Where Was Hallmark’s One Summer Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

Hallmark’s ‘One Summer’ follows Jack, a recent widower who decides to spend the summer in the town where his wife grew up. Struggling as a single parent to his teenage daughter and young son, Jack finds solace in Jenna, who helps him through the grieving process as he begins to take control of his life. Set in a quaint waterside town, the romantic drama is a balance of love, grief, and hope.

Directed by Rich Newey, ‘One Summer’ is an emotional journey that focuses as much on the characters as the town they find themselves in. A lighthouse, which Jack’s wife had fond memories of, also becomes central to his journey of making peace with her death. Are you curious about where all the picturesque spots seen in the movie are? Here is all that we know about where ‘One Summer’ was filmed.

One Summer Filming Locations

The filming crew seemed to have used many waterside locations, including a lighthouse. Many scenes were also seemingly shot in a town amidst residents, giving the film an authentic local aesthetic. Principal photography took place in Summer 2021. Let’s take a look at the specific locations used to bring the movie to life.

Southport, North Carolina

‘One Summer’ was filmed in multiple locations around North Carolina, but the city of Southport in Brunswick County was used extensively. Multiple locations in the city, especially around Nash Street, Moore Street, Davis Street, and Bay Street were used. According to a source, the area around the historic Fort Johnston-Southport Museum & Visitors’ Center, located at 203 East Bay Street, was used to film scenes depicting a street food vendor’s market. These sequences used actual food vendors from Southport.

Bald Head Island, North Carolina

Exterior establishing shots of the lighthouse where Jack’s wife spent her younger days were seemingly shot at the Bald Head Lighthouse, also called “Old Baldy.” The lighthouse is located close to Southport at 101 Light House Wynd, Bald Head Island.

Wilmington, North Carolina

The port city of Wilmington, located in New Hanover County in coastal southeastern North Carolina, was also used for lensing. Multiple picturesque spots around the city were used, including a restaurant on 2 Ann Street called Elijah’s. Apparently, scenes were shot both inside and outside the restaurant. As per reports, Legion Stadium is a filming site for some night sequences in the movie.

Oak Island, North Carolina

A few scenes were shot in Oak Island, a seaside town in Brunswick County. Most of the town sits on the namesake island, while part of it is on the mainland. Seeing how Oak Island is known for its beaches, filming was likely carried out near the town’s picturesque coastline.

One Summer Cast

Sam Page essays the lead role of Jack in this romantic drama. The actor is widely known for his recurring roles in hugely popular shows like ‘Mad Men,’ ‘Desperate Housewives,’ ‘Gossip Girl,’ and Netflix’s ‘House of Cards.’ He also appears on ‘Scandal,’ ‘The Mindy Project,’ ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,’ ‘Adam Ruins Everything,’ and ‘Lie to Me’ amongst many others.

Sarah Drew portrays Jack’s unexpected love interest, Jenna. The actress is best known for her role as Dr. Kepner on ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ Additionally, she features in the thriller drama seriesCruel Summer‘ and the film ‘Moms’ Night Out.’ Sarah’s other notable credits include multiple TV movies, such as ‘Republic of Sarah,’ ‘Twinkle All the Way,’ and ‘Christmas in Vienna.’

Amanda Schull portrays Jack’s late wife, Lizzie. She has been a series regular on ‘Suits‘ and has also taken on memorable roles in shows like ‘One Tree Hill‘ and ‘Pretty Little Liars.’ In addition, Amanda has an impressive string of feature film appearances, including ‘J. Edgar,’ ‘Mao’s Last Dancer,’ and ‘Devil’s Gate.’ Other cast members in ‘One Summer’ are Madeline Grace Popovich (Mikki), Bill Winkler (Fred), Alexa Blair Robertson (Tiffany), Elizabeth Becka (Bonnie), Bryant Prince (Liam), and Gavin Borders (Cory).

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