Where is Dale Brisby and Leroy Gibbon’s Sister Dancey Now?

Netflix’s ‘How to Be a Cowboy’ is a wildly entertaining six-part series that revolves around Dale Brisby and his Radiator Ranch crew as they keep the Western industry alive by training a new generation of ranchers and rodeo stars. With years of experience, they are more than qualified to do so. Yet, Dale’s ability to turn even the driest of notions into goofy and relatable life lessons is what makes things enjoyable. And when we meet his siblings, it becomes apparent that this talent runs in the family. So now, let’s find out more about his sister, in particular, shall we?

Who is Dale Brisby’s Sister?

In her own words, Dancey Creel is Dale Brisby and Leroy Gibbon’s “older, wiser, beautiful, brilliant sister.” Having been born and brought up in rural Texas, where they were always surrounded by rodeos, ranches, reunions, along with accounts of true American cowboys, the siblings realized at an early age that this is where they belong. Their father was a crucial part of the industry and a member of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, so they learned a lot from him. However, Dancey is the one who taught her brothers everything they know, which Dale corroborates.

In the Netflix original show, not only did Dancey admit that she expects a call from her brothers whenever they have to work the cattle at the ranch, but Dale also deemed her the “big gun” and conceded that “she’s actually more cowboy and tougher than all of us.” From gathering to weaning, she does it all, and she does it best. It appears as if the other reason why she featured on the program was to help and support Jorden, the first female intern at Radiator Ranch. In fact, albeit jokingly, Dancey treated her like a daughter while still managing to train her and have fun.

Where is Dale Brisby’s Sister Now?

From what we can tell, Dancey Creel resides in Newcastle, Texas, with her husband, Chet, and their two adorable daughters — True and Haven. Back in her hometown, she was an active part of the Future Farmers of America and the 4-H educational programs, following which she enrolled at Texas A&M University to expand her knowledge. Dancey actually met her future husband at the school. Hence, they married and opened up their business soon after graduation. Dale was not lying when he stated that his sister is self-employed. She is, and she’s doing great for herself.

Dancey and Chet co-own Seed-Tex Grain and Cattle, where they farm the raw materials in the company name. Their operation does wonders for the industry, yet Dancey also participates in much more. She serves as the Director of Finance at AgriCorps, is on the NISD Board of Directors, and continues to have an involvement with programs like Young County 4-H, Rural Young Professionals, and the Farming Bureau. Alongside all this, Dancey is also a loving, devoted, and supportive wife and mother, as made evident from her social media platforms. She seems content with her life, which is what matters.

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