Dashing Through the Snow: All the Filming Locations Explored

Image Credit: Steve Dietl/Disney

The Tim Story directorial, Disney+’s ‘Dashing Through the Snow,’ is a Christmas fantasy comedy movie that stars Ludacris as Eddie Garrick, a divorced social worker who has a traumatic experience related to Christmas, making him despise the holiday with all his might. This Christmas Eve, his ex-wife requests him to take their 9-year-old daughter Charlotte to work with him, and given his good heart, he obliges. Later that evening, he catches a mysterious man named Nick hanging upside down on his fireplace, claiming to be Santa Claus.

At first, Eddie strongly believes that Nick is deluded and in urgent need of some professional help. However, when he is faced with the wrath of an influential politician named Conrad, Nick takes him and his daughter on a magical yet adventurous journey, catching Eddie by surprise. But will it be enough for him to move on from the past and restore his faith in Christmas? The holiday drama film unfolds in New York City with the backdrop of Christmas and some magic, making the audience wonder where ‘Dashing Through the Snow’ was shot.

Dashing Through the Snow Was Filmed in Atlanta and NYC

‘Dashing Through the Snow’ was filmed in Georgia and New York, particularly in Atlanta and New York City. Principal photography for the Christmas film reportedly got underway in August 2022 and continued for the following three months or so, before getting wrapped up around mid-November of the same year.

Atlanta, Georgia

A major chunk of ‘Dashing Through the Snow’ was lensed in and around Atlanta, the capital of Georgia and the county seat of Fulton County. From the looks of it, the production team traveled across the city and set up camp in various neighborhoods and streets to shoot several pivotal sequences. For instance, they were spotted decorating stores and pavements around 64 Broad Street Northwest in downtown Atlanta, transforming the area to make it look like New York during Christmastime.

Not only is Atlanta known for its diverse locations and favorable climate, but it also provides filmmakers with tax incentives, advanced and well-established infrastructure, and affordable production costs. All these advantages and facilities combine to make the city a cost-effective and suitable hub for the film industry. When it comes to ‘Dashing Through the Snow,’ the filming unit also seemingly took into account the ease with which they could turn several parts of the Gate City into the Big Apple, due to the somewhat similar terrains and buildings.

Thus, over the years, Atlanta has attracted various filmmakers, independent as well as studio-based, to make the most of all the advantages it offers. Apart from ‘Dashing Through the Snow,’ the capital of Georgia has hosted the production of numerous movies and TV shows. Some of the notable ones include ‘Willy’s Wonderland,’ ‘The Nice Guys,’ ‘The Out-Laws,’ ‘Jumanji: The Next Level,’ ‘The Dukes of Hazzard,’ and ‘Miracle Workers.’

New York City, New York

Given the fact that ‘Dashing Through the Snow’ is based in New York City, the production team naturally decided to tape some portions of the film on location. For instance, it is highly likely that most of the establishing and aerial shots of the cityscape were recorded across the City that Never Sleeps. As a result, you might be able to spot some iconic buildings and landmarks in the backdrop of a few scenes, such as the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Times Square, and Rockefeller Center. Other productions where NYC locales have been featured include ’13 Going on 30,’ ‘Night at the Museum,’ ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,’ and ‘The Family Man.’

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