Where Was Hallmark’s #Xmas Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

Directed by Heather Hawthorn-Doyle, Hallmark’s ‘#Xmas’ is a romantic comedy movie about a young woman named Jen. Though she is well-known for her Christmas-related projects, her social media presence is lacking, to say the least. A brand-design contest might be just what Jen needs, and she decides to enter the competition as a family influencer. With the help of her best friend Max and baby nephew, Jen sends a video about her “happy family.”

However, the plan ends up working too well, and Jen is selected as one of the finalists. Torn between revealing the truth or potentially winning the competition, Jen must also battle the complicated feelings that have cropped up along the way. Given its humorous and heartwarming story, the film is easily able to captivate the viewers. One of the biggest attraction points of the Hallmark production is its eye-catching visuals that help the viewers feel the Christmas cheer to the fullest. Naturally, people are eager to know just where the movie was shot, and we are here to answer the same!

#Xmas Filming Locations

Part of Hallmark’s ‘Countdown to Christmas’ lineup, ‘#Xmas’ was filmed in the port city of Vancouver in the westernmost Canadian province of British Columbia. The film was shot under the cinematography of the talented Melissa “Mel” Ward, known for her work in ‘In Merry Measure.’ Let’s explore the shooting location in detail!

Vancouver, British Columbia

Hallmark’s ‘#Xmas’ was shot primarily in Vancouver, British Columbia. The cast of the movie seems to have enjoyed their time during the production and have nothing but positive things to say about their experience. While working on the film, they seem to have had much fun behind the scenes and apparently fostered genuine connections with each other. The heartwarming atmosphere of the movie might also be due to the amicable bonds between the cast members.

“So thankful to have been part of this film. We had the most wonderful cast, incredible crew and a whole lot of fun,” actress Clare Bowen, who acts as Jen in the Hallmark movie, stated in one of her Instagram posts. She seems especially fond of director Heather Hawthorn-Doyle and her work ethic. In turn, the director has also expressed her happiness with the movie and how much fun she had during the filming process.

Vancouver is one of the most important cities in the Great White North and has long been the center of attraction for various industries. From filmmakers to business professionals, the seaport city has a place for everyone. It has a rich history that dates back thousands of years, as it served as home to several indigenous people. It was formally established in the year 1870 and has since only risen in prominence.

The architecture of several buildings in Vancouver is reminiscent of the traditional European style that gives the city a historical feeling. Combined with the other modern building in the area, Vancouver has a non-descript skyline that allows filmmakers to use the city as a setting for different places around the world. Those looking for a European background or a more modern location have their fair share of backdrops to choose from.

Dubbed Hollywood North, Vancouver has remained a favorite among filmmakers for many years, thanks to its welcoming weather, diversity of locations, skilled technicians, tax benefits, and other production facilities. The city’s well-developed infrastructure also contributes to its popularity among filmmakers who want to be as efficient as possible. In fact, Vancouver has hosted the production of several Hallmark movies like ‘When I Think of Christmas,’ ‘Warming Up To You,’ ‘Nature of Love’ and ‘Journey of My Heart.’

#Xmas Cast

The beautiful Clare Bowen plays the role of Jen in ‘#Xmas.’ You may recognize her from her work in ‘Hungry Ghosts’ and ‘Nashville.’ Joining Bowen’s Jen as Max is Brant Daugherty, who is quite beloved for his performance in ‘Fifty Shades Freed’ and ‘Pretty Little Liars.’ Other appearances in the cast include Lillian Doucet-Roche as Zoe, Karen Kruper as Liz, and William MacDonald as Jack Faison. The movie also features Sebastian Stewart as Charlie, Matt Clarke as Brad, and Erin Aubrey.

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