Where Was Lifetime’s Stalked by a Prince Filmed? Is it a True Story? Who is in the Cast?

Lifetime’s thriller film ‘Stalked by a Prince’ centers around Alyssa Banks, a publicist who encounters a British prince named Jack. The charming prince accompanies Alyssa on extravagant dates and helicopter rides for the latter to experience life as if she’s in a fairy tale. However, Alyssa’s merriment comes to an end when Jack confines her in his family’s luxurious estate in the English countryside.

Directed by Max McGuire, the film progresses through Alyssa’s attempts to conquer the alluring prince to find a way to escape his estate. The intriguing film features artistically appealing locations to capture the minds of the viewers and keep them glued to the intense narrative. If you are wondering about the filming locations, the origin of the narrative, and the cast of the film, we have got you covered!

Stalked by a Prince Filming Locations

‘Stalked by a Prince’ was filmed in its entirety in the province of Ontario, Canada. The filming was completed in a few weeks in October 2021. Even though a significant part of the film is set in the English countryside, the filming took place entirely in the Great White North. Now, let’s dive into the specific location in detail!

Ottawa, Ontario

‘Stalked by a Prince’ was filmed in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada. The enthralling city, located on the south bank of the Ottawa River, enhances the visuals of the film with its mesmerizing appeal. Fairmont Château Laurier, an upscale historic hotel located at Rideau Street in Ottawa, seemingly features in the film. Situated by the Rideau Canal, Fairmont is one of the most fascinating establishments in the city and the epitome of Ottawa’s cultural and historical outlook. The hotel also features in ‘Fit for a Prince’ and ‘A Christmas Carousel.’

Ottawa is one of the pivotal entertainment production centers in Canada. The diversity of sites and attractions, ranging from natural attractions and historical buildings to enthralling cityscape, gives the filmmakers several options to shoot in Ottawa. The tax credits Ottawa Film Office provide to fulfill a project also make the city a preferable filming location. Over the years, the city has hosted several Lifetime productions for filming that include ‘Deadly Ex Next Door,’ ‘Candy Cane Candidate,’ ‘Under the Christmas Tree,’ and ‘Toying with the Holidays.’

Is Stalked by a Prince Based on a True Story?

No, ‘Stalked by a Prince’ is not based on a true story. The film follows a publicist named Alyssa Banks, whose fate takes a wild turn when her life gets entwined with the enigmatic-yet-enchanting British prince named Jack. Even though the fictional premise of the film reminds us of movies like ‘A Christmas Prince,’ ‘The Prince and Me,’ and ‘The Royal Treatment,’ which portray a highly distinguished prince encountering a civilian for romance to bloom, director Max McGuire offers a twist by introducing highly enthralling thriller elements to the narrative.

The conflicts that arise between Alyssa and Jack also explore the theme of gender stereotypes. While the publicist lives a practical life, the conceited prince uses his status and luxuries to confine Alyssa irrespective of her wish to leave. The familiar trope of an innocent and admirable heroine fighting the overbearing hero becomes the film’s foundation for McGuire to explore Alyssa’s character in detail within a thriller. Although the engaging narrative of ‘Stalked by a Prince’ might seem like it is tethered to reality, we insist you treat it as nothing more than a cinematic experience as it doesn’t bear any resemblance to real life.

Stalked by a Prince Cast

In ‘Stalked by a Prince,’ Natalie Hall essays the character of Alyssa Banks, the free-spirited publicist. The actress is best known for her performance as Cindy in ‘Fit for a Prince’ and Taylor Beecham in ‘Star-Crossed.’ Jonathan Keltz appears as the suave British prince, Jack, who harbors ulterior motives behind his charming persona. You may recognize Keltz as Leith Bayard in ‘Reign’ and Jake Steinberg in ‘Entourage.’ Hall and Keltz also appear together in ‘Fit for a Prince.’ The other cast members of the film include Michael Swatton, Konstantina Mantelos, Alexander Crowther, and Mélanie St-Pierre.

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