Where Was Hallmark’s Mystery Island Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

With Nicholas Humphries at the helm, ‘Mystery Island’ is a mystery thriller film that centers upon Dr. Emilia Priestly, a police psychiatrist who finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery while on vacation. London-based Emilia needs a rejuvenating trip away from the hustle and bustle of city life and the stress of her profession. She is elated when her friend, Baroness Jane Alcott, invites her to join her for a trip to Mystery Island, a murder-mystery-themed resort designed by her antisocial friend, John Murtaugh.

Emilia and Jane arrive on the island and are informed by John that they, along with other original investors, will have to honor the immersive nature of the retreat and participate in a quest. After submitting their phones to the caretaker to avoid any distractions in their unique mission, Emilia and others are sent to their rooms to prepare for the game. Everything is fun and games until John is found murdered, and everyone realizes that the fictional murder mystery has turned into a real-life whodunit case.

Among the guests is Jason Trent, a local detective, who begins his investigation into John’s death. Emilia soon gains his trust and establishes that she is not the culprit. Following that, she and John band together and embark upon a mission to find the devil in sheep’s clothing. Apart from the gripping narrative and great performances, the island resort serves as a stunning canvas to set the mysterious tone of the Hallmark film, naturally sparking curiosity among the audience regarding its filming site. If you’re on the same boat and are wondering where the movie was shot, we’ve got your back.

Mystery Island Filming Locations

‘Mystery Island’ was filmed in Panama, particularly in Panama City. According to reports, principal photography for the mystery film commenced in May 2023 and continued for three to four weeks, before wrapping up in June of the same year. So, without wasting any time, let’s dive right into the island along with the characters and get a detailed account of all the specific sites that make an appearance in the Hallmark production!

Panama City, Panama

The shooting of the entirety of ‘Mystery Island’ reportedly took place in and around Panama City, the capital of Panama situated at the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal. Known as a hub for banking and commerce, the city’s scenic landscapes and coastal areas make the capital an attractive tourist destination as well as a popular production location among many filmmakers. Therefore, it is understandable why the director of ‘Mystery Island’ and the rest of his team chose Panama City as the primary filming site and set up camp across the city to shoot pivotal sequences.

For instance, a number of beach scenes for the Hallmark film were taped on Bonita Beach, and for the scenes set in the breathtaking resort, the production team utilized the interiors and exteriors of one of the beach resorts in and around the city. Over the years, the city has served as the shooting site for several movies and shows, such as ‘Money Heist,’ ‘The Truman Show,’ ‘Quantum of Solace,’ and ‘Fast & Furious.’

Mystery Island Cast

Elizabeth Henstridge headlines the cast of ‘Mystery Island’ by essaying the character of Dr. Emilia Priestly, a psychiatrist looking for some respite from her demanding job. You may recognize the British actress for her performance as Jemma Simmons in ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ and Tara McAllister in ‘Suspicion.’ She also appears in ‘Temporary,’ ‘Christmas at the Plaza,’ and ‘Wolves at the Door.’ Charlie Weber joins Elizabeth as detective Jason Trent, who is hellbent on finding the killer. Best known for his work as Frank Delfino on ‘How to Get Away with Murder,’ Charlie also has ‘Underemployed,’ ‘State of Georgia,’ ‘Everwood’ and ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ to his credit.

‘Apple Tree Yard’ and ‘The Snow Spider’ fame Kezia Burrows plays Emilia’s friend Baroness Jane Alcott, while ‘Halo’ star Francisco Labbe portrays the character of Carlos Del Fuego. The supporting cast also comprises Noelia Rothery as Lucia, Melanie Martinez Sanchez as Morgan Del Fuego, Robert Getman as John Murtaugh, Yimara Perez Royko as Chief Gloria Espinoza, Luke McGibney as Ken Wilcock, Mike Martinez as Forensic Tech 1, Henry Twohy, Andres Morales and a bunch of other talented actors.

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