Why Did Roman Fire Joy in Succession? Is Kalispitron: Hibernation a Real Movie?

The fourth and final season of HBO’s ‘Succession‘ sees Logan’s sons, Kendall and Roman, ascending to the roles of co-CEOs, which requires them to make some tough calls. In the sixth episode, the brothers make some bold decisions to establish their regime at the company. One of these crucial decisions is Roman firing Joy, an important figure at Waystar Studios overseeing the production of the tentpole film ‘Kalispitron: Hibernation.’ If you are wondering why Roman fired Joy and whether ‘Kalispitron: Hibernation’ is based on a real movie, here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Why Was Joy Fired?

Joy is introduced in the sixth episode of ‘Succession’ season 4, titled ‘Living+.’ She is the studio head of Waystar Studios, and actress Annabeth Gish plays the role. Gish rose to prominence with her performance as Special Agent Monica Reyes in the mystery drama series ‘The X-Files.’ Some viewers might recognize the actress as Clara Dudley from the horror drama series ‘The Haunting of Hill House.’ Her other credits include shows such as ‘Midnight Mass,’ ‘Mayfair Witches,’ and ‘Barry.’ In ‘Succession,’ Gish’s Joy appears in the sixth episode as she meets with Roman Roy, the co-CEO of Wasytar Studios’ parent company.

Roman wants to discuss the chaotic production of the film ‘Kalispitron: Hibernation,’ being produced by the studio under Joy. Roman is concerned about the project going over budget and demands someone be fired for the troubled production. However, Joy’s concerns lay elsewhere as ATN’s favorable coverage of Presidential candidate Jeryd Mencken is hurting her relationship with talent at Waystar Studios. Roman tries to brush the issue aside, but Joy compares him to his father.

Roman becomes agitated and fires Joy on the spot. Later, when Gerri confronts Roman about his decision to fire Joy, he doubles down on it and warns Gerri to show him more respect. Initially, Roman is respectful of Joy but becomes enraged when she does not value his opinion. As a result, Roman’s ego fuels Joy’s firing and could affect Waystar Studios, as Joy could sue the company for her unlawful termination. The studio also could run into trouble without Joy’s connections in Hollywood. However, Kendall praises Roman for making the bold choice of firing Joy.

The Satire of Kalispitron: Hibernation

‘Kalispitron: Hibernation’ is a film produced by Waystar Studios that is a part of the studio’s juggernaut franchise. The studio has spent considerable resources to make the movie, but its ballooning budget is a cause of concern for Kendall and Roman in the fifth episode. The duo also holds a special screening of the film’s rough cut for Lukas Mattson and his team during the retreat in Norway. However, we are actually not shown any footage of the movie, and it’s described as featuring CGI robots. Hence, the fictional movie seems to be the show’s version of the ‘Transformers‘ franchise, which is known for grossing over $4.8 billion at the box office despite receiving mixed reviews from critics.

Additionally, rough curt screens and studio interference in the production of ‘Kalispitron: Hibernation’ could be a nod to the troubled production of the 2017 superhero film ‘Justice League,’ which was initially helmed by Zack Snyder. The film’s production history was marred with studio executives’ meddling and Snyder’s departure from the project for personal reasons. However, it reportedly failed to make a profit at the box office, which also seems to be Roman’s concern in the sixth episode. Moreover, the firing of Joy concerning ‘Kalispitron: Hibernation’ is also reminiscent of the changes at the Warner Bros Studios’ division overseeing the production of ‘Justice League.’ Ultimately, ‘Kalispitron: Hibernation’ is a fictional movie that serves as a narrative tool to explore Waystar’s influence in Hollywood.

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