Where Is ‘Good Girls’ Filmed?

Christina-Hendricks good girls

NBC’s ‘Good Girls’ has been described as a feminist ‘Breaking Bad.’ Such comparisons often refer to the NBC show’s portrayal of female ambition and the consequences of silenced females standing up to reclaim control of their lives in our patriarchal society.

The crime dramedy has been revolutionary for network television amidst the cable TV-internet streaming war. The primary reason for that is the fact that ‘Good Girls’ persistently pushes the boundaries of what has been previously considered appropriate for network television. Moreover, despite not getting impressive television ratings, the show performs quite well on Netflix. That is primarily the reason that it gets renewed.

The show follows the sisters Beth and Annie and their best friend, Ruby. All three of them face financial troubles. Beth’s husband has been cheating on her. Annie is raking up legal fees over a custody battle with her ex. Meanwhile, Ruby finds herself unable to afford her daughter’s expensive medical bills and experimental medication.

However, instead of being crushed by the situation, the three of them decide to take matters into their own hand. They plan a heist to rob a local grocery store! However, the three mothers aren’t exactly seasoned criminals. Hence, they gradually get pulled in deeper than they had assumed.

The show tells a quintessentially suburban tale with brushstrokes of ‘Thelma & Louise.’ Christina Hendricks from ‘Mad Men’ fame leads the trio, playing the character of Beth. The character of Beth’s sister, Annie is played by the ‘Parenthood’ star Mae Whitman. The role turns out to be a pleasing switch-over for Whitman who essayed the character of a teenage girl on ‘Parenthood.’ On the other hand, the character of Ruby is essayed by Retta who is known for starring in ‘Parks and Recreation.’

Good Girls Filming Locations

Many of you might be wondering where was ‘Good Girls’ filmed. As mentioned earlier, the show is set in a suburban location which is depicted to be situated in Michigan. Most of the scenes on the show are set inside one of the characters’ houses.

The suburban setting suits the plot extremely well as it helps depict the “good girls” standing up to society aptly. However, has the show actually been filmed in Michigan? Or do the show’s makers film it elsewhere? Continue reading to find out.

Los Angeles, California

Since the second season of the show, ‘Good Girls’ has been filmed in Los Angeles, California. Production was shifted to the city thanks to the state’s revamped film and television tax credit program. The show moved to Los Angeles along with the successful Netflix series, ‘You.’ Together, both the shows roped in employment for 420 crew members, 429 cast members and over 7,000 extras in California.

According to local sources, filming for ‘Good Girls’ had been carried out on 544 Mateo Street. Moreover, a few scenes had also been filmed on 5353 W 3rd Street in Los Angeles.

The Executive Vice President of Production Operations for Universal Television, Jerry DiCanio shared the following statement regarding the shift in production location with the Hollywood Reporter: “We’re excited to bring Good Girls to California and employ hundreds of California workers on an important series for NBC and Universal Television. We look forward to many years of continued success in California and are grateful to the governor, state legislature and California Film Commission for making this possible.”

Atlanta, Georgia

Many of you might be wondering where ‘Good Girls’ had been filmed before the project decided to shift production activities to L.A. Well, it is Atlanta, Georgia. This is where the first season of the show had been filmed. A few scenes of the show had been filmed in the Metro Atlanta area. However, most filming activities had been carried out at Third Rail Studios on 5801 Peachtree Road, Atlanta. Some filming was also carried out at Doraville, Georgia. 

Atlanta, Georgia has also been able to attract several high-quality productions to the state with its film and television credits program. ‘The Walking Dead’ is perhaps the biggest project to be filmed in Atlanta.

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