The Crowded Room: Where Was it Filmed?

Loosely based on the 1981 non-fiction novel ‘The Minds of Billy Milligan’ by Daniel Keyes, Apple TV+’s ‘The Crowded Room’ is a biographical psychological thriller series created by Akiva Goldsman and Todd Graff. It stars Tom Holland as Danny Sullivan, a young man who gets arrested for being allegedly involved in an NYC shooting in 1979. He opens up about his past life in a series of interviews with interrogator Rya Goodwin and talks about all the events that led him to that fateful incident. Meanwhile, Danny contemplates his past, which ultimately leads him to confront a life-altering revelation about himself.

On the other hand, Rya must do everything she can to solve the mystery behind the case before the real culprit strikes again. Tom Holland is accompanied by a talented ensemble who play pivotal yet supporting roles in the drama show, including  Amanda Seyfried, Emmy Rossum, Sasha Lane, Will Chase, Lior Raz, Laila Robins, and Henry Eikenberry. The setting of the late 1970s NYC and the apt backdrops are bound to make you wonder where ‘The Crowded Room’ is actually filmed — is it really New York City or someplace else? Well, allow us to fill you in on all the details and get rid of your curiosity!

The Crowded Room Filming Locations

‘The Crowded Room’ is filmed in New York, especially in New York City and Westchester County. As per reports, principal photography for the Tom Holland starrer commenced in late March 2022 under the working title ‘Ever’s Blueberry’ and wrapped up in late September of the same year. Now, without further ado, let’s get a detailed account of all the specific locations where Danny as he tries to search for himself while retrospectively examining his life in the Apple TV+ series!

New York City, New York

Most of ‘The Crowded Room’ is lensed in New York City, with the production team traveling across the city and redecorating certain streets and neighborhoods to tape different scenes, both interiors as well as exteriors, against suitable backdrops. For instance, the NBC Studios at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in Manhattan, located on Sixth Avenue between 49th and 50th Streets, can be spotted in the backdrop of a few important scenes of the thriller series. Moreover, the Bronx borough and the neighborhoods of Seaport and West Village are some of the locations that serve as key production sites for ‘The Crowded Room.’

During the filming schedule of the debut season, locals and passersby spotted Tom Holland and the rest of the crew recording pivotal sequences in and around 6th Avenue & West 23rd Street, Riverside Drive & West 116th Street, West 17th Street & 3rd Avenue, and Malcolm X Boulevard & West 120th Street. Apart from the Apple TV+ series, the Big Apple has hosted the production of a number of films and TV shows over the years. So, in fact, its locales have been featured in ‘The Son,’ ‘She Said,’ ‘Black Swan,’ ‘Joker,’ and ‘The Morning Show.’

Westchester County, New York

For shooting purposes, the filming unit of ‘The Crowded Room’ also traveled out of NYC to Westchester County. During the early stages of the production process of season 1, the cast and crew reportedly utilized the locales of the city of Yonkers to lens various important scenes for the show. Later, in July 2022, they were spotted filming prominent portions in and around Slices Pizza restaurant at 14 Main Street in the village of Hastings-On-Hudson.

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