7 Shows Like Halo You Must See

Image Credit: Adrienn Szabo/Paramount+

‘Halo’ is a military science fiction series based on the popular video game franchise of the same name. It revolves around Master Chief Petty Officer John-117, a supersoldier from the Spartan-II program, who faces unexpected threats amidst humanity’s budding conflict with a theocratic alien organization known as the Covenant.

The series is developed for television by Kyle Killen and Steven Kane. It has been praised for its loyalty to the source material, bold visual style, and action. If you enjoyed the show’s blend of military action and high concept science fiction, we have compiled a list of similar shows that will also entertain. You can watch most of these shows like ‘Halo’ on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

7. Lost in Space (2018-2021)

Created by Irwin Allen, ‘Lost in Space‘ is a modern rendition of the classic 1965 television series of the same name. Set in the year 2046, it follows the Robinson family, who is selected for a mission to colonize the Alpha Centauri planetary system. However, the family’s ship gets knocked off course, and they are forced to crash land on an inhabitable planet.

The Robinsons and other human survivors must face a host of unexpected challenges on the planet. For viewers who enjoy the space exploration aspects of ‘Halo’ but care little about the military action, ‘Lost in Space’ is a perfect choice due to its straightforward premise. Moreover, the series is fun, light-hearted entertainment for the entire family.

6. The Witcher (2019-)

The Witcher,’ created by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, is a fantasy drama series about Geralt of Rivia, a monster hunter who learns of his unexpected connection to Princess Ciri of Cintra. It is based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s book series of the same name that also spawned a wildly popular game franchise. Although the series is devoid of the science fiction aspects of ‘Halo,’ it still shares the same themes of destiny and conformity, albeit in a fantasy setting. Moreover, like ‘Halo,’ the series carefully bends its source material to craft a new narrative with doses of nostalgia. Therefore, this pick is purely for video game fans.

5. Star Trek: Discovery (2017-)

Image Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg/CBS

Star Trek: Discovery‘ is a science fiction series created by Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman that is a part of the ever-expanding ‘Star Trek’ universe conceived by Gene Roddenberry. It follows the USS Discovery, a spacecraft that undertakes various enthralling missions in the vast reaches of outer space. Viewers who enjoy the space exploration aspects of ‘Halo’ will enjoy the series. Moreover, ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ explores the relationship between humans and aliens in a similar manner to ‘Halo,’ and a war between the two factions is a major conflict in both shows.

4. The Last Ship (2014-2018)

Based on William Brinkley’s novel of the same name, ‘The Last Ship’ is an action drama series set in the aftermath of a global pandemic that has erased 80% human population. Created by Hank Steinberg and Steven Kane, it follows the crew of USS Nathan James, which faces a race against time to find a cure for the virus. If you enjoy the military action and strategic planning elements of ‘Halo’ but aren’t a fan of the space-faring narrative, ‘The Last Ship’ is an ideal pick.

3. The Mandalorian (2019-)

Set in the ever-popular ‘Star Wars’ universe, ‘The Mandalorian‘ is a space-opera series created by Jon Favreau that follows Din Djarin, a bounty hunter from the planet Mandalore who takes up the responsibility of protecting an alien child. The fast-paced drama takes viewers across various planets and conflicts, but the story’s core remains very emotional.

The protagonists of ‘Halo’ and ‘The Mandalorian’ are both bound by a strict code that stops them from revealing their helmet-clad faces to anyone. Moreover, viewers will also notice that the relationship between Master Chief and Kwan from ‘Halo’ is similar to that of Djarin and Grogu/Baby Yoda.

2. Stargate SG-1 (1997-2007)

‘Stargate SG-1’ is an action-adventure series about SG-1, a military team that takes up various dangerous missions on different alien planets using the Stargate portals. The series, created by Brad Wright and Jonathan Glassner, is based on the 1994 film ‘Stargate.’ Like ‘Halo,’ the series features its own unique overarching mythology and introduces viewers to an expansive universe where humans and aliens coexist. Plus, it features the right combination of science fiction tropes and military action, making it appealing for ‘Halo’ fans.

1. The Expanse (2015-2022)

The Expanse‘ follows the crew of the spacecraft Rocinante as they race against time to uncover a great conspiracy amidst the growing political instability in the galaxy. Based on James S. A. Corey’s novel series of the same name, the show is developed for television by Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby.

Similar to ‘Halo,’ the series deals with the power struggle in space in the aftermath of humans colonizing outer worlds. Furthermore, ring-like megastructures, various powerful factions, and alien technologies — all play a crucial part in the narratives of both shows, with a keen focus on military tactics and politics. Therefore, ‘The Expanse’ is our top pick for this list!

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