A Whitewater Romance: Filming Locations and Cast Explored

‘A Whitewater Romance’ follows Maya Alvaro as she joins her colleagues on an exclusive business wilderness retreat to the Colorado Rockies. Maya is vying for a promotion and hoping to impress the CEO. Of the four contestants from different branches, Maya is paired up with the charming but competitive Matt. A city girl at heart, Maya struggles with the challenges of outdoor activities like rafting and fishing.

However, the natural surroundings and a growing bond with Matt help Maya let go of her insecurities and immerse herself in the retreat’s experience. Directed by Jason Bourque, the Hallmark romance is particularly highlighted by its rushing riverside vistas. With the rocky and forested backdrops becoming centerpieces for the atmosphere of the movie, one may seek to delve into the actual filming sites utilized by it.

Where Was A Whitewater Romance Filmed?

‘A Whitewater Romance’ was primarily filmed in Squamish, British Columbia. Principal photography for the movie began in early October 2023 and was wrapped up by October 20, 2023. “Wow that was an adventure! Here’s my creative partners-in-crime who braved glacier rivers, Class 4 rapids, forest zip-lining, aggressive squirrels and a few torrential downpours,” wrote Bourque in the caption of a picture with his team on Instagram. “Big shout out to my ultra talented leads (Cindy Busby) and (Benjamin Hollingsworth) for giving a 150% and a truly dedicated cast and crew that made this such a pleasure.”

Squamish, British Columbia

The mountainous landscapes surrounding Squamish became a part of depicting the movie’s intended setting of the Colorado Rockies. Situated about halfway between Vancouver and Whistler in southern British Columbia, Squamish sits along one of the country’s most scenic routes. Squamish is also considered the province’s premiere whitewater rafting destination, presenting the production team with cinematic opportunities of roaring rapids and serene stretches along its rivers.

Carved by ancient glaciers, the rivers of Squamish offer thrilling white-water rafting experiences against the backdrop of stunning natural landscapes. “Such beautiful country, such beautiful weather, and the water is crystal clear,” said lead actress Cindy Busby in a live Q&A session. “And we even had salmon around where we were; the scenery is impeccable. That kind of really steals the show!” From gentle stretches meandering through lush wilderness to exhilarating rapids challenging even the most experienced paddlers, Squamish offers a diverse range of rafting experiences.

The region’s geography also plays a crucial role in shaping the character of its rivers. The town is flanked by towering mountains, including the iconic Stawamus Chief, which rises dramatically from the valley floor. These granite monoliths not only provide a stunning backdrop for outdoor adventures but also contribute to the region’s dynamic river systems. Beyond its rivers, Squamish has a captivating geographical diversity that extends to its surrounding landscape, with pristine lakes, lush wetlands, and rugged coastal shores.

The town of Squamish has a vibrant community with local shops, cafes, and cultural events. Its proximity to Vancouver makes it an easily accessible filming destination since Vancouver is a hub for Hallmark productions. The cast and crew seem to have really enjoyed the scenery of their worksites, even though they had challenging shooting schedules. Actress Heather Doerksen revealed that she had to film all her scenes early in the morning when it was still dark outside.

A Whitewater Romance Cast

The movie is led by Cindy Busby, who steps into the role of Maya Alvaro. Busby is a Hallmark movie regular and charms audiences with her infectious energy. She is best known for essaying the character of Susie in ‘The Big Year,’ Rebecca Jennings in ‘Cedar Cove,’ and Ashley Stanton in ‘Heartland.’ You may have also seen her in ‘Everything Christmas,’ ‘Love in Zion National: A National Park Romance,’ ‘Crown Prince of Christmas,’ and ‘Joy for Christmas.’ Starring alongside her is Benjamin Hollingsworth as Matt. He is an actor with classical training who began practicing his craft at a young age. He gained acclaim for his performance as Lance Corporal Dawson in ‘A Few Good Men.’

Hollingsworth landed the breakout role of Mick Jones in ‘The Joneses.’ He went on to be cast in CW’s ‘The Beautiful Life,’ ‘Suits,’ ‘The Tomorrow People,’ ‘Cult,’ and ‘Once Upon a Time.’ He has notably acted out Dan Brady in ‘Virgin River,’ Mario Savetti in ‘Code Black,’ and Dexter in ‘Cold Pursuit.’ Other actors seen in ‘A Whitewater Romance’ include Kate Twa as Allegra Adams, William deVry as Jim Burdett, Edwin Perez as Luis, Alisha-Marie Ahamed as Claire, Sophia Carriere as Carmen Alvaro, Heather Doerksen as Marilyn, and Sandra Dominguez-Shapiro as Sasha.

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