Hallmark’s A Season for Family: Filming and Cast Details Explored

Hallmark’s ‘A Season for Family’ is a Christmas romantic drama film that follows the adopted son of Maddy named Wesley, who only wishes for one thing — meeting his estranged brother Cody. Having grown up in different families, the brothers are looking forward to finally meeting each other but their plans hang up in the balance when Cody’s father Paul, who is a widower, turns down the meeting.

Soon enough, Cody and Wesley’s fortunes work their magic as some unexpected circumstances bring them unknowingly together. Without taking much time, the two become friends and begin bonding. Meanwhile, Maddy and Paul grow closer as sparks fly between them. Directed by Kevin Fair, the holiday movie showcases the power and magic of Christmas — how it can bring people closer and spread constant joy. Moreover, the setting of the snow-covered town during the holiday season is bound to raise several questions regarding the shooting locations of ‘A Season for Family.’

Where Was A Season for Family Filmed?

In all likelihood, ‘A Season for Family’ was filmed in the stunning city of Vancouver in the province of British Columbia. The production process went smoothly, and everyone, ranging from the actors to the crew members, had a great time shooting the Kevin Fair directorial. Filming probably began in the month of August 2023 and wrapped up in a few weeks in September 2023. Let’s learn more about the filming site for the Christmas-themed movie.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Though the details about the production of ‘A Season for Family’ have largely been kept under wraps by the team, it is likely that the filming took place in the port city of Vancouver in the westernmost province of British Columbia. For the purpose of filming, the cast and crew, most of whom hail from the vibrant city, seemingly visited several locations in and around Vancouver to tape the holiday movie. It boasts a thriving entertainment industry that produces hundreds of projects throughout the year, generates thousands of jobs, and offers lucrative tax incentives to filmmakers.

Often referred to as Hollywood North, Vancouver is a popular filming destination not just in North America but around the world. It is home to several high-tech studios with advanced production facilities, an efficient bunch of technicians, talented actors, a mild climate that can complement wide-ranging settings, and many breathtaking backdrops and locales that can double up as a cinematic stand-in for multiple locations from various parts of the world.

Owing to the aforementioned factors and many other reasons, Vancouver has served as a shooting site for several movie and television productions; some of which are ‘The Age of Adaline,’ ‘Royal New Year’s Eve,’ ‘She’s the Man,’ ‘Time for Him to Come Home for Christmas,’ ‘Firefly Lane,’ and ‘A Million Little Things.’ Therefore, it makes sense why the production team must’ve chosen Vancity as the filming location for ‘A Season for Family.’

A Season for Family Cast

The main cast of ‘A Season for Family’ is led by Stacey Farber and Brendan Penny, followed by child actors Benjamin Jacobson and Azriel Dalman. Renowned for her portrayal of Ellie Nash in ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation,’ Farber steps into the role of Maddy in the lighthearted movie. You may recognize the actress from her performance as Jessie Hill in ’18 to Life,’ Dr. Sydney Katz in ‘Saving Hope,’ Leslie Larr in ‘Superman & Lois,’ Pam MacLean in ‘Diggstown,’ Darby Spencer in ‘The Spencer Sisters,’ and Tara in ‘Virgin River.’ Penny essays the character of Maddy’s love interest, Paul. The Ottawa-born actor is widely known for the portrayal of AJ Varland in ‘Whistler,’ Brian Lucas in ‘Motive,’ and Kevin O’Brien in ‘Chesapeake Shores.’

Brendan Penny also has movies and shows like ‘Time for Them to Come Home for Christmas,’ ‘A Little Christmas Charm,’ ‘The Wedding Cottage,’ ‘Magical Christmas Ornaments,’ ‘The Runner,’ ‘The Assistants,’ among others, to his credit. ‘Nancy Drew,’ and ‘Bones of Crows: The Series’ fame Benjamin Jacobson appears as Wesley, while Azriel Dalman, known for ‘Coyote Creek Christmas‘ and ‘Joe Pickett‘ dons the garb of Cody in the film. Alongside these actors, the cast of the Hallmark production is packed with several talented individuals. The supporting cast comprises Jessica Sipos as Taylor, Edward Ruttle as Jeremy, Jim Martens as Santa, and Gabriel Jacob-Cross as Jake.

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