Where Was Lifetime’s Baking All the Way Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

Lifetime’s ‘Baking All the Way’ is a romantic comedy movie about a pastry chef named Julia Wilson. To complete her Christmas cookbook, the culinary expert travels from Chicago, Illinois, to a small-town bakery in Wisconsin. The establishment is well known for its delicious gingerbread, and Julia is determined to add its recipe to her book. However, the bakery’s owner, Kris Thompson, is unsure about divulging the recipe he has kept secret for so long.

Directed by Yannick Bisson, the Christmas-themed movie is a delight to watch for fans of romance as well as food. The evolution of the tiff between the two protagonists into a loving bond keeps the viewers hooked. But what sets the story’s atmosphere is its stunning visuals that allow one to feel at home while watching the movie. If you are eager to know just where these breathtaking scenes were shot, we have your back!

Baking All the Way Filming Locations

‘Baking All the Way’ was filmed in Ontario, particularly in and around Toronto. Part of the ‘It’s a Wonderful Lifetime’ lineup, the movie’s cinematography was handled by the talented Stephen Chandler Whitehead. Now, let’s explore the specific places that appear in the rom-com!

Toronto, Ontario

The picturesque scenes in ‘Baking All the Way’ were lensed entirely in Toronto and its neighboring regions. Given that the movie is based around the festival of Christmas, most of the scenes have been taped so that the viewers feel like the Holidays are upon them, no matter what time of the year. Ontario’s capital Toronto is one of the most prominent cities in Canada and has a thriving urban culture.

Image Credit: Cory Lee/Instagram

The city’s well-developed infrastructure allows filmmakers to efficiently record different scenes in the area without spending a lot of money. While the city is perfect for shooting scenes depicting places like Chicago and New York City, New York, it is also quite close to some beautiful residential areas. This means they can completely transform the ambiance within the same region by choosing different backdrops for scenes.

Over the years, Toronto has become a haven for filmmakers. The city has served as the production spot for several movies and shows. The film culture within Toronto is certainly quite enthralling; it even serves as the annual host of the Toronto International Film Festival, one of the most respected film events in the world. Some movies shot in the capital city include ‘Slumberland‘ and ‘Luckiest Girl Alive.’

Baking All the Way Cast

The gorgeous Cory Lee takes up the role of Julia Wilson in ‘Baking All the Way.’ This is far from the first time Cory has been a part of a Christmas movie, given her work in ‘A Christmas Masquerade’ and ‘My Grown-Up Christmas List.’ On the other hand, Yannick Bisson plays Kris Thompson. The actor is well-known for his performances in ‘Murdoch Mysteries‘ and ‘A Perfect Plan.’

Other cast members include Mikaela Bisson (Stevie), Jayne Eastwood (Irene), Darrin Maharaj (Chip), Debra McGrath (Vicky Weaver), and Colin Mochrie (Mr. Weaver). Moreover, Vas Saranga (AJ), Bianca Sas (Abi), and Maria Syrgiannis (Delphine) appear in pivotal roles.

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