Runaway (Fugueuse): All Filming Locations of the 2018 Show Explored

‘Fugueuse’ AKA ‘Runaway’ is a crime drama thriller show by creator and actress Michelle Allen. The series is hailed as a realistic portrayal of human trafficking rings luring and trapping young women with false promises, flashy lifestyles, and blackmail. The series personifies the issue through the story of Fanny Couture, a girl from a well-to-do suburban home who falls in love with a highly manipulative and dubious man, Damien Stone. He is a hip-hop producer who introduces the teenage girl to intoxicating influences and a degenerative lifestyle in shady underground clubs and lounges.

Soon, Damien coaxes Fanny into performing favors for him escalating from recording pornography to prostitution, all the while assuring her of his love. After a point, Fanny stops returning home, and her parents begin a frantic search, turning to every possible avenue to get her back. The narrative takes us from scenes of boating on a bay in a pleasant suburb to nightclubs, dark alleyways, and underground holding cells. Contrasting backdrops and an atmosphere matching the on-screen mood will inevitably leave audiences wondering about the specifics of its filming locations.

Where is Fugueuse Filmed?

‘Fugueuse’ is set in the French-speaking province of Québec in the Great White North, specifically, Montreal. Principal photography for the series has remained true to its plot, taking place in and around the city of Montreal. Filming for the first season presumably began in August of 2017 and was wrapped up by December of the same year. Production on season 2 concluded in November 2019. From downtown commercial districts to the Saint Lawrence River, let us take a look at the specific destinations for the film crew of ‘Fugueuse’.

Montreal, Québec

All of the filming for ‘Fugueuse’ is done in and around the city of Montreal in the province of Québec. Since the story of Fanny is set in an urban landscape, the city served as a perfect backdrop for showcasing her world. Furthermore, the nightlife of Montreal, with its skyline of subtly illuminated highrises, provided a picturesque frame for its characters on the streets well into the night. While the lion’s share of the filming of seasons 1 and 2 took place within the urban cityscape and buildings, some shots were taken in the vast natural expanse of the region.

The scene of boats racing across a large body of water was likely filmed to the northeast of Montreal, on the Saint Lawrence River leading into the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, stretching into the horizon. Montreal’s elegant urban sprawl, alongside its surrounding natural majesty of forests, hills, Lake Erie, and Saint Lawrence River, make it an enchanting destination for filmmakers.

In addition, the country houses some of the largest movie production studios in the world, leading to a sizeable number of films and TV shows being lensed there. Some prominent examples include ‘Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan,’ ‘Scream VI,’ ‘The Whole Nine Yards,’ ‘Transformers: Rise of the Beasts,’ ‘The Notebook,’ ‘Catch Me If You Can,’ and ‘300.’

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