Which Couples From Love Is Blind Season 1 Are Still Together?

Created by Chris Coelen, ‘Love is Blind‘ is a truly fascinating reality series wherein a set of attractive singles strive to meet their forever partner, fall in love, and get engaged — all without seeing each other. Imagine the concepts of ‘Married at First Sight,’ ‘The Bachelor,’ and ‘Dating Around’ mixed into one, and you’ll end up with this show. From drama to romance to blown-out feuds, it has every aspect of an addicting production. So, of course, now that ‘After the Altar’ has got us intrigued, we decided to dig deep to uncover how the original couples are faring today.

Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton: Still Together

From the very beginning, Lauren and Cameron had a spark that just could not be ignored. Within three days, they’d discussed their professions, the importance of their families and exchanged an “I love you.” Thus, it came as no surprise when Cameron decided to get down on one knee after two more days. Since then, they have crossed numerous milestones and stayed true to one another by wearing their hearts upon their sleeves. Moreover, Lauren and Cameron have faced the familial and communal difficulties of being an interracial couple head-on and have genuinely become fan favorites.

Even after two and a half years, Lauren and Cameron are still in love. Their relationship stands upon the grounds of mutual joy and understanding, so even when they have issues, they always talk it out. As for kids, Cameron has made it evident that it’ll happen when Lauren decides. Until then, they are simply enjoying spending time and working on a few projects together. Not only do they have a YouTube channel suitably called Hanging with the Hamiltons, but the couple has also written and published their entire tale in ‘Leap of Faith: Finding Love The Modern Way.’

Amber Pike and Matthew Barnett: Still Together

Like Lauren and Cameron, Amber and Matthew Barnett have had a romance that broke all bounds. Even though Barnett was a little terrified of Amber when they first spoke in the pods due to her strong-willed nature, he also couldn’t help but be attracted to the way she always matched him in their conversations. Therefore, after Barnett’s indecisiveness resulted in drama amongst three girls, he finally proposed to Amber and declared that she’d be the only one for him. He did start to get cold feet on their wedding day, but they both ended up saying, “I Do.”

Since tying the knot around November 2018, Barnett sold his house to pay off Amber’s debts and moved in with her and a roommate in an apartment complex. She also started to work as a cocktail waitress to help support their little family while her husband serves as an Assistant Project Manager at a construction business. Sadly, Amber recently got diagnosed with epilepsy, but that has not prevented the couple from having fun and enjoying their life to the fullest. In all honestly, they look happier, stronger, and deeper in love than ever before.


Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers: Unclear

Giannina “Gigi” Gibelli and Damian Powers’ connection has probably been the most tumultuous on ‘Love is Blind.’ They got engaged in a manner that brought tears to our eyes because of how devoted they appeared to each other, yet that changed soon after they met face-to-face. From problems in the bedroom to fights that initially seemed senseless, the pair faced it all. So, although Damian’s “I do not” was shocking on their wedding day, it wasn’t entirely out of the question. However, Gigi and Damian got back together hours later and stayed that way for at least two more years.

With that said, their relationship status as of now is up in the air. Ever since Damian invited Francesca Farago (star of ‘Too Hot To Handle’) to the Barnetts’ and the Hamiltons’ second wedding-anniversary celebration, it has been unclear where they stand today. After all, it also could have been his and Gigi’s, so she had every right to feel unsettled. Furthermore, it seems like Gigi doesn’t even want to talk about her love life, at least not directly, as made evident from the post above. She and Damian appear to just be focusing on their careers today.

Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas: Separated

Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas’ journey in the pods set the tone for how the rest of their experience on the show would unfold. While he looked to be head over heels for his partner, she was bothered by their 10-year age difference and hung up on Matthew Barnett. Jessica made it to their “big day,” only to say no to Mark in front of his friends and family. Then, in the ‘After the Altar’ three-part special, Jessica said that he’d purportedly cheated on her the entire time they were engaged, which Mark has denied.

After all this drama, though, both Jessica and Mark have moved on to find their happily ever afters. The CEO and founder of META Training Athletics, a fitness app, is now engaged to Aubrey Rainey, with whom he welcomed a baby boy, Ace, back in April. They also have a YouTube channel together called Catching up with The Cuevas’. On the other hand, Jessica currently resides in California, where she is in a happy and healthy relationship with Benjamin McGrath, an ankle and foot surgeon. They recently celebrated a year together.

Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes: Separated

The pair of Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes also made it to the altar, only to part ways for good. Like all others, their bond started strong and had little to no severe concerns inside the pods. But despite the fact that they were also the most supportive, stable, and warm duo throughout the rest of the process, they did not end up together. Kenny was ready to spend the rest of his life with Kelly, but she said no. It later came to light that they’d both decided to say no, but that conversation never made it to our screens, and Kenny somehow changed his mind last minute.

However, considering how Kelly and Kenny are doing now, it doesn’t seem to matter as they’re still on good terms. When Kenny announced his engagement to someone not connected to ‘Love is Blind’ at all, Alexandra, Kelly was one of the firsts to congratulate him and convey her happiness. This new couple has a home together and is more than ready to start the next chapter of their lives. As for Kelly, she appears to be single yet thriving. Not only is she a self-love and confidence advocate, but Kelly is a Mindset Coach and the host of the ‘ChaseLife with Kelly’ podcast.

Diamond Jack and Carlton Morton: Separated

Diamond and Carlton, as we all saw in the original series, broke up before they even got the chance to walk down the aisle. The sole reason for this was that Carlton hadn’t told his partner he was bisexual before proposing and then got extremely defensive when she asked questions about the same. It could have been okay, but because neither of them kept their cool long enough to talk things out, it led to a massive argument that ended when Diamond walked out.

It doesn’t look like they’re on amicable terms at the moment, but Diamond and Carlton are absolutely content with their lives. They’re entrepreneurs, and while she appears to be single, as per the last reports, Carlton is in a safe, happy, and healthy relationship with a man. Despite their struggles, they have both managed to come out on top by focusing on what makes them feel at ease and peace.


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