of Iowa has hosted several renowned productions for shooting. These projects include George Clooney-starrer ‘Michael Clayton,’ Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep-starrer ‘The Bridges of Madison County,’ David Lynch’s ‘The Straight Story,’ Alexander Payne’s ‘Election,’ etc.

The seventeenth season of the series is a part of ABC’s 2023-24 fall schedule. The episodes of the same will air on the network every Wednesday at 10 PM. ABC, however, hasn’t announced the release date of the season.

Since professional actors are not part of the series, the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike hasn’t affected the production of the seventeenth round. The same was clarified by Quiñones as well. “The strike does not apply to actors who work on shows like WWYD,” the presenter shared. In late July 2023, Quiñones revealed that he had been scouting for locations for the upcoming season. “Scouting high and low. Where in the world will we set up those WWYD hidden cameras next?” the famed television figure shared.

Quiñones is a multiple-time News & Documentary Emmy Award winner. His George Foster Peabody Award-winning work in ‘ABC 2000 Today’ is highly acclaimed. He also served as an executive producer of ‘Homeward.,’ directed by his son Nicco Quiñones.

The sixteenth season of the show premiered on July 7, 2020, concluding its 9+1-episode run on September 8, 2020. When the seventeenth round premieres this fall, it will end the show’s three-year hiatus.

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