Lifetime’s As Luck Would Have It Murder 10: Filming Locations and Cast Details

Helmed by David DeCoteau, Lifetime’s ‘As Luck Would Have It’ is a crime mystery series that revolves around the ex-criminology professor Gabbi Luck and her detective daughter Lisa Luck. In the episode ‘Murder 101,’ when Gabbi’s former associate Charles David, who is the Dean of Criminology at Williams College, is found dead the morning she is called to deliver a guest lecture, all classes are canceled, and an investigation begins with Gabbi at the center of it.

Now, Gabbi must keep aside her petty disagreements with Lisa, the lead detective on the case, and work alongside her to get to the bottom of the truth. Since the episode involves some graphic visuals and interesting backdrops, including that of the college where the murder occurs, the audience is bound to wonder where ‘As Luck Would Have It: Murder 101’ was filmed.

As Luck Would Have It: Murder 101 Filming Locations

‘As Luck Would Have It: Murder 101’ was filmed in California, particularly in and around Los Angeles. Since the principal photography for the debut season of ‘As Luck Would Have It’ reportedly took place between May and June 2022, the episode ‘Murder 101′ was also shot sometime between those two months. Now that you know the “when,” let’s find out all about the specific shooting sites that can be spotted in the Lifetime series’ pilot episode!

Los Angeles, California

All the pivotal sequences of ‘As Luck Would Have It: Murder 101’ were lensed in the City of Los Angeles. The filming unit reportedly traveled across the city to different neighborhoods and streets to tape important scenes, both interiors and exteriors, against suitable backdrops. While many interior portions were seemingly recorded inside actual establishments, it is possible that they even set up camp in one of the film studios situated in and around LA, such as Universal Studios, Raleigh Studios Hollywood, RED Studios Hollywood, Los Angeles Center Studios, and Paramount Studios, to name a few.

When it comes to the exteriors, you will likely notice several local landmarks and places of interest in the backdrop. You might want to look out for the Hollywood Sign, the Los Angeles City Hall, Venice Beach, Olvera Street, and the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels. Besides ‘As Luck Would Have It: Murder 101,’ the City of Angels has hosted the production of numerous film and TV projects, including ‘Se7en,’ ‘The Lincoln Lawyer,’ and ‘The Rookie.’

As Luck Would Have It: Murder 101 Cast

In ‘As Luck Would Have It: Murder 101,’ Jackée Harry portrays Gabbi Luck, a retired professor turned amateur detective. With a long and successful acting career in her bag, many of you will likely recognize her from her roles in movies and TV shows like ‘Ladybugs,’ ‘The Nick at Nite Holiday Special,’ ‘The Clean Up Woman,’ ‘Brother White,’ and ‘The Man in 3B.’ Portraying Lisa in the Lifetime show is Mea Wilkerson, a multi-talented actress who won The Best Female Actress in a Leading Role for ‘Mirandy & Brother Wind’ at just 19.

Apart from that, Mea has been featured in many movies, such as ‘Below Deck Deceit,’ ‘Immortal City Records,’ ‘The Wrong High School Sweetheart,’ ‘The Wrong Cheerleader Coach,’ and ‘Keeping Up with the Joneses.’ Other cast members include Ricco Ross (Michael), Tom Arnold (Captain Taylor), Doug Rogers (Rick Anderson), MacKenzie Baker (Sarah), Jon Briddell (Charles David), Gabi Feingold (Gail), Chelsea Gilson (Christy), Dorian Gregory (Dr. Nolan), and Tom Jenkins (Officer Higbee). Moreover, Eric Lutz (Brian Hamilton), Merrick McCartha (Ken), Tracie Peddy (Cindy), Eliza Roberts (Linda Bryant), Diane Robin (Mrs. Bursack), Jennifer Anne Scott (Nina), and Hilary Shepard (Meghan) feature in key roles.

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