Where Was Lifetime’s Under the Christmas Tree Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

Directed by Lisa Rose Snow, Lifetime’s ‘Under the Christmas Tree’ is a romantic comedy film that follows the unusual tale of two women whose paths cross in an unexpected way — while Alma is a marketing genius, Charlie Freemont, loves Christmas trees. She spots the perfect tree in the backyard of Alma’s house, which initiates an argument at first. However, the spirit of Christmas captures these young souls, and they develop feelings for each other. If you’re in a mood to catch feels during the holiday season, this might be a perfect choice. Now, let us take a look at its filming locations and cast details!

Under the Christmas Tree Filming Locations

‘Under the Christmas Tree’ was filmed in and around September 2021. If you’re wondering where it was shot, we have the information for you. The movie was shot in Ottawa, Ontario, similar to countless other Christmas-themed movies. Now, we’d like to give you more details!

Ottawa, Ontario

It is no surprise that ‘Under the Christmas Tree’ was shot in Ottawa in southeastern Ontario, as it is considered one of the major locations of such festive movie-making. Several Lifetime and Hallmark romantic dramas have been filmed in the Canadian capital. The city is known for its captivating surroundings and snow-hugging peaks, especially during the time of winters. Although ‘Under the Christmas’ was shot during fall, the city still stood in quite beautifully.

Image Credit: Albert Camicioli/Lifetime

Several scenes were shot at Kanata Centrum Shopping Centre at 110-130 &, 510 Earl Grey Drive. It is touted as Ontario’s largest outdoor entertainment center. Oakhurst Farm, an Equestrian Eventing facility in Eastern Ontario, also served as a filming site for the film. It is located at 8249 Fernbank Road in a village named Ashton, 40 km southwest of downtown Ottawa. Actor Elise Baum (Alma) posted a dump of a few fun-filled moments on the set.

Director Lisa Rose Snow particularly had an amazing time actualizing the movie. With regards to the same, she stated in the aforementioned post, “This whole project has a real pinch-me vibe, I haven’t felt such ease and magic with a film since I made ‘Two Penny Road Kill’ many years ago. The collaboration and creativity from this stellar crew and this epic cast has been one for the record books. I’ll truly never forget it.”

Furthermore, Lisa extended her gratitude towards everyone who helped her pull the project off. She also showcased her enthusiasm by sharing a few pictures on her social media profile. All in all, it was a wholesome experience for the entire cast and crew. If we consider other Christmas movies filmed in and around Ottawa, the list is quite long to even mention the most popular ones. However, a few common names include ‘A Christmas Carousel,’ ‘A Cheerful Christmas,’ ‘Christmas Unwrapped,’ and ‘Winter Castle.’

Under the Christmas Tree Cast

In ‘Under the Christmas’ Elise Bauman appears as Alma Beltran, an ambitious woman whose tree in the backyard catches Charlie’s attention. You must have seen the actress in her other works such as ‘Love in Translation,’ ‘The Republic of Sarah,’ ‘Designed with Love,’ ‘Good Witch,’ ‘Mary Kills People,’ ‘The Handmaid’s Tale,’ and many more. Tattiawna Jones stars as Charlie Freemont, a Christmas tree enthusiast and also Alma’s love interest. You might have seen the actress in ‘Tully,’ ‘RoboCop,’ and ‘The Handmaid’s Tale.’

Shawn Ahmed portrays Rohan, who seems like a figure of political significance in the movie. The actor appears in ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,’ ‘Fare Trade,’ and ‘Finding Talib.’ Other cast members include Sonia Dhillon Tully as Sonal, Connie Manfredi as Maggie Claus, and Ricki Lake.

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