Merry Magic Christmas: Filming Locations and Cast Revealed

In Lifetime’s ‘Merry Magic Christmas,’ we are introduced to Beth McKay, a financial advisor whose fortune seems to be changing as the most beautiful time of the year approaches. When she keeps seeing a recurring number, 624, she is told that it is an angel number that works towards making one’s secret wishes come true. Even though it becomes the time she wakes up, the distance she covers biking, and the countdown she sets, she still calls it just a statistical coincidence.

Not paying much attention to 624, she decides to work for a local children’s theater for free, where she crosses paths with Nate, whose financial inexperience might lead the theater to shut down for good. Thus, the two work together to raise some much-needed money for the theater. Soon, when sparks fly between the two, she finally realizes what the angel number means. The Christmas adorations in some interesting places, where the romance and drama between the two main characters unfold, raise questions in the viewers’ minds about the shooting locations of ‘Merry Magic Christmas.’

Where Was Merry Magic Christmas Filmed?

‘Merry Magic Christmas’ was filmed completely in British Columbia, specifically in Vancouver. As per reports, principal photography got underway in late March 2023 and seemingly wrapped up in the first week of April of the same year. During the production process, the working title of the Christmas film was ‘Christmas Angel’ as the cast and crew members had a lot of fun on set. So, without any further ado, let us walk you through all the specific sites that feature in the Lifetime production!

Vancouver, British Columbia

All the pivotal sequences for ‘Merry Magic Christmas’ were taped in and around the city of Vancouver, which lies in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland region. The director and his team had to use fake snow and holiday decorations to portray the setting of Christmas in the romantic film. From the looks of it, they set up camp in and around actual properties as well as a sound stage of one of the film studios located within the Vancouver region to lens several important scenes.

Fortunately, Vancouver is home to numerous film studios, including Vancouver Film Studios, Ironwood Studio, Bridge Studios, Martini Film Studios, and Eagle Creek Studios, one of which possibly hosted the production of the Lifetime movie. With so many options at their disposal, the filming unit chose a studio that met all their necessities. The aerial and other exterior shots that feature in the film are likely to consist of several local landmarks and attractions, such as the Harbour Centre, Robson Square, Living Shangri-La, the Sun Tower, and the Dominion Building. These places of interest and many more have also appeared in other movies and TV shows over the years. Some of the notable ones are ‘Time for Her to Come Home for Christmas,’ ‘Holiday Road,’ ‘Magic in Mistletoe,’ ‘A Season for Family,’ and ‘Virgin River.’

Merry Magic Christmas Cast

Patricia Isaac leads the cast of ‘Merry Magic Christmas’ as Beth McKay, a financial advisor. Starting out her career in the business field, she found her calling and began pursuing her dream of becoming an actress, which came to fruition when she landed supporting roles in shows like ‘The Dead Zone’ and ‘Psych.’ After impressing on the screen, she bagged key roles in several movies and TV shows, including ‘Baby Sellers,’ ‘So You Said Yes,’ ‘Santa’s Boots,’ ‘A New Year’s Resolution,’ ‘Little Dog,’ and ‘Republic of Doyle.’

Essaying the role of Beth’s love interest, Nate Matthews, is Andrew Dunbar. Many of you might find his face familiar and recognizable due to his impressive performances on several projects over the years. He stars in ‘She Who Must Burn,’ ‘Destination Wedding,’ ‘All of My Heart: The Wedding,’ ‘A Christmas to Cherish,’ ‘Bachelor Daddies,’ and ‘When Calls the Heart.’ Furthermore, Corey Woods and Aadila Dosani feature in the roles of Coley and Kat, respectively. Besides them, other cast members who play supporting roles include Mela Pietropaolo as Riley, Jeff Gonek as Phil, Micah Chen as Sam, Haven Gin as Alexis, Ethel Pitchford as Joyce, and Ian Farthing as the bookstore owner.

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