Where Did Pam and Tommy Live? Was Their House Really Located in Malibu?

‘Pam & Tommy’ follows the wild romance between actress Pamela Anderson and rockstar Tommy Lee, who get married days after meeting each other. The story takes an unexpected twist when a private videotape featuring the couple is leaked. To make things even more bizarre, it is actually their carpenter, Rand (Seth Rogen), who is behind the tape’s initial theft.

We see many long sequences of the picturesque mansion that Pamela and Tommy share, which is the same residence where Rand spends many frustrating days working for the rockstar as a carpenter. Considering multiple aspects of the narrative are drawn from real people and situations, we decided to get to know more about the house on the show and whether the celebrity couple actually lived in Malibu, as seen on ‘Pam & Tommy.’

Where Did Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson Live?

As depicted on the show, after meeting for the first time and having a wild night at the club, Tommy follows Pamela to Cancun despite her (not too convincing) protests. There, he proposes to her, and so, barely days after meeting each other, the actress and the rockstar drummer are married. In keeping with the impulsivity of it all, the bride and groom wear a white bikini and shorts, respectively, for their beach wedding.

Image Credit: Erin Simkin/Hulu

After what seems like a couple of wild days on a honeymoon, the two find themselves on a flight back to Los Angeles. In a particularly surreal scene, they realize in the taxi ride from the airport that they don’t know where the other lives. However, Tommy enthusiastically mentions that he has a mansion on the cliff in Malibu, and Pamela agrees to move in with him.

As it happens, Tommy is also renovating his house at the same time and makes drastic changes to the plans so that Pamela’s vision can also be included in designing the house. Enter disgruntled carpenter Rand (the real-life Rand Gauthier was an electrician), who gets increasingly frustrated with the rockstar’s belligerent behavior and outrageous demands. Thus, he plans a “compensatory” theft and robs the very same Malibu house that the newly married couple is sleeping in.

Was Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson’s House Really Located in Malibu?

Image Credit: Tommy Lee/ Instagram

Yes, Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson’s house was, indeed, located in Malibu. The six-bedroom, six-bathroom house, which was reportedly built in 1991, was located at 31341 Mulholland Highway until 2019. Sadly, it was destroyed in the California fires. After Pamela and Tommy, the house belonged to Nick Richards, lead singer for Boys Don’t Cry, but was reportedly sold by him in 2015. As of February 2018, the house was up for sale with an asking price of $3.475 million before it was destroyed. Tommy Lee even shared pictures of his visit to the site of his former house, which is now almost entirely destroyed.

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