Hallmark’s Magic in Mistletoe: Filming Locations and Cast Details Explored

With Paula Elle occupying the director’s chair, Hallmark’s ‘Magic in Mistletoe’ is a Christmas romantic comedy film that focuses on a renowned author named Harrington whose commercially successful book series has forced him to lead a reclusive life. This Christmas, he returns to his hometown to celebrate his creations as well as to attend the yearly Christmas festivities, only to find a publicist named April accompanying him.

Harrington’s recent social media comments have stirred some controversies online, which is why April is hired to pacify the entire situation. However, as she spends a significant amount of time with him, she realizes that she might be able to break down the walls built by Harrington to guard himself and his heart. The Christmas setting coupled with some interesting backdrops of Harrington’s hometown makes the audience wonder where ‘Magic in Mistletoe’ was filmed.

Magic in Mistletoe Was Shot in British Columbia

‘Magic in Mistletoe’ was filmed in British Columbia, the westernmost Canadian province, with Vancouver serving as the primary production location. Reports suggest that the principal photography for the Christmas film commenced in September 2023 and wrapped up in early October of the same year. Now, allow us to walk you through all the places that hosted the production of the Hallmark film!

Vancouver, British Columbia

The shooting for all the pivotal sequences of ‘Magic in Mistletoe’ was carried out in the major city of Vancouver, which lies in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland region. The production team supposedly traveled across the city and set up camp in different neighborhoods and streets to shoot important scenes against suitable backdrops. Since the production brought Christmas early, the filming unit had to use fake snow to fill the streets and adorn some areas of the city with fake Christmas decorations.

Apart from utilizing the interior of a few actual establishments, the cast and crew members also seemingly set up camp in a film studio situated in and around the city to shoot some indoor as well as outdoor portions for ‘Magic in Mistletoe.’ Vancouver Film Studios, Bridge Studios, Martini Film Studios, Eagle Creek Studios, and Ironwood Studio, are some of the film studios located around Vancouver. Touted as Hollywood North, the city’s ability to stand in for several US cities makes it a major production location and one of the filmmakers’ favorites.

The establishing shots of the city may or may not feature some local landmarks and important streets, including Stanley Park, Gastown, Harbour Centre, the Vancouver Art Gallery, Canada Place, and Science World. Apart from ‘Magic in Mistletoe,’ the locales of Vancouver have been featured in numerous film and TV projects, such as ‘Holiday Road,’ ‘Time for Her to Come Home for Christmas,’ ‘Love Hard,’ ‘A Season for Family,’ and ‘A Million Little Things.’

Magic in Mistletoe Cast

‘Magic in Mistletoe’ features Paul Campbell and Lyndie Greenwood in lead roles as Harrington and April, respectively. The Canadian native, Paul, features in ‘Battlestar Galactica,’ after which he received his first break as he went on to bag roles in ‘Knight Rider,’ ‘Almost Heroes,’ and ‘Spun Out.’ Throughout his acting career, he has been featured in various Hallmark productions, including ‘Three Wise Men and a Baby,’ ‘Surprised by Love,’ ‘Wedding Every Weekend,’ and ‘Christmas by Starlight.’ As far as Lyndie is concerned, you might have seen her in a couple of other Hallmark films — ‘Holiday Heritage‘ and ‘Girlfriendship.’

Besides that, Lyndie stars in ‘Shelved,’ ‘Sleepy Hollow,’ ‘The Expanse,’ ‘The World Without You,’ and Lifetime’s ‘Flint.’ The Hallmark movie also consists of other talented actors in supporting yet important roles, including Mila Jones as Bree, Debbie Podowski as Mallory, Jacqueline Samuda as Lydia, Robyn Bradley as Lisa Moore, and Kat Ruston as Susan McMillan. Furthermore, Juliette Hawk features as a young fangirl, Thomas Darya portrays a reporter, and Ian Ronningen essays the role of an Uber driver in the movie.

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