Under the Autumn Moon: Filming Locations and Cast Details

Directed by Gary Yates, ‘Under the Autumn Moon’ narrates the story of an ambitious career woman falling in love with nature as she visits a ranch and forms a heartwarming bond with its owner. Alex is sent to acquire a dude ranch for her company’s outdoor adventure project. Upon reaching the picturesque site, she meets the ranch’s owner, Josh. The cowboy refuses to sell her the ranch and explains that he wishes to protect his family’s history and legacy tied to it. Upon being presented with more offers and arguments by Alex, Josh agrees to sell, but only if he can be assured that its past essence will be preserved.

To convince him of this, Josh requests that Alex spend time at the ranch to understand its beauty and value. As Alex obliges, she finds herself being drawn to the magic of the rustic environment. The 2018 Hallmark romance movie immerses us in Alex’s journey as she explores the ranch’s serene surroundings, generating questions regarding its real-world location.

Where Was Under the Autumn Moon Filmed?

Filming for ‘Under the Autumn Moon’ took place on a real-life farm outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Principal photography for the movie was carried out over a few weeks in the Summer of 2018. “It was stunning. I’ve worked there a couple of times,” said Lindy Booth in an interview. “The last time I was there it was the dead of winter and we shot all night as it was a thriller, so I will say it’s far prettier in the summer than the dead of winter when it is freezing cold. I didn’t have a good memory of my last stay, so it was nice to see it in all its glory.”

Winnipeg, Manitoba

The production team ventured to the northern outskirts of Winnipeg and set up shop at the Six Pines Petting Farm. Situated at Box 27 B, RR 2, the farm is also called the Six Pines Haunted Attractions & Petting Farm & Wedding/Corporate Events Venue. With a variety of animals and recreational activities, this family-owned farm is a haven for animal lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. In operation since 1988, the farm’s picturesque surroundings make it the perfect setting for simulating the enchanting ranch in ‘Under the Autumn Moon.’

While filming, lead actress Lindy Booth grew fond of the farm animals and made many new furry friends. In pictures she shared on social media, Booth is seen cuddling an adorable kitten, posing with a dashing llama, and fawning over little goats. Booth shared that filming the movie didn’t feel like work at all. She also revealed that the horseback riding scenes were her favorite to shoot. With the cameras set at a distance, Booth was saddled up and given the freedom to ride as she wished. As she trotted around, she took in the beautiful autumn season around her and enjoyed immersing herself in the moment.

Booth even maintained a playful dynamic with her co-star, Wes Brown. “The great thing about Wes and I — and Josh and Alex — is that we’ve had very similar relationships in the beginning,” said Booth in an interview. “So it was super fun shooting those scenes with Wes because he is such a good guy. We had such a fun and spirited relationship to being with — although I think he took way too much pleasure in dumping all of that hay on my head!”

Under the Autumn Moon Cast

The Hallmark film sees Lindy Booth essaying Alex. Booth is an Oakville, Ontario-born actress who stepped into the limelight by playing Riley Grant on Disney’s ‘The Famous Jett Jackson’ and Agent Hawk ‘Silverstone.’ She gained further renown with her work in ‘The Librarians’ as Cassandra Cillian, ‘Dawn of the Dead’ as Nicole, and ‘Wrong Turn’ as Francine. Her other works include ‘Gotham Knights,’ ‘Swept Up by Christmas,’ and ‘Christmas by the Book.’ Starring as her romantic interest is Wes Brown taking on the role of Josh. He is a seasoned actor known for depicting Chris Griffen in ‘We Are Marshall,’ Pat Riley in ‘Glory Road,’ and Luke McDonald in ‘True Blood.’

Brown can also be seen in ‘A Biltmore Christmas’ as Charlie, ‘Haul Out the Holly’ as Jared, and ‘My Southern Family Christmas’ as Victor. Supporting cast members seen in the movie include Natalie Lisinska as Taylor, Cherion Drakes as Jill, Dean Redman as Michael, Paul Essiembre as Roger, Casey Manderson as Ben, Cherissa Richards as Carla, and Jenny Pudavick as Serena. Other actors include Garrett Smith as Ranch Hand, Erik Athavale as Driver, Morgan Holmstrom as Ella, Shannon Guile as Boy’s Mom, Nolan Grantham as Boy, and Darlene M. Lee as Vera.

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